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Do you want to get a beautiful tan? Well, we are here with the best airbrush tanning solution that can make you more beautiful. At present medical chemistry has improved a lot that we all know about harmful sunlight that contains UV rays. The UV rays can cause many diseases to our skin. There are many problems and scientists are on their way to bring up a solution to them.

We all know about the questions and searching for a solution. If you want to get a tan look under the sun without harming your skin then there are many solutions available for you. The pale tone of brown color is known as a tan. For this, you can get the best spray tan solution, airbrush tan, or tanning lotion.

Thankfully, today there are many answers to that important questions. You can choose to get a spray tan, airbrush tan, or rub a sunless tanning solution on your body. These products remove the need for the sun. Today we will look at airbrush tanning in particular and help you decide which of out top five picks for the best airbrush tanning solution to purchase. No matter what option you choose, you can rest assured that you will get the tan you’ve always wanted quickly and easily.

Reviews of the Best Airbrush Tanning Solution

As we are talking about the best professional spray tan solution you should know that tan solution will give you protection from the harmful UV rays too. It will not do any harm to your skin and make a balance skin color tone.

In this review, you will come to know about the best airbrush tanning solution. You can also know the pros and cons of these products. Without getting late choose your one for your skin and purchase.

Rapid Tan Bronze Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution

Looking for a natural organic ingredients tan solution for your skin? Well, this is one of the best tanning solution products for you. It is 100 percent vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free. The solution works on skin rapidly and can fix your skin as soon as possible. The RAPID TAN BRONZE has also a good scent that’s why you will feel uncomfortable with it.

The DHA in it has a better penetration ability and better absorbing quality. As this solution is available in a spray bottle you should not rub it anymore. The color performance is excellent and provides extra convenience. It can be a great option for you if you hate to sleep by wearing self-tanner.

You will be amused by knowing that for different skin of different users it gives the perfect feedback. The color will be darkening after taking a shower. If you rinse with warm water then the color will more darken for 12-24 hour according to your skin.

Main Ingredients :

Aloe Barbadensis for skin smoothing, Glycerin for plant-derived, Goji berry is full of anti-oxidant, DHA-R for skin colorant, and Panthenol improves hydration.

The Product Size is 3 x 3 x9 inches and a weight of 2.5 pounds. A large number of users have given good feedback after using this solution.

Pros & Cons

  • Help to gain rapid natural skin color tone
  • The DHA works properly
  • It’s safe to use once every night

  • Overusing can harm your skin

Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution

Like all other tanning solution for skin, this Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning solution has also a great impact on body skin. The tan formula includes the DHA in it. The producer company has used a different formula for different color skin. The cool news about this product is that it has some benefits which are very useful for your skin.

They use high-quality DHA simulation for achieving the best goal under the sun. It has also a nice smell and now you can say goodbye to bad odor. The DHA reacts with your skin and produces a good smell. The Norvell Company is very much dedicated to their customer demands and always brings the best quality products in the market. The Sunless tanning solution is one of the best products of NORVELL Company.

You can use this solution with some equipment such as- Venus, Aura, Maxi-Mist, Fascination, and many more. The solution is compatible with that equipment. The solution provides Clear, Dark, Double Dark, Venetian shades to your body skin.

Main Ingredients-

DHA is for best tan skin, Natural enzymes are for repairing dehydrated skin, Parabens, Gluten, Triclosan, etc.

The product dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches and a weight of 2.3 pounds. You can check more details about this special product by clicking the link.

Pros & Cons

  • Has verity of color shades
  • Uses the best DHA in solution
  • No odor

  • Excessive using of this solution can harm your body skin

Instant Spray Tan Self Tanner - Organic and Natural Ingredients

With the best natural ingredients and chemicals, this tanning solution is the best for your skin. This tanning solution is different from the other ordinary solution that gives an orange color in your skin. But, this solution will give you exact tan color in your skin and that will not affect your skin.

This product is not only for women but also men can also use it on their body skin. You can say, this a symbol of beauty as it keeps your skin fresh and colorful. Without a tanning spa, you can have tan skin by using this tan solution as a spray. This organic spray tan solution will give you great skin. The Instant Spray Tan Self Tanner is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The company tested the solution in their lab and claimed that the solution is not harmful to the skin. So you can use it daily in your skin without any hesitation.

For a realistic color, you can use it and it will increase your beauty too. The DHA of this solution works rapidly and effectively. To use this solution hold the spray 5-6 inch away from your body skin and spray. After that, you should rub the milt on your skin.

This solution contains: DHA, Aloe Vera, Walnut Shells, Camomille Extract, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be used on face too
  • Natural ingredients are used and not harmful to the skin
  • This solution is oil-free

  • This is not waterproof

Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless HVLP Turbine Spray Tanning System

The Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless tanning solution is a tribune spray tanning solution. The solution has three variety packs- 8%, 10%, and 12% DHA solution packs. For deep bronze skin tone, you can use this solution on your skin. This will increase your fair look. You will get complete tanning accessories kit with this product. The system has 2 years of warranty.

