The 10 Best Handheld Showerhead for Pleasure

Do you think taking a shower comfortably is essential? If you do, then you are absolutely right. Spending quality times while you are in the shower is essential. A good time spent under showerhead can give you many benefits. Your minor muscle pains, headache, stress, anxiety, and many other problems can be solved by just taking a perfect shower. In modern days, the term, best handheld showerhead for pleasure has been connected with the perfect shower fact. A good showerhead obviously helps you to have some good times in the bathroom taking a shower.

As a good showerhead has become a must in everyone’s bathroom for rejoicing, we are going to help you find the best one for you. Finding the best handheld showerhead for pleasure is not easy at all. Few times, finding the best one also depends on your demands too. But still, we have tried to pick a few products that are truly wonderful and eligible for any people. The product names and their descriptions are given below. Apart from this, we will also give you some tips to find the best showerhead with ease.

Review of the Best Handheld Showerhead for Pleasure

There are hundreds of showerheads made by several manufacturers. To find the best one among them is tough. That is why we have already done a few kinds of research and found the top ten handheld showerheads of the market. We are now giving detailed information about those showerheads so that you can find your one from the ten.

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead
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We are now showing a product that can truly be the best handheld showerhead for pleasure. This product from the company Hydroluxe can make your shower time much more pleasant.

The first thing you will notice about this showerhead is the installation system. The showerhead needs no extra tool or anything for the installation in your bathroom. You can install it within a few moments.

This adjustable handheld spray is easy to use. You can adjust the setting or performance of this spray for your own comfort. It is also the best handheld shower head for low water pressure. A user can adjust the pressure of the water so that he can enjoy the shower time without any difficulties. Many people also refer to this as the best high pressure handheld shower head. The manufacturer has tried the level best to make this showerhead usable for every type of people.

The leakage issue can never be found when you are using this showerhead. The feature has already won many users heart. That is why you can use this handheld showerhead for a quite long time. The structure is sturdier than many other products in the market.

The design of this handheld shower is also fascinating. It will give you a luxurious feel when you are going to have your shower. The design ensures that you will spend a great time taking your shower. You can get out of any sorts of stress or mental pressure through spending quality times using this handheld showerhead combo.

Pros & Cons

  • Both overhead showerhead and hand shower can be used at the same time
  • Each shower has five settings integrated
  • The installation of the shower doesn’t require any extra tools
  • A five feet stainless steel hose is integrated with the combo
  • Rub-clean jets are integrated for the extra facility

  • The user has to remove the water flow restrictors if the water pressure is not enough in the line

YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head
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The handheld showerhead now we are showing is capable of giving you a nice shower time. This product will ensure your relaxation in the bathroom.

This is one of the best high pressure handheld showerheads available in the market. The powerful spray shooting capability makes this handheld showerhead useful. The YOO.MEE high pressure showerhead can help you to put anxieties and stress out of your head during the shower time. It is proven that this showerhead can produce powerful sprays even in low water pressure of the water line of your house.

Another benefit of this powerful handheld showerhead is it will kick away all your minor muscle pains from your body during a shower. The showerhead will make your body muscles feel the pressure of water. The showerhead ensures that the water will pour over your head in such a way that you will enjoy spending your times in the bathroom.

Installing this handheld showerhead is a matter of a few moments. It is quite surprising that such powerful showerhead can be installed so easily. You can even clean this showerhead with ease. Because of this, you can get facilities from this handheld showerhead for a quite long time.

The construction is another positive side of this product. Durability is confirmed here. The sturdy plastic body and stainless steel hose help the showerhead to perform better than many other products in the market.

Pros & Cons

  • The handheld showerhead is capable of providing with facilities even in low water pressure
  • The construction ensures the water to reach the bottom of the tub fluently
  • Showers taken under this showerhead can give you relief from minor body muscle pains
  • The stainless steel hose has durable brass connection fitting. It won’t crack so easily

  • This handheld showerhead isn’t perfect for people having soft skin issues

AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5`` Chrome Face Handheld Shower
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Many of you are willing to buy a showerhead that is certified to be useful by experts. For them, we have picked a product that can reach a satisfactory level. Here it is.

When the name AquaDance comes, users rely on the product without any hesitation. AquaDance’s this high-pressure handheld showerhead can produce international standard features. Experts from the US confirm this product to be useful and eligible for the most type of persons.

Whenever you look for the best handheld shower head with a slide bar, experts will suggest this product. Not just this, you will have almost everything with the package to be satisfied. A shower hose, an overhead bracket, a tape roll is available with the main showerhead.

Adjustability is another good side of this handheld showerhead. You can set the angle of the showerhead according to the comfort of yours. Because of the excellent adjustment feature of this product, you can enjoy your shower using it.

