The 10 Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person

Many people can’t sleep well on their bed frame. They consider this as one of their health issues. But most of the times, bed frames are also quite responsible for such situations. When you are large and heavier than others, it is obvious that small or average frames fail. That is why the best bed frame for heavy person becomes a kind of medicine for your sound sleep and proper rest.

Bed frames for heavy people might seem familiar with other ones, but they give some features that no other frame does. So, it is necessary to find a frame that can help to sleep better despite a person having some extra weight.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person?

All the doctors and physicians will suggest you buy a bed frame with some special features if you are suffering from overweight. The reason is normal frames will be unable to give comfort and let you sleep well. A chubby person always needs some extra space on the bad.

If you are chubby then, your frame must provide some extra balance to your mattress for not sagging. Only a quality bed frame can tolerate the extra pressure your body puts for consecutive hours. Bed frames for heavy people have thicker rails and legs. Otherwise, they would’ve moved a lot.

Nobody likes to hear unwanted sounds when they are sleeping. But it is obvious that frames will make noise if it has weak joints. Very few bed frames for heavy persons can avoid unnecessary connections between frame parts. They remain silent and let you sleep without any disturbance.

Review of the Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person

There are very few bed frames which can tolerate extra weight and pressure. Besides, most frames are unable to perform and give services for a quite long time. So, we have decided to show you ten of the best frames from the market that can let a chubby person sleep soundly for several years. Here are our top picks.

Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame (Size: Twin) by AmazonBasics
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This platform bed frame is our top pick. The whole construction of this bed frame is capable of giving you most of the features that you might require to sleep well. Most importantly, the bed frame never disturbs you while you are asleep. This is a frame that behaves friendly for a quite long time.

You can buy this bed frame to save some of your bucks. You don’t need any box spring to place your mattress on it. Your mattress can perform its best on the frame as all the slats and rails can hold the mattress well.

The frame is durable enough as it is made of stiff steel. But the coating on the rails and legs make it more durable. This coating protects the steel inside from any damages.

You don’t need tools for the installation of the frame. You can fold or unfold the frame with your bare hands.

As the legs are 13 inches high, it lets you store anything under the frame. Besides, the frame holds your mattress so well that it will not sag at all.

Pros & Cons

  • The weight capacity of this metal bed frame is more than 300 lbs
  • The sleek black finishing keeps the metal good for long-lasting performance
  • The frame is capable of staying steady and quiet
  • You can install the frame within minutes only with your hands
  • You don’t have to use box spring with this frame

  • You have to work on the frame a fit if you want to add a headboard with the frame

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Bed Frame
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Though it is not the best king bed frame, it can help you to sleep well even if you are heavier than normal ones. The firm construction has made us include the frame in our list.

The frame has a steel construction that can give you services for quite a time. It also keeps any mattress well on it.

You don’t have to think of buying any box spring to put on this frame. It can help the mattress to provide comfort without any box spring.

The manufacturer has done the welding job perfectly. Each joint can take some extra pressure. So, the frame can never bend by putting some extra weight on it.

Pros & Cons

  • Several legs are organized well and produce a perfect balance
  • You can assemble the bed frame without any tool
  • The whole construction is made of strong steel that can last longer
  • You will get enough space under the frame to store any small things well
  • The manufacturer has connected rails and legs firmly for more durability

  • The weight capacity is not satisfying at all
  • The frame has not headboard bracket

18 Inch Tall Steel Bed Frame by Olee Sleep
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Like other ideal bed frames, this frame from Olee Sleep has many features that help you to sleep soundly. But the construction and look of this bed frame are quite simple. You can buy this simple bed frame for any room you want.

The main attraction of this frame is the anti-slip feature on the top. Because of this feature, your box spring or mattress cannot slip and disturb you while you are asleep.

The construction also saves your time by letting you assemble within few seconds. You only have to collect some tools to finish this job within a jiffy.

The space under the frame is enough to store any type of household stuff that you don’t want to show to others. The perfect height, width, and length make the frame eligible for even the chubbiest person.

Anti sagging slats are there for keeping your mattress good and plain. They play a great role to keep your mattress comfortable.

Pros & Cons

  • Quality metal doesn’t let the frame bend a bit
  • Metal slats provide an anti-sagging feature
  • The manufacturer has given an instruction sheet with the frame for assembly
  • You can avoid using box spring on this bed frame
  • Legs have caps to protect your floor

  • Bad welding of the joints can cause you trouble after a few years

ST5033BF1 Structures Adjustable Metal Bed Frame by MALOUF
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Nowadays, one of the most useful features is the easy adjustment. That is why we are now showing you ST5033BF1 metal bed frame. This bed frame is perfect for those people who are heavy and large. For their comfort, the frame can form into any shape and gives more sturdiness than others.

The material is a top-class metal without any doubt. Thick rails and legs are there to bear your weight. Apart, the powder coating on the metal helps the frame to stay strong. It also eliminates rust and dirt issues with ease.

