The 10 Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

Since you are visiting our site, it is assumed that you have already had own a car, have your own parking place and probably you are a DIY enthusiast. To maintain your car’s color of your own, you should have an automotive paint spray gun which does have various uses alongside with painting car.  However, it is not an easy job to find out the best-fit paint gun for you out of hundreds type, design, and specialty.

Nonetheless, if you have the paint gun, besides doing the job yourselves with your own choice, you can save some of your Penny too. But, how you can have the best automotive paint gun for beginners? We have done extensive research for almost one week and extracted a list for you to pick your desired one. This must be saving your time and effort. Alongside with reviewing best automotive spray gun, we also shared a buying guide for you that for sure to help you to choose the right paint gun even if you are far from the topic. Just go through our article to get the right tools to bring a change of the looks of your car.

The modern HVLP spray gun is quite the first choice for many of those who are either pro or beginners paintwork. What are the advantages you can have having an automotive gun?

Using an automotive Paint gun you can save both time and cost as it does not overspray. While you will use an HVLP spray, a maximum amount of spray will reach the surface you want to spray due to the fact that there are more air and less pressure. Less overspray means less pollution, thus an automotive paint gun is environment-friendly.

The vast improved, which is 75% transfer efficiency rate, will save nearly 30 percent of the cost for you because of the reduced overspray. Moreover, you can do the job faster with a high-quality finish using an automotive gun as opposed to other types of paint gun.

Purchasing an automotive paint gun would worth investing as it is not so expensive. Fulfill the hobby of rebuilding your car to add more fun on riding.

Devilbiss Finishline Solvent Based HVLP Paint Gun

Our review begins with one of the most famous automotive painting gun produced by Devilbiss. The Finishline 4 FLG-670, comes with an up do date atomization technology to bring you an excellent painting finishing.  We recommend purchasing this one as it is one of the best quality automotive little machines in the market.

The body of this spray gun is anodized, thus allows you giving the only minimum afford to remove the rust or damage. This simple and easy cleaning process can be the best notable feature of this paint gun.

This Devilbiss is perfect for both beginners and pro. It weighs only 1.5 pounds, that will allow you to move freely while working with it and you will not be over-stressed of carrying it due to the lightweight.

The Finishline 4 FLG-670 coming with a variety of fluid tips, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8m, that will allow you to use a variety of paint types. That is for sure give you the chance of choosing any tip size and find your desired pro-look finishing.

Just one final thing you have to do is to buy an additional compressor while purchasing this spray gun.

Pros & Cons

  • Come with HVLP technology
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Anodized internal passage
  • Made of top-quality stainless steel
  • Useful for both indoor, outdoor and multiple projects

  • Everyone may not feel comfortable with the weight of this machine
  • Finding a smaller cup matching with a gun is difficult

Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

If you are looking forward to owning a durable and heavy-duty automotive paint gun, then Neiko Gravity Feed Spray gun is for you.  The machine is manufactured with a steel-gun body, stainless-steel nozzle, and the solid brass cap to ensure the toughness and durability and long-lasting.

Similar to our first product reviewed, it also comes with 3 different types of adjustable fluid tips to control the amount of spray you want to release to get the most precise and charming paint application.

Going back to the specification, the operating pressures are decent enough which is 40 PSI, along with the 10 PSI working pressure. The average air consumption of this spray gun 4.5 CFM.

This Neiko 31215A high-volume low-pressure gravity feed automotive paint gun is perfect not only for your car but also it can be used for any other household DIY projects. It works in both water-based and oil-based paint. The 1.7 mm nozzle is just suitable for any metallic basecoat or primer.

All we can say, you cannot beat the price of this product with all the features coming with this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy-to-clean steel surface
  • Adjustable pressure valve
  • Spray well

  • Dissembling is not easy
  • Finding the spare parts in difficult in the market, so relay on the original

TCP Global Brand Pneumatic Air Undercoating Gun

Here we will take you forward with another brand; TCP Global, a trusted and renowned brand in the auto industry of producing high-quality product. If you are looking for a comparatively cheaper product then its surely going to be the best budget automotive paint gun for you.

The TCP Pneumatic Air Undercoating gun, that spraying rate I 7-8 bar, with PSI 100-115 approximately. Although it is quite high for any spray gun, still it is useful for pulling up any thick stuff. This gun is for versatile use alongside with automotive undercoating i.e. bed liner, chip guards and any other coatings.

The manufacturer ensured the durability and toughness of this machine constructing it well-balanced, precise, handy, sturdy yet light-weight. The material used for the body is Die-cast aluminum alloy.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for the money
  • Easy cleanup
  • It has a wide range of viscosity
  • Adjustable
  • Durable and light-weight

  • The container sometimes comes of loose
  • Requires maximum physical strength to use it

Astro Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle, 4008

Astro is another name in automobile tools, parts, accessories, and services. Their 4008 spray gun can cover any surface, from your automotive surface to any of your other project and surfaces at home. Featuring with a huge adjustable fan, this automotive spray paint gun has the superb atomization capability to cover up from 8 inches distance to 11 inches distance.  You can hold the spray gun from any angle avoiding spilling the paint coming out from its cup still maintaining the perfect suction as the gun comes with an anti-spill air-feeding system.

