The 10 Best Carpenters Tool Belt

As we all know, a tool belt is a kind of belt with few small pouches/bags to hold as many tools possible for you to carry out. If you are either electrician, Carpenters or Framers; a tool belt is a must-have for you. Even, as for any DIY enthusiast, a tool belt is essential.

But how you will purchase the best carpenters’ tool belt for you that will meet your requirements? This query may stick in your mind for a few moments since tool bags are of various types of styles, brands, and design. And they are hundreds in number. That’s not a simple task to pick the most appropriate and high-quality tool belt.

However, nothing to worry about at all!  We have come here to lessen your burden. We reviewed 10 best tool bags for carpenters after doing extensive research of hundreds of tool belt.  We come through with the features, brand, user experiences and pros/cons of these tool belts. We are hopeful that, these reviews will help you to seal the deal for the right one that will meet your requirements.

Why do you need to buy the Best Carpenters Tool Belt

The answers of this question are many: carrying/organizing the tools to reach the right moment of your carpentry job, saving time, maximizing work efficiency, improving attention, prevent losing tools, reducing back pain, work for a longer time and last but not least, ensuring safety. So, it is very much practical to have a tool belt of your own.

However, not each and every tool belt is strong enough to carry some heavy tools. Some are not durable enough. If you can purchase a quality tool bag- that is sure will be more functional and comfortable to wear and carry out. Besides, you will get a warranty too in case the too bag gets damaged.

In our review, we tried only those, which will at the same time, will be a more handy and functional and of course within the reasonable price range.

So, here we go! Grab your Best tool belt!!

B 145 Carpenters Triple Combo Back support Bag by Gatorback
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Our review starts with introducing with you Contractor Pros Gatorback Products, who has all the record of making tough, comfortable, innovative products that maximize the job effectiveness and ensure comfort.

To begin with Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo; it is made from heavy-duty material like 1250 DuraTek nylon to ensure that pouches are rugged and durable. Besides, weight is light enough that will not increase the pressure while the belt is bent around your waist.

Made for professional carpenters, this tool belt features Hammer pouch, 101-tool pouch, 103 single pouches, Pocket fastener tool pouch, tape clip and 8’’ single pouch in the center. Despite the fact that has various pouches, you no need to worry about comfort. The belt has a unique ventilated padding that will ensure you don’t sweat much and have a breathable and comfortable work journey.

The pouches are fitted in a way that keeps the face of them are open to holding the tools that you don’t need to worry about your tools dropping out.

The most important value of purchasing this Contact Pro’s tool bag is that you are guaranteed one year defect free warranty in material and workmanship. And it is free of charge!

Pros & Cons

  • Available in 6 different size
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Flexibility to attach the pouch according to choice
  • Tough and durable but lightweight
  • One-year warranty
  • Comparatively reasonable price

  • Not enough pouches for smaller tools
  • Weak Stitching

Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool bag set by Occidental Leather, 9855
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Our second pick of Toolbelt is from Occidental Leather; they have almost 40 years of experience in making quality standard tool belt. If you purchase any product manufactured by Occidental, you are assured to be satisfied with getting the most quality and unique tool system.

Let’s talk about Occidental Leather 9855; it comes of Fat Lip Bag Design that gives a classy look.  To ensure the most-hardiest working tool this tool belt is made of 10 inches deep industrial nylon and high-density neoprene. The bottom and corners are reinforced with leather that makes the belt stronger to hold the tools. You can adjust the suspension system using the pre-installed D rings.

This high-quality belt features as many as 24 pouches and tool holders to allow keeping more tools with specific places in an organized way.

Moving forward to the size of this belt; the main tool bag dimensions are 10 inches of width and 10 inches of depth, while the outer bag is 6.5 inches of width and 5.5 inches width. The main bag of fastener Bag dimensions is similar to the main tool bag, while the outer bag is 9 inches of width and 6inches of length and the upper bag 5 inches and 4.5 inches of width and depth respectively.

Although this adjust-to-fit tool belt is a bit pricey, we recommend this is one of the best tool pouches for carpenters.

Pros & Cons

  • Top-quality materials ensure comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Tough and sturdy ensures durability
  • Maximum pockets and perfect tools placement
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Left-handed model available

  • Pouches are fixed
  •  A bit of pricy but budget worthy

MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter's Tool Belt
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MoagnoGrip is another buzz in the tools and gear making industry. If you are in the low budget this MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenters tool belt should be the great purchase for you. Exceptionally designed this kit is very comfy to use. The easily adjustable strap is wide enough to fit with the waist very tight.  And the weight and the pressure is distributed well that ensures comfortable wearing it for hours.

To increase the durability and to get service in the long run, the manufacturer used double-layered 1680D-ballistic nylon. The magnetic nail pouches are quite a little bonus to serve as more secure tool storage for you.