The solution has blend vitamins and antioxidants which will help your skin to revitalize. It will also tighten and moisturize your skin along with tan color. The 8% solution is for the fair to medium skin, the 10% solution is for the fair, mild or medium to dark skin. The 12% solution is for the dark skin. The solution works for every color tone and has a great impact on body skin.

The chemicals in the solution are very much effective and time-consuming. Now, you will get the perfect color tone in your skin according to your body skin type.

It has the ingredients of olive, Caribbean, Latin, Mediterranean, etc.

The product weight is of 36 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a 9-foot flexible air hose
  • This is Lightweight
  • Three variety of solution

  • Excessive use of the solution can harm your skin

32oz Rapid Tan Solution - Strawberry

With brand new formulation this tanning solution works rapidly on skin. It only takes 1 hour to tan your body skin. The 32oz has high performance and more developed solution which has no side-effects at all. This is one of the best not for its rapidity but for its effectiveness too. However, the formula is unknown and there is no presence of parabens, alcohol, and harmful preservatives. You will get a perfect tan color by using it as it has the natural ingredients in it.

The 320z Rapid Tan Solution is designed for spray and the spray quality is very good. This is suitable for both men and women. Your natural-looking tan will come back with the help of this tan solution. The formula of this product is an award winner. All you have to do for avoiding the wrong color tone, you should use the correct shower time.

You need to know about the tan control for using this product. If you have a darker skin tone you should wash off after 4+ hours. For getting best freshness you should refrigerate this tan solution spray.

Main Ingredients:

Suntana Standard Blend, DHA, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Citric acid and many more.

The weight of the product is of 2.5 pounds and easy to use.

Pros & Cons

  • The 32oz has the feature of a rapid build-up
  • The solution is parabens free
  • It has no harmful effect

  • It doesn’t have a verity of solution for different color toned skin

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System

If you have a salon and your client demand for a tan skin then you can pick this outstanding tanning solution. The MaxiMist Lite is beginner-friendly and has 10 plus application for every day. They will provide you dedicated manual for using the spray with equipment. The HVLP system is included for the better spray out.

The cool feature about this product is that the spray gun remains in a horizontal and vertical pattern. It will represent a vertically clog-free performance with a non-stick needle. The MaxiMist has also three colors based on a different solution. The 8% solution is for the fair skin, the 10 % solution is for the medium to dark skin, and the 12% solution is for the dark skin. This product has a turbine motor with a one year warranty.

This best spray tan solution is designed for light salon and mobile use. Yes, it’s easy to use and portable. The spray has 6.5 feet hair hose pipe with onboard spray gun storage facility. You should practice more for the best result with this tan solution. It’s gluten-free and not harmful for skin.

The dimensions of the product are – 14 x 8 x 8 and weight is of 6 pounds. You can use this as a professional tan kit.

Pros & Cons

  • The product comes with 6 feet hose pipe and easy to portable
  • The turbine motor has 1 year of warranty
  • It has three different solution varieties

  • Little heavier than others but still comfortable to hold it

Tan Envy European Blend MED 9.5% DHA Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution

This special solution for skin color recovery is made of natural ingredients. This is one of the best sunless airbrush tanning solutions. You can use it professionally as it has professional kit compatibility. The TanEnvy has the quality to quickly dry and it is more effective for humid locations. The solution includes a hundred percent Vegans with no paraben and gluten.

It produces a sweet pea vanilla scent and keeps you always fresh. The tan solution is very much effective on body skin. If you are running a salon then this product can be the best option for you to tan your client’s skin. The drying finish is faster than ordinary tanning solution. This solution has also three varieties. The 7.5% solution is for the fair skin, the 9.5% solution is for the medium to dark skin and the 11.5% solution is for the dark skin.

You can use it on your skin every day and it will not harm your body skin.

Main Ingredients:

Green White tea leaf extract for anti-oxidant effect, Yeast extract for natural moisture, Goji berry for anti-oxidants, Glycerin, Lavender Oil, and DHA.

The weight of the product is 4.9 pounds and it’s very easy to use.

Pros & Cons

  • The solution comes with a great smell
  • It has three varieties of solution for different body skin color
  • All ingredients are natural

  • Excessive use of this solution will harm your body skin

Tanfastic E Blend 8.5%

Are you looking for the best sunless airbrush tanning solution? Well, the Tanfastic E blend is here for you. Like other best tan solution, it also includes all-natural ingredients. You have to equip the solution with a sprayer. This particular solution has no bad impact on skin and it’s really fast working solution on the skin. To gain perfect body skin color this solution will help you a lot. The Tasfastic is also parabens and gluten-free so that there is no risk for skin allergies and rashes.