Maximum area coverage ensures because of the 1.88mm nozzle size. Thus, you can optimize your work more productively without wasting much more paint. It has the capacity of 1-quart dripless cup.

This Astro 4008 Spray gun is recommended to be the best buy for your DIY project as it is considered to be the perfect one for a truck bed liner. If you are a newbie of a DIY project, this product comes with a spray instruction manual. So, no worry about using this.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-purpose spray gun
  • An anti-spill air feed line
  • Brings up a great finish
  • Solid one-piece body
  • Reasonable price
  • Nice cleaning-up

  • Some have complained about the speed of the spray
  • Comes with a single nozzle

Hiltex Pneumatic Air Texture Spray Gun, 31229

If you are opting for any painting task that will take a longer period of time, then it must be challenging to the sprayer. In that case, you require well-supportive,  easy-to-handle, comfortable and light-weight automotive spray gun to avoid feeling fatigued and heavy-laden.

To fulfill the above tasks, you have nothing other than of Hiltex 31229 Pneumatic Air Bag. This bag Comes with a hard grip that enables to handle the gun tightly yet comfortably. This ensures that the gun won’t be falling apart from your hand while it is on use.

This air spray gun featuring locking controls to enable you to direct the spray flow in a controlled manner and it produces unique coats. The process also prevents the wasting of paint.

The spray gun has quite a large capacity of holding 5 litter of spray, as the hopper is made up with heavy-duty hopper. This gravity feed spray gun is perfect for using longer hours and larger surfaces.

Pros & Cons

  • Multipurpose spray gun
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Comfortable grip
  • Replaceable air-regulating components

  • Vibrant violently which sometimes shakes the user
  • Shut off knob comes cheap for few products

SPRAYIT Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup, SP-352

Now we will move to introduce with you one of the lightest paint guns with you. The SPRAYIT gravity feed spray gun build with an aluminum swivel cup to make it possible to reach out the curvy area to spray out by rotating the paint gun. The stainless steel nozzle and fluid needle ensure the spray is at the same time rust and corrosion resistant.

Due to the fact that this Paint gun is made of aluminum, it is lightweight to carry out.  Regarding functionality, not only this paint gun do the automotive paint job, rather do a more precise and accurate paint job, the spray has a 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches fluid fan pattern and air control to bring up more adjustment. The working pressure of this spray gun is decent between 44 and 51 PSI. Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product

Pros & Cons

  • High level of adjustability
  • Have the god working pressure
  • Durable materials used in manufacturing
  • Lightweight result portability
  • Easy use and easy cleanup

  • No instruction manual attached
  • Nozzle gets clogged more often

Air Hopper Spray Gun Paint by SuperBuy

If you opt to purchase any lightweight yet comparatively cheaper automotive spray gun paint, here we brought you to check once Super Buy 1.45 Gallon Air Hopper Spray gun. Not only this product worth the price but also this one is very much handy, compact and light. You can work with this product for long hours without getting fatigued but ensuring the fine and desired tough on the spraying surface.

This easy-to-handle automotive paint gun is constructed with aluminum alloy material that is compact and light enough to carry and handle easily. At the same time, aluminum is sturdy and durable enough to get long-lasting services.

To get your desired look at any of your project, there is no alternative than this spray gun. Coming off a rare combination of dark red spray gun with the white cups, ensure the further added aesthetics and allow a rare privilege.

The capacity of this spray gun cup is 1.45 gallons, comparatively light and tiny. However, it’s comfortable to carry out and reduce the chance of getting fatigued which is the case happened with other types of guns. Nozzles are available in 2 sizes; the small one is of 4mm and the middle nozzle comes of 6mm. The recommended pressure for this gun is 4-6 CFM with 50-70 PSI.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple nozzles
  • Versatility to fit with other equipment
  • Long lasting and light-weight
  • Cheaper in price

  • Limited capacity

Wagner Spraytech, Wagner 0529013 Fine Finish, 529013

We will go through with another high volume low-pressure spray gun, Wagner Spraytech 529013 Fine Finish. Constructed with top-quality materials this product is made to perform multiple i.e. spray paints, sealers, urethanes, stains and many more. Similar to some of our other pick, this adjustable flow control of this spray gun allows you to fix the pressure, pace, and the rate of the sprays generated by it. This brings up the desired and more specifically look of the surface and nice finishing.

More importantly, this spray can be directed from 3 different angles; vertical, horizontal, and round. This setting will allow spraying any corner more precisely.