The nicest thing of MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenters tool belt is that its placement of the pockets is quite functional. You can take it and take off the tools without even looking in the belt. Some of the other tool bags have the design problem that it causes the problem to retrieve the tools while you are in working, tools sometimes fall out of the belt. But, this Magnetic Belt does not have this kind of issues, it is more safe and secure to use. The main pockets of this tool bags are open-mouth to easy access to the tools.

Pros & Cons

  • Top quality materials
  • Enough Pockets to hold tools
  • Great price

  • Few may find magnetic pockets are irritating
  • Comparatively smaller than normal bags

DEWALT 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter's Pro-combo Apron Tool Belt, DG5650
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DeWALT is another worldwide brand for manufacturing of hand tools and power tools. They have the reputation of producing top quality gears with innovative features with satisfactory customer services for more than 30 years.  If you are pro carpenters you can think of owning a DeWALT DG5650 tool belt without giving a second thought. Let’s check out this combo tool belt features.

Coming with a fantastic setup, you can remove the different components to use either together or individually. The 6-inches heavy-duty padded belt holds as many as 11 many pouches with 24 smaller pouches, sleeves and loops to keep all the tools, parts, nails, pencils, etc. This combo tool belt also has a cell-phone holder, 2 steal-hammer holders, and a knife-holder. So, it’s easily understandable that this belt has so much room to carry out all possible required accessories.

Since this belt is heavy, you can remove some pockets and tools if not required for any specific project to lessen some weight.

Moving to the design of this huge rig, it is awesome and functional. The pockets are set on the right side to keep the kinds of stuff organized to handle easily. Say, the zippered pocket can be used to keep tools which tend to get bounce out i.e soapstone, nail-set, and drivers. The waistband is padded to ensure comfy if it is to wear for long periods of time.

Above all, this tool belt is manufactured by CLC that will assure you that you can use this product for a long time period.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for a professional carpenter
  • Big and well-constructed
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Suitable for either right or left handed people

  • The mega size may not suitable for everyone

TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35`` Carpenter’s Combo Belt & Bag
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We come back again to another tool belt of Gatorback Contractor Pro. Together partnered with TradeGear their medium size 31-35’’ Carpenter’s Combo Belt & Bag numerous features to make the job easy to carry out all the tools and accessories for carpentry.

Constructed very well with DuraTek 1250 fabric with high-density nylon assures the unmatched strength and durability of this belt. Not only that, but the belt is also padded with high-density foam and breathable fabric; so you can work for long hours with comfort and without sweating much.

Moving forward to the space of this tool kit, it can easily be said that any professional carpenter can hold his entire essential tools in this Belt. Coming with 11 pockets, a heavy-hammer loop, and 2 more slots- most often it is enough for the frequently used carpentry tools.

If you are the person who looking forward to some conventional design, this tool belt is perfect for you. It is excellently designed to carry the handle and taking the belt off and on easily.

Last but not least factor, this Carpenters’ Tool Belt can be the best value for the money. And if you are not satisfied, 30-day money-back guarantee… gee.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for rough and heavy use
  • Well storage capacity
  • Sweat-proof padding belt
  • Heavy-duty and well-constructed
  • Available in 4 different size

  • Velcro is not strong enough
  • Pockets are smaller comparatively

Bucket Boss 2 Bag Camo Tool Bag Set, 85035
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We will introduce with you another go-to tool belt from another market giant those who are carrying more than 100 different kinds of products and tools for over 30 years in the field. Till now, they claim, and it is tested that their product lasts for many years.

Our pick, Bucket Boss 2 Bag Camo tool bag set is manufactured with Mossy oak break up infinity that makes the tool bag heavy-duty and strongly constructed. Talking about the design, the best part of this bag is the suspension technology. If you are looking for a belt with suspender so that while in carrying the belt the weight of the tool belt is distributed to the whole body during work, you should opt for this one. Even you can detach this adjustable padded suspender system if you wish to do.

This tool bags can fit for a maximum of people as it goes for up to 52’’ waist. The pockets are barrel-bottom to take the load of carpentry tools. The steel made buckle and giant grommets assure the belt is sturdy enough to give you services in the long run. The most desirable facility is that you can fit your smartphone into the cell phone pocket unless it is not a tab size!

Pros & Cons

  • Budget worthy
  • Heavy duty and comfortable
  • Suspension system
  • Sufficient pockets

  • Sometimes stitching is not well enough for some item
  • Available only one color- gray. Not much choice for you

Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt, 55427 by Klein Tools
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If you are an electrician and you are looking for a tool belt, then we have picked this for you. The manufacturer of this 55427 Tradesman Pro Electrician’s tool belt; Klein Tools, is not only famous for making a great product for more than 150 years but also they have on this field producing premium-quality items with high standard to fulfilling the demands of professionals.

Checking out the feature, you will find that this tool belt has removable pockets. This is quite handy and comfy for you since you do not need to carry out all the pockets if the tools are not used in a specific day. The pockets are user-friendly as these are wide open to take on and off the tool, parts, drills, hammers and etc.

Made with 1680D polyester, this belt can give you services for a long time. The belts are padded with mesh interior that is to ensure the comfort and make it breathable. Handles of this suitable belt are easily carrying.