Though the manufacturer is not providing any headboard with the frame, headboard brackets will help you to attach whenever you want. All you require is just a few screws to attach the board and frame.

To save your bucks, the manufacturer has given the frame a friendly structure. You can assemble it without any help of extra tools. The assembly of this frame needs only a few minutes. So, you can also disassemble the frame when you need.

Joints keep up the proper firmness to help the frame last for years. They also let you adjust the size well according to your mattress.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer has integrated an extra leg with the center beam for the better performance of your mattress
  • The adjustment and assembly of the frame don’t need any tools
  • The center beam is 1.5 inches wide
  • The black powder coating on the top of the rails and legs keep the material well and precise
  • Headboard brackets can attach any sort board with the frame
  • Four rug rollers with corner legs help you to move the frame

  • The bed makes a bit squeaky noise when it gets old

7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame by Kings Brand Furniture
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You can use almost any of your preferred mattresses on this bed frame. The frame behaves friendly with users. The most useful information is you can adjust the bed frame according to your demand. That is why you can use it for several years in several places.

One of the friendly features of the bed frame is the wheels attached with the side legs. These wheels let you move the frame by giving minimum effort. A leg in the center is for giving some extra support to the mattress and the frame.

Apart from king size, you can mattress of any size on this frame. The friendly side rails allow you to increase or decrease width and length without hustling.

The quality of the construction is superb. You can enjoy sleeping on this bed frame even without headboard or anything similar. But still, the company has attached brackets to install headboards. The most important fact is the frame never makes any noise or movement that can disturb you. The height is also adjustable according to your choice.

Pros & Cons

  • Six of the seven legs have wheels attached
  • Center support beam also has a leg to bring extra stability
  • Quality steel can stay strong for many years without getting bent
  • You can adjust the size according to your mattress
  • You don’t need an extra tool to assemble the frame. It will take a few minutes to assemble this bed frame

  • The construction of the wheels is a bit upsetting

BP-E-BKT Rocky Base E 14`` Platform Bed (Twin Size, Color: Black) by Mellow
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We all know how sturdy steel material can be. This bed frame can give you services for a quite long time. With the proper dimension and construction, this bed frame can make a great duo with your preferred mattress.

You can see edges of this bed frame simple and smooth. This makes the frame perfect in any place of your bedroom. Along with smoother edges, fine finishing allows you to clean the whole frame with ease. Despite having a simple design, the frame suits any spot of your bedroom.

The manufacturer has used heavy metal to make the frame durable. Each slat of the frame is wider and larger than the usual ones. Because of this, your mattress cannot have any sagging issue on the frame. You can have your bed plain and soft for many years.

Below the frame, you can have enough space to store your important things. The height of the rails from the floor is eligible to store any large stuff. By this, you have the opportunity to hide unwanted objects that ruin your bedroom’s beauty.

Pros & Cons

  • Six thick legs bring perfect balance and steadiness to the steel frame
  • Each slat is almost four inches wider
  • The bed frame also prevents the sagging issue from your mattress
  • ou don’t need any tool to assemble this bed frame
  • The construction and finishing help the user to clean the frame easily
  • All legs have padding to avoid damaging the bedroom’s floor

  • Few mattresses might slide on the slats. So, it is better to use them with anything that prevents contact with slats

Metal Bed Frame (for Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King) by Knickerbocker Monster
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With its heavy construction, the frame can perform its best with any type of mattress. The main feature of this metal bed frame is the thick rails and legs. It provides enough support to give comfort to any heavy person.

When you look at the construction carefully, you will find seven legs with the rails. Each of the legs is well constructed. They help the frame to avoid bending.

The joints of this frame are quite stiff. Because of this, the frame doesn’t make any unusual noise. Each joint keep the rails and legs in proper alignment. Along with these features, there are headboard brackets. With the help of these, you can attach your desired headboard with ease.

Rails of this metal frame are larger than usual rails. Thick steel can hold up any type of mattresses or box springs on the frame.

The interesting fact about this solid metal bed frame is the ability to adjust with mattresses of any shape. That is why you can assume this as the best king bed frame for overweighted persons.

Pros & Cons

  • Side rails are two inches tall
  • Made of thick and solid steel
  • The bed frame is well adjustable. You can adjust it with any mattress
  • The legs come up with wheels
  • The center rail will help to keep your mattress steady
  • A person can assemble the frame within a short time
  • Thick rails ensure durability

  • You will find difficulties to attach footboard with the mainframe

Amazon Basics Metal Bed Frame (Twin Size Bed, 6-Leg Support)
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We are showing you this bed frame for its proper alignment of legs and rails. The Sturdy construction gives proper stability that makes it one of the best heavy duty metal bed frames. Two heavy persons can easily sleep on this frame as it provides enough space for two.

Accurate alignment is the main feature of this bed frame. Six legs of this frame keep the frame steady. They also help the frame to have some extra weight every time.

