26 Bra Types Every Girl Should Know In 2021: The Complete Bra Style Guide

The majority of women have a love/hate relationship with their bras. Regardless of how much you despise their pokes and stabs, you simply cannot function without their lifting and support. The good news is that once you understand which style, size, and type of clothing complement your body, it can significantly improve your quality of life. The right bra style can transform the appearance of your outfit, whereas the wrong one can completely ruin it. That is why women should be knowledgeable about the various bra styles available on the market and the outfits they complement.

When it comes to bra parameters, they can be classified into four categories based on their construction: padded, unpadded, wired, and unwired. Bras are classified into two types based on their coverage: those with demi cups and those with full coverage. When it comes to neckline style, bras can be classified as sweetheart, plunge, or balconette.

Let us now examine the best bra types available at Clovia based on the aforementioned parameters. We’ve compiled a list of 26 different types of bras for women available at Clovia. Additionally, we’ve included styling tips for each bra to ensure the best pairing.

#1 Padded Bras

A padded bra is one that features padded cups or pockets for inserting pads (also called cookies). This style is most effective when the primary goal is to conceal visible nipples. Additionally, it increases the volume of your breasts and gives them a rounder, fuller shape. Padded bras are available with or without wires. Padded underwired bras provide a gentle lift, while unpadded bras are ideal for everyday wear.

Style Guide: Padded Bra
Breast TypeAll

#2 T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is very similar to a padded bra in appearance. It features smooth and seamless cups that make no impression when worn beneath body-hugging ensembles. This style is most effective when worn with fitted garments to create a clean, smooth silhouette.

Style Guide: T-shirt Bra
Breast TypeAll
OutfitT-Shirts, Body Hugging Dresses

#3 Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra lifts and compresses your breasts, resulting in a very prominent cleavage. Typically, push-up bras feature underwired cups for a gentle lift. They feature angular padding that alters the shape and appearance of your breasts significantly. Starting with a level 1 push up, which is a light push, and progressing to a level 3 push up, which is a heavy lift, you can choose the level of drama you require!

Style Guide: Push-Up Bra
Breast TypeMostly for Small, Saggy
OutfitLow cut blouses, Plunge Neck Outfits
Level 1For small breasts
Level 2For semi full or small breasts
Level 3For full or semi full breasts

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