In order to get a compact finishing with the lighter and smaller task, the Wagner Spray is equipped with a tiny feed cup that has the capacity of 2o-fluid ounces.

Pros & Cons

  • Made with the latest up-to-date technologies
  • Multi-purpose
  • Delivers spray patterns for a nice finishing
  • Adjust with other Wagner HVLP sprayers

  • A bit of slow in functioning
  • Does not suit with non-Wagner Products

Tekna 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm Fluid Tip Prolite Spray Gun, 703566

Not all the spray will function well with all kinds of climate. However, we have given our best afford to find out an all-around sprayer for you which is Tekna Prolite Spray Gun. This is manufactured and designed for fulfilling the purpose of working any climate conditions whatsoever.

This Tekna 703566 comes with as many as three air caps, which are further developed with the updated fluid technology. This allows for excellent atomization.

The outlook of this automotive spray paint gun has the eye-catching finishing with a strong build-up and protection. This finishing ensures that the surface is unlikely to attach the paints and as a result it is easy to clean.


Last but not least is the point of adaptability with the changing environment. This product can be adjusted with other accessories and tools from other brands. Thus, we can conclude saying, that it will more than what you will pay for it.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable with any climate
  • Fits with both water and oil-based paints
  • Constructed with Tekna bran
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Allows various patterns and sprays

  • No installation instruction
  • No warranty

Muzata HVLP Spray Gun, 3 Nozzles

Finally, we come up to our last pick of today’s review. We will now introduce you with a spray gun which will meet up the demand for easy use with the pro finish. It would be something price worthy for you as a beginner. Muzata HVLP Spray gun comes up with Three different nozzle tips of different application; these are measuring 1.4 mm, 2.00 mm and 1.7mm. You can easily cover the entire surface you wish to paint with beautiful finishing.

This spray gun is fit to operate on a dry and clean compressed air where the regulated pressure is 2.5-3.5 bars. Air compressor requirement is 25-30 PSI. Made to function in an easy way and minimizing the overspray, the hopper will not leak out of the sprayer at the end.

This gravity fit paint sprayer goes with almost any kind of paint like oil based and water based paint and latex too. However, you have to get the idea first about the liquids of the viscosity of the paint.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro spray paint gun
  • Three different nozzle
  • Easy to use and control
  • Multipurpose paint gun
  • Durable materials to increase the durability

  • Atomizer sometimes don’t adjust perfectly

Buying Guide: How to choose the Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

To get the charming and high-quality finish of your car, you should opt to purchase the best automotive paint gun. If you are a beginner, its quiet imperative for you to know the buying guide and some factors which you should consider and check first before purchasing your go-to paint gun. So, these factors are the following:

Nozzle Size

Depends on the types of paint you are going to use. If you want to use heavy paint, it requires a larger hole. On the other hand, for thicker paint, a nozzle with a smaller hole is enough.  However, it is wise to buy a paint gun which comes in a set; you can easily use more than one type of color.


A High Volume Low-Pressure gun with high transfer efficiency rate would be perfect for car painting. This kind of Paint gun with high TE will minimize the paint waste and make the flow of spray is even.

Gravity/Siphon Feed

Amongst the two kinds of Gravity and Siphon feed; it is recommended to buy the gravity feed as it comes with various design. Gravity feed uses less air pressure and it comes with a clear container as you can the due amount of paint.  On the other hand, Siphon feed is comparatively cheaper and comes with a larger paint container.

Air Compressor

The compressor that you will be picking should meet the capacity of producing a volume at a constant pressure whenever you will use this paint gun. The compressor should produce a minimum of 1.5 times excess depending on the CFM.


Considering this factor will give you a lot of advantages. If your paint gun is portable, you can come across to use this paint gun more than one product. So, think of using a paint gun for several projects before purchasing one. It will be a further bonus for you if your paint gun comes with a backpack.


Depending on your preferences, you can pick anyone out of many power sources. However, the most comfortable power source is a hand-control power source..


To end up with a good finishing of the painting surface, the adjustment and several settings are must-required. Say, for example, speed, spray pattern and paint thickness; if these have several settings option it would be great without any doubt. Besides, having a larger container that holds various paints and coats would be perfect.

Easy cleanup

You also should keep this factor into account. Cleanup could be a hectic job and troublesome. So before purchasing a spray gun, go through with the manual and know the details of the clean-up process

And above all, don’t be tempted to purchase the cheaper in price product. These may sometimes cause you not fulfilling your overall purpose. Rather, check for the quality and gets your job done, even spending some more bulk.


So, folks, whether you are a car lover or not…….. Yet our Review and buying guide have come as worthy, hopefully. We just have done the job for you- you pick the best automotive painting gun- add a lot more eye candy on your car- have all fun and games.
If you are yet a beginner at painting, we made it easy as ABC for you…….!!!

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