Comes in six different sizes; medium, large and XXX-large- this tool belt can also be suitable for you if you are a budget customer.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro tool belt
  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Pouches are big

  • Bottom of the pockets causes irritation during hot summer days

Gatorback Professional Carpenter's Tool Belt
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If you looking for a carpenter’s tool belt that has not many pockets, then your go-to belt should be the Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s tool belt. Featuring 7 pockets on the right side of the tool belt it has naturally more comfortable for the right-handed person. Additionally, you can carry a hammer keeping into the attached hammer loop. There are another 4 pockets in the left side fastener pouch which includes an interior speed square pocket and 2 more slots to keep. That obviously seems a handy and useful tool belt for you.

This tool belt is available in all possible size; small to extra large- allows you to pick the right one which fits you. Moving to the materials: it is made with Dua Tek 1250 fabric and that is we all know is long lasting and make the product tough. If you load the pockets with heavy tools, it is ready to take the load as the stitching is very good. The next positive feature is that you be sweating less even if you are in work for long hours. The ventilated padding ensures the breathability.

Pros & Cons

  • Tough and durable material
  • Comfortable to wear
  •  Reasonable price
  • Reach configuration

  • Loose fitting Velcro
  • Few customers complain about the size of the pockets

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo
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The tool belt we are featuring for you now is more suitable for Framer’s Combo, however, a carpenters can use it. Manufacturing from infamous DEWALT, this DG 5617 has adjustable padded suspender that to distribute the weight evenly and carry the tool belt comfortably.

As any carpenter or framer expect, this tool belt also comes with as many as 20 pouches and sleeves. This makes this tool belt huge in size to allow you to carry out extra accessories if required.  Interestingly, there are 2 more mini pockets attached with the suspenders.

This tool belt is padded with a belt with double tongue buckle and breathable mesh to reduce the load and give a comfortable feeling. In term of design, it has notable differences with the other tool belt we review above which is the suspenders are in yoke- style. Wearing this over the shoulder with reduces the burden of the tool belt rather it guides to distribute the overall load.  The adjustable pouch handle also suits for one-hand carry and fits with the waist size of 29’’ to 46”.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent design with strong construction
  •  Made from CLC
  •  Long lasting with comfortable use

  • The pockets are not as dipper as expected
  • Velcro is not in high-quality

Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights 7 Bag Framer Set
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So, we are ending off the line with reviewing a tool belt from Occidental Leather. Instead of cheaper belts, go for this expensive one if you have enough money to spare. In return, you will get a longer lasting Framer set. The 8089 Oxylights 7 bag is made with scratch resistant Industrial Nylon. That must increase the durability of the bag. Some even brave enough to say that once someone buys an Occidental Leather 8089 Oxylights 7 bag, you may not experience another belt in your lifetime..gee!!

This heavy duty constructed and the excellent looking belt is padded with tow ply tool bags. Using both hands comfortably the belts comes off in an extremely nice design. Coming with plenty of pockets it does allows you to keep all essential stuff. Last but not least factor is that this super excellent bag is available in all possible size range between small to XXX-large. However, the manufacturer has kept the price the same for any size.  So, this belt will worth every penny if you do purchase one.

Pros & Cons

  • Nice design
  • Well constructed
  • Safe to use
  • Tough and durable
  • Scratch resistant

  • Not suitable if someone with a budget

Buying Guide: How to choose the best Carpenters Tool

Well! What are the factors you will have to consider before purchasing a Carpenters Tool Belt? Here we have sorted out the key factors for you. Let’s have a look at the following


This is common sense. The tool belt specified for a plumber will not be suitable for a carpenter. So, decide first that for which profession you are going to buy a tool belt.


Since tool belt comes in various size, you should purchase the right size matching with your waist size. Otherwise, things will get messed up while you will carry the belt. And yes, buy the padded belt; this will ensure comfort.


You are not buying a tool belt every now and then. That’s why before purchasing a tool belt, check for the heavy material. Remember, you will regularly be taking on and off all the heavy tools. So, it requires heavy-duty material.


Comfort does matter. Obviously. How? The padding, harness strap, air ventilation, and maximum hold capacity; all does matter to ensure a comfortable work experience. So, make sure those issues are okay before buying.


It depends on the user. Some prefer a harness belt, even maximum user prefer this. Some people may give priority of waist belt. However, the harness belt is suitable for carpentry and other jobs. Some tool belts come off with detachable tool bag. So, based on your work type and your choice grab the r8 one.


Its variable person to person, profession to profession. Based on your profession and need, you will decide the pocket number and pocket size of a tool belt has. It is vital.


Since dozens of brands are available out in the market, you should fix one from where you want to buy. Pick yours one from top rated carpenters tool brand.


So, folks, we did all our best to assist you to pick the right carpenters’ tool belt which can be most effective for your job. We dealt with all super-quality, maximum functional, durable tool belts. We just saved your valuable time. If you buy any of our picks we are sure that you will be receiving great service from that.

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