Best Bird Feeders For Cardinals ~ TOP 5 Cardinal Feeders for Your Yard

Cardinals are one of the the world’s smallest bird. If you love watching birds in your yard and to attract cardinals you need good bird feeder. Bird feeder, as the name states, is a container where we keep grains and food for the birds to eat. They come in different sizes and shapes according to the categories of the birds, keeping in mind that it is convenient and hygienic for the birds to eat from it. It’s very important to keep the feeders clean. So if you are a bird lover and love to invite those special feathered guests in your garden or yard, then this guide is the perfect one to select the best bird feeders for cardinals.

Review of the Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals on the market

Probably one of the most famous birds, cardinals, had been printed in many basketball jerseys throughout the years. I remember being a cardinal as well. As I became a bird watcher, I fully understood why cardinals are the best type of bird. But cardinals are shy and skittish birds and it’s important to pick right feeder not to scaring away cardinal birds and to to keep out larger birds.

Aside from their vibrant plumage and beautiful songs, cardinals are easy to please. They can practically be your pet as they remain in your yard when you keep on feeding them. Unlike other birds, cardinals are very loyal,  non-migratory birds. They have been also considered as spiritual messenger. Being such the kind of birds that they are, getting the bird feeder for cardinals should be put into consideration.

There are many ways to take care of a cardinal or a group of cardinals that decided to stay in your yard. One of them is to make sure that they are fed well and housed well. Those are probably the only way you can truly enjoy these red feathery birds.

Make sure that you choose the right feeder for cardinals to to attract cardinals to your yard. Here we recommend the best picks for most consumers

Woodlink Going Green Large Premier Bird Feeder With Suet Cages Model GGPRO2
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This is a hopper bird feeder from the brand Woodlink. The structure is like that of a house with sloped roofs. The roofs help protect the food of the birds from rain and snow and prevent them from getting wet. The transparent plastic enclosure allows the warmth of the sunlight to keep the food fresh and dry. The description of the product mentions that it is a “large premier feeder with suet cages.” This offers a two in one facility for different categories of birds in your yard.

The hopper feeder not only allows the small birds like cardinals, sparrow or finch to eat from the feeder but the suet attached to both the sides of the hopper feeder also attract birds like woodpeckers, starlings, and nuthatches. Cakes specially made for these types of birds are kept in the suet. It helps these birds to reach the food quickly. The feeder is hardy, and the entire construction is screwed tightly together, which makes it durable. The hopper bird feeder for the cardinals is made of “90 percent post-consumer recycled,” as the description states. The bottom of the feeder is made of metal, which is powder-coated. This helps in better drainage of water if any. This feeder can hold five and a half-pound of mixed seeds. It is quite clear that this hopper feeder has all the features the bird feeders for cardinals should have.

Suet, which is attached on both sides of the hopper bird feeder, can carry two suet cakes. You can hang the device from the trees in your yard or garden. The device comes along with a cable. If you do not want to hang it on the trees, you have the option to mount it on a pole mount, which is sold separately by this company. Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this bird feeder in a nutshell. This bird feeder can be one of the best bird feeders for cardinals!

Pros & Cons

  • The device is sturdy and durable.
  • The feeder is available with the attached suet, which you don’t need to buy separately.
  • The device is available along with a cable to hang it from the tree.
  • It has a smart drainage system.

  • The weight of the bird feeder is 7 pounds, which is a bit heavy.

Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder
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The next item that we have selected for you is a tube bird feeder. The tube feeders are one of the best bird feeders for cardinals as they mostly get attracted to these feeders. The company that manufactures this feeder is Brome. The structure of the feeder is like that of a tube and hence the name. This feeder is perfect for the cardinals and other small birds. It has six holes or rather feeding ports from where the cardinals can peck their food from. The ports are at the lower end of the bird feeder. Around the tube, there is a ring called the cardinal ring. This ring is meant to draw the attention of the northern cardinals.