Along with the legs, there is a support bar in the center. This support bar helps box spring and mattress to perform well and let you enjoy your sleep. Moreover, this extra support bar keeps up the shape of the frame. It also stops unwanted bending that causes you trouble.

Finishing is another positive side of this bed frame. The finishing is smoother than normal finishing on metal frames. The metal can take pressure well and stays stable.

You can assemble the frame without any tool. You can prepare the frame to use within a few minutes.

Pros & Cons

  • There are holes in the rails to attach the headboard
  • Easy assembly can save your time and energy.
  • The sturdy metal frame can do well with any box spring and mattress set
  • The center bar adds some more stability and strength
  • Joints are strong enough and let the frame stay steady

  • The weight capacity is less than 300 lbs. So, only one heavy person can sleep well on this frame

Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame in with Storage (Color: Grey)
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It is quite a good bed frame of normal construction. The outlook of the frame also pleases the users’ eyes. Durable grey color on the frame also makes it better and perfect for any places.

The stainless steel frame is thicker than other cheap frames. It is one of the best bed frames of heavy couples. The sturdiness prevents unexpected bending and breaking.  The length, width, height is also perfect for heavy persons.

The legs of this frame are organized well to take pressures without issues. A leg in the middle brings balance for better performance. Apart from these, Metal supports will help your mattress to give you comfort while you sleep.

The height of the steel frame lets you put any of your necessary stuff under the bed. Thus, the frame doesn’t take much of your room’s space.

Each of the legs has a cap on the bottom. It is to protect the floor of the bedroom. You can also fold this bed frame when you don’t want to use it.

Another good fact about this bed frame is it prevents the necessity of box spring and saves your money. Any type of mattress is suitable on this bed frame.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable color on the frame lasts longer and looks better
  • The weight capacity of the frame is around 1300 lbs which is quite acceptable
  • You don’t have to use box spring with this bed frame
  • The low profile bed frame has organized legs that bring more stability
  • The frame is 14 inches high which allows you to keep your stuff under the bed

  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide any instruction for the installment with the frame

Embrace Bed Frame (Queen, Color – Black) by Knickerbocker
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It is the best bed frame for overweight persons. The weight capacity allows the frame to stay strong for many years without any damage to the shape. The construction allows you to sleep without any disturbance like unnecessary movements or noises.

The first thing you can notice about this bed frame is the edges. The edges of this frame are smoother than other frame edges. These edges don’t harm anyone. You don’t have to cover up the edges for your safety.

Materials can take more than 2000 lbs with ease. They will not break or bend. There are many reasons why the manufacturer has integrated resin here. The combination of the resin and steel gives a balance to the frame.  Polymer resin can let you clean the frame without issues. It is also free of harmfulness. Besides, polymer resin can absorb unusual sounds that can disturb you.

The side rails have a quite eligible length. The extra length can help you sit on the edge of the bed comfortably. The length also helps the frame to take some extra pressure and weight.

Pros & Cons

  • The weight capacity of this sturdy frame is more than 2000 lbs
  • Polymer edges are softer and give no harm to the user
  • The resin also absorbs squeaky noises to make the frame sound resistant
  • 76.25 inches side rails provide enough space for you on the bed to sleep well
  • The frame can hold any mattress well and doesn’t make any movements

  • As the frame is larger, it is a bit heavier too than usual ones

How to Choose the Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person?

Frames for overweighted persons have some features that help them perform better than others in the market. Anybody can buy a normal bed frame from the market with ease. But if you are searching for frames that can help you sleep in spite of putting the extra load, you must go for those exceptional features. We will now inform you about those features to make your task of searching an eligible frame easier.


It is a primary fact to think before buying anything from the market. No matter what type of frame you buy, you have to make sure that you have bought the one made of the best material.

In this case of frames for heavy people, metal is the only choice. Wooden bed frames might look better than metal frames, but only metal frames can give services for a long time. Here is another fact. The metal of the frames should be thicker too. Wider and larger frame parts can stay stable for a quite long time.


It is up to you which size you want to buy. Buying a larger one is never a loss if your bedroom has enough space. So, we advise you to buy a larger frame for your full comfort.

Weight Capacity

Amongst all the facts, you have to think of the weight capacity most. Normal bed frames can take around 250 lbs. But as you are heavier than normal people, you should be thinking of buying something which has the capacity of at least 300 lbs or more. Frames having the capacity of more than 1000 lbs will be perfect for you. Always try to buy them if have a healthy budget.

Number of Rails and Legs

The stability of the frame mostly depends on this fact. Some additional legs at the middle with the rails will help the frame to stay steady for years.

When your frame has one or two rails at the center of the side rails, your mattress can stay on the accurate place. Center support rails also prevent sagging of the mattresses sometimes.

Final Words

There is no doubt that frames for heavy people can help you a lot when you are heavier than usual. Benefits you can get from such frames can let you sleep soundly and keep you fine for the rest of your day. So, never hesitate to spend some money on buying a frame that has proper weight capacity and truly gives maximum comfort.

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