You will be pleased to know that this showerhead can be installed on your bathroom with ease. You don’t need any tools or devices to fit this showerhead. You can install this showerhead on your own.

Pros & Cons

  • The handheld showerhead is tested by American professionals
  • Ergonomic grip handle will help you to hold this showerhead quite easily
  • Integration of rub clean jets makes the showerhead more useful
  • The stainless steel hose is 5 feet long
  • The installation of the showerhead doesn’t require any tools or plumber. A user can do the installation by       himself

  • The material used in the hose is not durable enough

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower
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We are again going to show you a combo of handheld showerheads. This product can also be the best handheld shower for pleasure to many people. We have picked this product for several reasons.

There are seven setting for the hand shower. Each type of setting will give you different types of pleasure. So, any of your family members can use this showerhead to take a bath and give body comfort.

The shower hose of this package is quite flexible. You can use the showerheads with ease. You can even move the hand shower according to your comfort. The hose part is made of sturdy stainless steel. The material of the hose will allow you to use the product for a quite long time.

The weight of this showerhead combo is lighter than many other similar products in the market. Because of the lightweight, you can carry or install the product without facing any problems. The main reason behind the weight is the materials used. The manufacturer mainly used plastic materials in most parts of the product. Even after that, the showerhead combo is durable.

The handheld showerhead combo is also a great performer. The stream from each showerhead is perfect for any type of people to have pleasure. The construction of this showerhead will allow you to spend quality times in the bathroom get refreshed.

You can use both showerheads at the same time. The showerhead combo can control the pressure of water well. The pressure controlling feature allows the showerheads to be used by people of any ages

Pros & Cons

  • The 7-inch rainfall showerhead has only one setting
  • The hand shower has seven different settings to give users pleasure
  • Rub clean jets are integrated to maintain the performance
  • The manufacturer also integrated tool-free installation feature

  • The holder of this combo is made of average quality materials. You cannot expect durability

Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Showerhead
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Now we are showing you something which has a unique design and construction. The manufacturer, Moen, has made this handheld showerhead user-friendly. Any person of your family can enjoy using this handheld showerhead.

The most unique feature of this handheld showerhead is the magnetic docking system. You can keep the showerhead on the top when you don’t need to hold it. You can even detach it from the top and hold it to finish your shower according to your comfort. The magnetic docking system lets you attach and detach the showerhead within no time.

The handheld showerhead has six different settings which will give you various types of feels during the shower. Like many other good handheld showerheads, all the family members of yours can use this product.

When the matter durability comes, you can expect this showerhead to be enough durable. Though the main body is made of plastic, the product is exceptionally strong. Thick plastic helps the handheld showerhead to stay strong. The showerhead will not get any damage so easily. Even if the showerhead accidentally slips away from your, it will not cause damage to any other things around.

Pros & Cons

  • Water flow restrictors don’t allow the showerhead to use water more than enough at a time. That is why the product is called eco-friendly
  • The magnetic mounting system helps you to use the shower both using hands and without using hands
  • The water dispersion of this showerhead is satisfying to most of the users
  • The six different settings are easy to select

  • The installation of this showerhead takes a little bit of extra time than others

Aquarius Handheld Shower Head With Hose
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We are including Aquarius handheld showerhead in our ‘Best handheld showerhead for pleasure’ list because of few facilities this showerhead provides. Here are those detailed facilities.

The shower head will not disappoint you at all if you are demanding water pressure. Even if there is a lack of water pressure in your house’s water line, the showerhead will always produce perfect water pressure. You will feel comfortable under the showerhead. Times spent under this product will definitely relax your body.

The hose is quite flexible and helps you to move the handheld showerhead. You can take the showerhead almost anywhere to complete your shower. The manufacturer tells that the showerhead will consistently produce powerful sprays for a long time. You will feel like you are having a massage under this showerhead.

You can have six different types of sprays from this showerhead. Each setting of sprays will give you positive feelings in the bathtub. There are a total of 56 nozzles in the showerhead. All these nozzles maintain consistency in performance. These help the showerhead to please the user and make the shower time enjoyable.

The manufacturer has used ABS plastic thermo material to make the showerhead. The reason behind using this material is to make showerhead capable of handling hot water sprays consistently. This material also makes the product durable than many other products in the market.

The manufacturer is giving everything you need with the main product. Those items with the main product will help you install the showerhead. Items like Teflon tape and rubber band will help you to install the showerhead all by yourself.

Pros & Cons

  • ABS plastic thermo material is the material which is used to make the showerhead body
  • The users will not find any crack or leakage issue by using this showerhead
  • Six different settings make the showerhead eligible for most of the people
  • Instruction for installing this showerhead is given with the main package

  • The handheld showerhead may fail to maintain water pressure after a few years

HotelSpa 30-setting SpiralFlo 3-way Luxury Shower Combo
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The company HotelSpa has made this showerhead combo with various facilities. You will find this showerhead combo maintaining modern-day standards.