This feeder has a capacity of 5.1 pounds. It is adjustable, and this has the option to mount on the pole if you don’t wish to hang it from a tree. The top of the tube is covered, which prevents rainwater from seeping in. But it has small holes at the very top to let out the hot and humid air out from inside. This circulation of air keeps the seeds or food fresh for longer days. The best part of this feeder is that it doesn’t invite the squirrels along with the birds! This is the most significant advantage of this feeder. The weight and size of an adult squirrel are big enough for the shrouds, and thus their access is denied! Moreover, they can’t even chew the feeder because of the material used that is RoxResin.

There is a clearance of 18 inch/47 cm around the feeder. The bird feeder is easy to dismantle if required, and that too with your hands only. You don’t even need to search for your tool kit! The adjustable spring inside the device controls the size of the birds. The price is a bit high, but again, don’t forget the free service that you will get for the rest of your life!

The manufacturer assures you that you need to buy it once, and then you can sit back and relax. Maintenance of this bird feeder is their responsibility and that too for free! This option is one of the best bird feeders for cardinals.

Pros & Cons

  • The bird feeder is squirrel proof.
  • The feeder is easy to dismantle.
  • Lifetime free service guaranteed.
  • The spring mechanism helps to control and decides the size of the birds will feed on
  • Multiple color options.

  • The lightweight and cylindrical shape of the tube dangles when the cardinals fly away. So some seeds tend to fall off through the ports.

Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder Model GGPLAT
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This product is from Woodlink and is a platform bird feeder. The hooks and cables are strong enough and hence durable. The bird feeder is made of a material that is 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. The recycled plastic is waterproof. The bottom is made of metal and is perforated. The metal base is powder-coated, and these features allow better drainage. It is quite hardy, and the construction is screwed tightly, assuring a longer life of the feeder. This feeder is also available in different colors.

The platform feeder invites various kinds of species, and because of the simplicity, it is easy to refill. The platform shape of the bird feeder holds more food or seeds. You can even put fruits, nuts, and suet on it. The shape also enables multiple numbers of birds to sit together on it and feed. Cleaning this bird feeder is quite easy.

Pros & Cons

  • The metal base is powder coated and perforated, which offers better drainage.
  • The construction is sturdy and lasts long.
  • The platform bird feeder attracts large varieties of birds
  • It can hold a larger quantity of seeds or food.
  • The price is reasonable.

  • Since there is no enclosure, it is exposed to rain and snow easily.
  • Squirrels are unwanted and unavoidable guests.
  • The bird feeder is very easy to clean.

Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray
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The bird feeder that we are going to discuss here is from Nature Gear. This bird feeder has a sliding tray and can be attached to your window. The material is acrylic and is weatherproof. The small house like enclosure prevents snow and rain but is full of the warmth and light of the sun. The structure keeps the squirrels away from it. The tray which holds the seeds or food is detachable and also perforated for better drainage. This helps to prevent moisture. It is easy to refill since the feed tray is sliding. You do not need to open the entire bird feeder to clean it as this sliding feature is detachable too. You can just remove the tray and clean it. This particular feature makes it one of the best bird feeders for cardinals.

The bird feeder is safe for all types of birds. The material used is acrylic, which is of the best quality. It has great suction cups that enable the feeder to cling to your windowpane firmly in position. The transparent feeder helps you to watch the birds feed on the comfort of your room. It even has a perch for the birds to sit. The best part of this feeder is that you do not need to go out in the garden or yard to watch the beautiful guests. You can greet them from your room and enjoy the view. This feeder is not only safe for the birds but is also one of the best bird feeders for cardinals!

Pros & Cons

  • The feeder comes with a detachable tray which is easy to clean and refill.
  • The material used is acrylic, which is weatherproof and durable.
  • The transparent feeder helps you to get a clear view of the birds.
  • Those who stay in apartments or don’t have large trees to hang a bird feeder then this is a perfect fit for them.
  • Great entertainment from the comfort of your room.
  • It prevents squirrels.

  • For those who still want a bird feeder to be perched on a tree in their yard or garden, sorry you need to look for other options.

