Are Inflatable Life Jackets Reusable?

There is no need to explain what an inflatable life jacket is. People who travel on a boat or use the boat for livelihood know inflatable life jackets most. There are several types of personal floating devices or PFD available in the market. But only the inflatable ones can produce the largest comfort. That is why today’s discussion is about some exceptional facts of inflatable life jackets and life span. We will also answer a common question “Are inflatable life jackets reusable?”

Now, we will discuss some topics related to inflatable life jackets. We will describe some points that will let you know how many years an inflatable vest can perform and how you can keep up the performance. Before that, we will also describe the basic functioning and categories too. Here is detailed information about inflatable life jackets for users.

How the Vest Works to Save You

Well, we are not going to give you a brief on how an inflatable vest works as a manual book. We will only describe the basic functioning so that you can clarify your thoughts about it. This description will also help you to understand later the life span of an average inflatable life vest and other facts you need to know.

The main task of an inflatable life vest is to help the user float on the water. Unlike other normal vests, this type of jackets doesn’t have any material with buoyancy feature. The inflatable vests have bladders. These bladders fill themselves with CO2 or compressed air for inflation.

When the matter inflation comes, lots of things depend on the type. There are two types of vests in the market. One is automatic inflatable life vest, and the other one is manual. If you are using a manual one, you will have to inflate the vest orally by breathing on the inflation tube. But if you buy an automatic one, it will inflate by itself while submerging.

Can You Reuse an Inflatable Life Vest?

Any expert can answer to this question in both affirmative and negative. Both answers are right. But we are not going to confuse you now nor describe the reason for two answers. We will tell some necessary information so that you can get the answer by yourself.

First of all, let us discuss the life span of an inflatable life vest. According to recent research, it is clear that an inflatable life jacket can work for more than four years without any repair or parts’ changing. But there is a point. If you use the jacket on a regular basis, you will get facilities well from the jacket not more than two years without any exchange of parts or repair. Sometimes, the life span might not be similar to all. Few users might be able to use vests for more than three years by taking proper care of vests. Few others might find vests damaged after rough uses.

Now, let’s discuss the main topic. You don’t have to worry about life span when foam life vest is your choice. But when you buy an inflatable life jacket, you will have to think. The chance of reusing the inflatable life vest depends on how you use it and manage it. Here are some tips that can make your inflatable jackets reusable.

  • In most cases, you need to clean or repair the CO2 cartridge after eight to ten months. If you have enough budgets, you will be able to change the cartridge with a new one. By this, you can make the vest capable of using another consecutive year.
  • Keeping the vest clean can help you in many ways. There is a possibility of dirt to the inside of your vest when you are staying near sea shore or river bank. You cannot stop dirt from going inside. But you can clean your vest in a frequent manner to keep it active as before. When you keep your vest clean, you will be able to use it for a couple of years without spending money on it.
  • Storage is another fact of concern. You need to store your vest quite well so that you can use it whenever you need. If you intend to use vest not regularly, you will have to take care of the storage well. Keeping the vest in a good place allows you to use it for more average time.

So, it is clear that reusability depends on maintenance. The more you take care of your jacket the less it will fail. A jacket without maintenance can work for a few years but you will not be happy with the performance. You have to clean, repair, and change parts to keep up the better performance of your vest.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Some Final Thoughts

It is true that an inflatable life jacket can save you from certain death in the water. Inflatable vests will let you float when you are drowning. But sometimes, we hesitate to buy PFD. We often ignore the fact that spending a large amount for PFD can save your life. Spending money on buying something that saves your life in bad times is not a waste. You can call it a must to make sure your safety on the water. So, take proper care of your inflatable life vest to stay away from risks.

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