The structure of this showerhead combo is not that much unique. Mainly, the construction inside the showerheads makes them unique from other showerhead combos. The chrome coating on the outer part of the product makes the product sturdier. The design is also capable of catching eyes too. The gloss of the showerheads lasts longer. You will have a luxurious feeling using this showerhead combo.

The showerhead combo comes with almost everything you need to install it on your bathroom wall. You don’t have to spend extra money on hiring plumbers. You don’t even need to buy or use any type of tools for the setup.

A user can use both of the showerheads at the same time. The construction allows the user to enjoy the shower anyway he wants. The six different settings also make this shower head combo a perfect example of an ideal showerhead. The showerhead combo will help you kill your stress and tiredness.

Pros & Cons

  • The shiny outlook of the product is capable of giving you a luxurious feel in the bathtub
  • Rub clean jets will help to lime buildup and similar issues
  • The chrome finish is spot resistant. The product will look glossy for several years
  • Angle adjustment feature allows you to enjoy your shower quite well

  • The hose is the weakest part of this showerhead combo. It may fail to work after a few years

Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 4-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head
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This product is really exceptional from all other products available in the market. You will enjoy your shower under this showerhead when various lights along with water will affect your mood positively.

There are seven types of lights available with the showerhead. You will not have to connect the showerhead with any electric port to enlighten the lights. The lights will automatically work when the system will feel the flow of water. The lights will automatically work and they will blend into one another gradually. The color of the LED lights will give you an exceptional feeling. You will be able to find pleasure under the combination of light and water.

There are four water settings in the handheld showerhead. These are Rain, Massage, Mix, and Water Saving. Each setting has a different functioning. They even put different types of effect on your body. For example, maximum types of hardworking people love the massage setting for relief from mental pressure.

To maintain better quality and performance, the manufacturer has integrated stainless steel hose. This hose is super flexible and lets you move the showerhead any position. This hose is five feet long which is quite enough for common types of bathrooms.

The design also puts an effect on showerheads performance. The design maximizes the pressure of water. It will also help you to control the flow of water. By this, you can enjoy your times in the bathtub.

Pros & Cons

  • The flow of water gives energy to the LED lights. No need for electricity
  • Seven different color LED lights will give you a new experience of having a shower
  • Installation of this product doesn’t require any tools or other elements
  • Four different water spraying settings available
  • The Airjet design helps the showerhead to perform better and maintain pressure on water

  • The manufacturer provides customers with a limited warranty of only one year

Oil-Rubbed Bronze High-Pressure Showerhead Shower Kit
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Because of its exceptional material quality, this Oil-Rubbed Bronze handheld showerhead has become another pick of us. Here are the details of our pick.

A prime facility of this product is the hose. The hose is fully stretchable. You can stretch the hose to 12 inches longer than the usual size. The manufacturer also ensures the customers that they will not face any leakage issue using this handheld showerhead and the hose. Because of the stretching feature, you can use this showerhead for several purposes. You can clean your pets or your bathroom too using this showerhead.

An elegant spray face is always helpful. The showerhead has such spray face that can provide with services for many years continuously. Quality ABS material helps the showerhead to produce continuous fluent water sprays. With the help of this amazing handheld showerhead, you can have the experience of a spa at home anytime. The six different functions allow anyone to enjoy their shower time peacefully

The bracket holder is durable and doesn’t fall down so easily. It can take harshness. It can stay strong and help you to hand the showerhead on the wall of your bathroom. It keeps the showerhead steady and helps you finish your shower comfortably.

The installation is not difficult at all. You can get instructions from the box of the showerhead. The manufacturer also provides with Teflon tape that will help you to install the showerhead and bracket holder.

Pros & Cons

  • The construction of the showerhead allows you to use it for several purposes
  • The design of the brass bracket is perfect. It will keep the showerhead steady and will not create any sorts of disturbance in your shower time
  • The Easy installation feature will not waste your time in installing the showerhead
  • The showerhead has six varieties in water spraying

  • The variety in the six settings is will not be found as described after a few uses

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower
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This is the best handheld showerhead for pleasure to those who like products which function easily. A user can also clean this handheld showerhead combo quite easily. The functioning of this showerhead combo is also simple. You can enjoy using this showerhead combo without facing any difficulties.

The nozzles of the showerheads have anti-clog feature. It helps the showerheads to stay clean. If any showerhead stays clean then it performs better. It can also stay strong for a quite long time. You can even clean the showerhead combo easily whenever you think the nozzles are not performing well. The mineral deposit resistance feature also keeps the nozzle safe from any sorts of damage or getting dirty.