Roll over image to zoom in Gardirect Wooden Swing Seat Bird Feeder
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The article will be incomplete if we don’t mention the last product, which is from the brand Homes Garden. This is unique as well as a simple bird feeder. Till here, we have discussed bird feeders. But in this model, the unique part is the special feathered guests have an option to swing while eating! That is why the model is named an outdoor wooden bird feeder swing chair! It not only feeds the birds but also enhances the beauty of your garden as a part of your garden decoration. The bird feeder looks exactly like a small swing chair and is white.

There are four ropes tied from the four sides of the chair. These ropes help the device to hang from the trees in your garden or yard. The swing is made of cedarwood. The smell of the cedar wood is quite attractive for various kinds of birds. This is an added advantage that we can’t deny! This bird feeder helps you get a view of the birds without any obstacles. Needless to say that it is quite sturdy as it is made of wood. The change in seasons can hardly bring any change to this wooden feeder!

The bird feeder can hold 5.18 lbs. The bird feeder can accommodate approximately 8-10 birds at a time. The swing chair model swings with the flow of the wind and thus keeps the seeds or food free of moisture. The design makes it easy to clean. So if you are thinking of adding some decorative pieces in your garden, then you can opt for this swing chair bird feeder. Just sit and watch how the birds will happily feed and snooze on this feeder! This bird feeder, along with all its charm and beauty, not only acts as a decorative piece in your garden or yard but also is one of the best bird feeders for cardinals!

Pros & Cons

  • It is made of wood and is durable.
  • It is easy to clean.

  1. The seeds will be affected by snow and rain.
  2. It will invite squirrels too.

Buying Guide: Things to Concern Before Buying a Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals

Various types of bird feeders are available according to the different kinds of birds. It depends on what kinds of birds you want to attract. You also need to keep in mind that the food or grains in the feeder don’t get wet with snow or rain, or else they might get affected with bacteria or fungus-like it happens in case of the platform feeders. The seeds get wet, and the feeder gets messy with the droppings of the birds! You need to clean the feeder frequently if you select the wrong bird feeders for the cardinals!

There are feeders like hopper feeders, which are a bit tough to clean, but if you can spare that time, it can be an excellent option to attract a large variety of birds like Chickadee, cardinals, sparrow, goldfinch and so on. You also need to ensure that your bird feeders don’t attract squirrels. In such cases, tube feeder can be a great option as this not only keeps the squirrels away but also prevent the seeds from blowing away in the wind. The food or seeds don’t get wet in rain and snow. It attracts birds like quails and different varieties of finches. The basic idea is to keep the birds healthy and ensuring that they come back for more the next morning!

Types of  Best Bird Feeders For Cardinals

Being territorial birds, getting the best bird feeders for cardinals is a necessity. If you intend to attract cardinals among the many types of birds, be ready to provide feeders that focuses on their needs. It is not a surprise that most people would choose Northern Cardinals as it is one of the most beautiful birds you can find.

The next paragraph discusses the types of feeders you can consider:

Perch,eat, sit. Yes, Cardinals are shy birds so they normally stay in one feeder for the entire feeding season. Providing a feeder that allows them to comfortably eat the seeds is excellent. Cardinals usually ranges from 7.5 to 9.25 inches so getting a feeder that can accommodate this is ideal.

Tube Feeders, not. As much as possible, you consider space when feeding cardinals. Tube feeders usually have very small holes for seed dispensers. This will deter Cardinals from eating enough or even enjoying the feeding time.

Seeds for Sunflower. Cardinals love sunflower seeds. They have very strong but relatively large beak so sunflower becomes an easy and favorite seed of choice. Putting such seeds on a mesh might be a challenge for the Cardinals.

Open Feeders. Get a feeder that is wide enough, more open for easy access. Cardinals eat slow and long so it is great to provide them with enough space to perch and eat comfortably.

Certainly, getting the correct feeder is the first step in making sure the bird watching experience is going to be colorful and fun.

In fine

All of these products discussed are chart-toppers in the list of the best bird feeders for cardinals. These bird feeders are strong, durable, and unique because of their features. You just need to select one of the bird feeders from this list! Then you can sit and watch those feathered guests entertain you with their chirps and whistles, be it from indoor or outdoor!

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