There is no bad smell coming out from the solution so you can use it and go to the crowd without thinking anything else. It has a light lemongrass scent which is very fresh and sweet to smell. Again, the solution is 100% oil-free and the DHA works very rapidly with perfection.


This tan solution is available in four varieties. According to DHA level the varieties are- 6.5%, 8.5%, 10.5%, and 12.5%. This product is universal and the anti-oxidants are not harmful at all. You can use this solution every day and it will keep you fresh with accurate tan color.

Main Ingredients:

DHA, Aleo Barbadensis, Green and white tea leaf extract, vegetable glycerin, and many other natural ingredients.

The product dimensions are 5 x 5 x 10 inches and weight is of 4.9 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • The Tanfastic solution has all-natural ingredients
  • Four varieties of solutions are available for this solution

  • The sprayer is not included with the solution

Revive Anti-aging 9% Medium

The Revive Anti-aging is great for AGED skin and it comes with fast performing quality. You have your result within 12-24 hours. The formula is Bronzer free and not harmful for skin. The solution is made of natural ingredients and the anti-aging will help you to get better feedback. The botanical extract will help you to gain a smooth dry skin.

This solution is also paraben and gluten-free and with 100 percent vegan. You will be amused by its scent and it’s of light lemongrass smell. The Revive Anti-aging comes with three varieties of solutions- 7%, 9%, and 11% according to DHA level.

Main Ingredients:

DHA, glycerin, Green Tea leaf extract, Vitamins A, C, E, and many more. The weight of this product is 2 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • This is very light weighted
  • The tan solution has all-natural ingredients

  • It’s for professional use

Violet Spray Tan Solution - LUXE No. 9 - Light/Medium

Last but not least, this product is also one of the best tan solutions available for you. The solution will make your skin smooth and provide your skin with a rich brown color. The company claimed that they use all the natural ingredients for making their solution. You will get your result within 1-4 hours after application.

You will get a perfect tan color which will not turn into an orange color. Again, this solution is not harmful to your body and face skin. Practically Vitamin C and Walnut extract work better than other products. The solution has PETA approved vegan and no paraben, Erythrulose. The solution is also fragrance-free.

In most of the salons, this solution is used for its rapid color gaining process.

The Product dimensions are 3.2 x 3.2 x 9 inches.

Pros & Cons

  • Natural ingredients are used in this solution
  • This tan solution is Paraben-free

  • This product does not come with a sprayer. You have to equip a sprayer for it

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Airbrush Tanning Solution?

Well, let’s talk about real business. Why you need the airbrush tanning solution. As you know any person with any skin tone can use this. This solution has a variety of tan color for fair or dark skin tone. It will give you the protection from UV rays which you know that very harmful for your skin. Again, the tan solution will help you to gain a tan color. We all know that the SUN is producing more and more heat day by day and due to pollution the protective atmospheric layer is going pale.

This tanning solution uses DHA and it creates the brown layer on your skin. The organic ingredients are not injurious to your health and skin. Generally in every solution they contain – DHA, Green tea leaf, Aloe Vera Vitamins E, and many others. All the natural ingredients make some tanning solution better and effective. Hope that you have found your reason to use the tanning solution.

How to choose the Best Airbrush Tanning Solution?

Before choosing the airbrush tanning solution you need to know about how to choose the best one. Now we will talk about the selection process by which you will get the way to choose the best one.


Make sure before choosing the tan solution that it comes with the natural ingredients and no chemical extract. As you know that you are applying this solution directly on your body skin so, you have to more concern about the ingredients.


Some of the tanning solutions take a long time to regain the tan color. So, go for a tan solution with natural ingredients which has a rapid effect on your skin.

Other Chemicals Effect

You should always be concerned about the harmful effect of the chemical. If you have skin diseases then you should know which chemicals are injurious for your skin. Before choosing the best one you should check the including chemicals.

Ease of Use

The airbrush tanning solution should be easy to use.


The product should be portable so that you can use it every day.

Varieties of Solution

Solutions should have varieties for different color tone. As you know excessive DHA can harm your skin. So, go for the tanning solution which has varieties.

Feedbacks about the Product

You should check the feedback about the products so that you can know what others say about this product. This will be very beneficial for you to choose the best one. Remember, a user has the best experience with the product rather than you. So, if you are new here then you should choose the best.

Final Words

Hope that you have found your best tanning solution from here. Before using the product you are requested to follow the instructions manual properly. Always try to make the best use of the tanning solution before going out under the sun.

The UV ray is very harmful to our skin and it’s very important to make a protective layer over our skin without losing the original skin color. Our recommendation to you will be that you should use this product every other day. You should not go for an ordinary tanning solution because it can harm your skin. To buy the best product click on the link above and get it for your skin color.

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