You can use both showerheads at the same time if you need. The five-inch wide spray face spreads the water precisely. You will surely wish to stay under the showerhead for a few times more if you use this showerhead combo. The five different settings are useful too. You can choose any of the settings according to your mood. You can turn your mood on by using rain spray or massage spray setting in no time.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique design and the ergonomic handle will help you to take your shower properly
  • Nozzles of the showerheads have anti-clog feature. It stops mineral or dust to obstacle the performance
  • The spray faces are five inches wide and give you good experiences bathing under those
  • Five feet large hose is made of stainless steel. The hose also contains two brass nuts
  • The showerhead combo comes up with all the accessories you need to install it with ease

  • The connection might get loose after a few years of usage

Buying Guide: Things to concern before buying a Handheld Showerhead

To find the best handheld showerhead for pleasure, you have to know a few facts. If you know them, you can pick the right one for yourself. Here are those facts with details

Quality of the materials

The quality is the principal thing you have to focus on. If the quality of the material is cheap, you will not be able to use the showerhead for a long time. You should try to pick a showerhead that is made of sturdy material such as ABS plastic. Try to avoid heavy metals.

The Hose

You should always think of the length of the hose. Usually, the average size is 5 feet long. But if you feel comfortable with something shorter than you are allowed to buy. But always decide first what your demand is.


The mounting is another essential thing to concern. If the mounting doesn’t keep the showerhead steady, then you will not find yourself comfortable under the shower.

Size of the Showerhead

It  depends on your demand. That is why we should suggest you check the size of the showerhead first then buy.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Handheld Showerhead for Pleasure

How to turn on Handheld Shower Head?

Well, there are two types of showerheads’ control system. Both are famous ones in the market. You need to know how to turn both of them on.

Some traditional showerheads have their main control attached on the wall. You have to turn or spin the knob to change the flow or start the flow.

The latest ones have the control switch on the main body. While holding the showerhead with the hand, you can press the button with your fingers. By this, you can control the water flow and also pause the water.

How to Remove Shower Head Ball Joint?

To do so, all you need is only a wrench and tape. You can remove the ball joint within a couple of minutes.

Wrap the teeth area of the wrench that holds any object with a little amount of tape. Then, use the wrench to turn the showerhead counter-clockwise. While doing so, you need to put your one hand on the shower arm to keep it steady. After spinning the showerhead with a wrench for a couple of times, you can now remove it using your hands.

Now spin the bottom portion of the showerhead out. In the top, you can see a ball part in the joint area. All you have to do is to put this thing off to finish the job.

How to Remove a Shower Head that is glued on?

Few showerheads stay attached with the help of glue. Glued on showerheads have some different ways of removal from the handle or connection.

One of the easiest ways is to put heat on the glue joint for several minutes. It will make the joint loose and you will able to remove the showerhead with ease. But this process might give some damage to the outer structure of the showerhead and the handle.

If you don’t want to use your old showerhead in the future, then you should cut the showerhead. You can also pour some acid on the glue to separate the showerhead too. But these two ways damage the showerhead a lot. You should apply these when you have the intention of replacing.

How to Remove a Shower Head without a Wrench?

Using wrenches to put off shower heads is easier. But without wrenches, it is a tough job. You can feel the urgency to remove your old showerhead despite not having any wrench. In such a case, you can use your strength to do this job.

Use a hand and hold the showerhead with a towel or a piece of cloth. Put your other hand on the pipe. You have to put some lubricants inside the main joint before doing anything. Now, hold the pipe well and try to spin the showerhead counterclockwise with your full strength. You have to be careful here so that you don’t get hurt. Continuously increase pressure until the showerhead spins smoothly. In fine, keep spinning until the showerhead comes out.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle Knob?

Sometimes, you might need to remove the knob for many reasons. Though knobs look simple, they have complex structures. You need to be careful a lot to remove a shower handle knob.

There is a cap on the top of the handle. You might need something with sharp edges to pull the cap off the handle properly. After the removal, you can see a large bolt inside. Now, the main job begins. Find an eligible screwdriver first. Then, use it to remove the knob. After this, slowly pull off the handle knob from the main construction. If you wish, you can also remove the rest of the body from the construction with the help of common tools for a better replacement.


So, these were some handheld showerheads that are worth buying. Showerheads are not changed frequently. That is why you have to buy a showerhead wisely. You should think of every single part of a showerhead before choosing to buy. There are hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products in the market. Finding the right one for own self is not that much easy. To solve this problem we already showed you the best ones in the market. In fine, it is suggested that you have to take your time and think every single fact before deciding anything.


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