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In our daily life, we need to have delicious and nutritious foods to fill our appetite and nutrition demand. Different types of foods have different types of values. But the best organic raw honey can help your body by giving amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Such sustenance is surely worth buying.

Like other health concerned people, if you are willing to consume honey for the betterment, you have to buy the natural and pure honey. You will be helpful only when you buy the actual natural honey brand from the market. So, today, we will help you to buy honey that has come straight from hives with all the goods.

Reviews of the Best Organic Raw Honey

Many companies are selling their honey in the market and claiming their honey to be organic. But that doesn’t prove anything. Organic honey has some qualities that prove it unique from other pasteurized honey types. In this article, we look at the differences between raw and regular honey, including processing, health benefits, uses, and possible risks.

Judging the condition, texture, smell, taste, and nutrition values, we have found out the best ten types of honey in the market. Each type of honey has qualities that can help you to develop your body and makes your diet delicious. Now, we are going to present our picks to help you find the best one.

Warning: Do Not feed honey to infants under one year of age.

Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey (22 oz) by YS Royal Jelly/Honey Bee
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This honey is one of the finest types of honey containing all the goods that can help a consumer. From the taste to thickness, the honey can please you without any doubt. You will have the raw honey and free of chemicals or medicines.

You can buy this honey for several purposes. To get rid of cough, you can have this honey daily. The honey can give your body a boost up to be active in your daily life. Your throat and tongue will feel better because of this honey.

Another fact that can please you is farmers store honey into bottles straight from the hive. Farmers don’t collect the honey in elsewhere and do the refining. Each bottle contains raw and unfiltered honey that has never gone through pasteurization.

You will be happy to know that the manufacturer doesn’t force the honey to be creamy. The manufacturer produces the honey without putting high temperatures or anything. You will find the texture in a good condition.

Most types of nutrition values are present in a jar of honey. For example, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are present in a perfect ratio. You can consume this honey to improve your health condition.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey has a pleasing flavor, color, and good texture
  • You will find the raw honey in a unfiltered, and unpasteurized condition
  • The thickness of the honey is the same as other organic ones
  • Vitamins and minerals present in the honey can energize your body
  • The honey doesn’t go through any process that increases durability, taste, or anything

  • Caps of the bottles are so thin that you can break them with ease

Certified UMF 15+ Manuka Honey (MGO 514+, 8.8 oz) by Kiva
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Kiva’s Manuka honey is collected from the remote locations of New Zealand to satisfy consumers. The honey contains lots of natural goodness that can help the human body to develop and boost up. It is famous for its pleasing taste with exceptional features.

One of its main features is you can use it on your face to skincare purposes. The natural elements of this honey can help your skin to look brighter and fight with germs.

If you are a hardworking person, then you can consume this honey to regain your energy. The honey has minerals that can give your body cells a boost up in a short time. People of any ages can keep this honey in their regular diet.

Recent researches say that this honey contains no chemicals or medicines. The manufacturer even avoided added flavors to make the honey tastier. The honey is raw and has all the natural goods to please consumers.

This honey is helpful to cure throat and stomach. Patients can have this honey as it gives lots of minerals and vitamins to the human body.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey has earned certificates for its purity
  • The honey can help you to cure the throat and stomach
  • The honey is thick enough and has the perfect color to please consumers
  • The bottle containing the honey is quite stiff
  • The honey can be bought for beauty purposes

  • The honey crystallizes too fast, unlike other types of honey

Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey (Squeeze Bottle, 32 oz) by Nature Nate
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Because of the unique taste and other natural values, Nature Nate’s honey is famous in the market. The honey you get from this company can bring balance to your regular diet. It has some unique features that make it one of the best in the market.

The honey is blended. The manufacturer blends several types of honey from several regions to create a unique taste. The source of this honey is places like the USA and Canada. Wildflower, Clover, Canola, and Tallow are the types of honey that Nature Nate uses.

The blended honey has a balanced sweetness and thickness. Because of this, the honey can fill the demand for several elements in your body. Apart, the company produces the honey at minimum temperature to maintain the positiveness for a long time.

Before packing the honey in bottles, the Nature Nate’s manufacturer strains the honey in a minimum range. Besides this, the honey doesn’t go through any major processes. So, you can have the raw flavor and goods of the honey from each bottle.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer blends several types to create the honey with a unique taste and eligible sweetness
  • Any type of chemicals or medicines are missing are not present in the honey
  • All the sources of this honey are natural
  • The thickness of this honey is at a balanced level
  • The honey is unfiltered and strained a little bit

  • The plastic used to make bottles is thinner.

Organic Fair Trade Raw Honey (16 Ounce Jars, Pack of 3) by Wholesome Sweeteners
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Wholesome Sweeteners never uses any type of medicine or other chemicals in hives to increase production. Unlike many other companies, it depends on organic processes. The company will give you pure and tasty honey that contains many vital elements.

The honey is collected from green forests of Mexico and Brazil. Bees can collect the best food from there and produce quality honey. From hives to bottles, every process helps honey to stay natural and nutritious.

Sometimes chemicals become must to prevent some issues. But the place where the manufacturer collects this honey is free of problems. So, you can have the purest honey to develop your health.

The honey is capable of filling your demand for sweet or sugar. The research shows that this honey is much sweeter than sugar. You can use a little amount of honey to sweeten a dish or drink instead of sugar. The taste of this honey will give maximum comfort to your tongue and throat.

The honey has earned several positives certificates from official research centers of the USA. This gluten-free honey contains several nutrition values that will come handy in fever, cough, and other diseases.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey is a verified Non-GMO product
  • 3/4 cup of honey is equal to 1 cup of sugar. You can use this honey in any type of food instead of sugar
  • The manufacturer collects honey from hives that are surrounded by lots of greeneries
  • The honey goes through processes with average temperatures while packaging
  • The honey earned certificates for pure and organic values

  • The honey begins to crystallize in jars too fast

Ambrosia Pure Raw Honey (16 Ounce Bottles, Pack of 4) by Madhava
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This is the perfect product for people who are searching for honey with all the natural values. Each bottle of the set has quality honey that can fill the need for vitamins and enzyme.

The manufacturer Madhava takes plenty of time to produce honey in the market. It deliberately does the work so that the honey stays natural and perfect. Before filling bottles with honey, lots of procedures such as melting and straining happens.

Many might think that straining can ruin the pure of honey. But here, the honey goes through the least straining. So, all the natural values remain the same and help the human body in many ways.

To collect and produce the honey in bottles, a very low range of temperature is used always on the honey. By this, vitamins and minerals stay balanced and active.

There is no doubt that the thickness and color of the honey are prepossessing. The taste of this honey can bring satisfaction in your tongue. Both your body and mind can stay refreshed and active through adding this honey in your daily foods.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey is a reliable source of vitamins and minerals
  • The manufacturer takes enough time in producing to keep up the quality
  • Madhava uses low temperatures to manufacture honey in bottles
  • The honey is BPA free as it is produced in quality plastic bottles
  • There is no gluten in the honey

  • The construction of caps of bottles is not good at all

Natural American Honey (22 Ounce) by Honest Raw Honey
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If you are willing to substitute sugar from your regular diet, this honey will be handy to you. The origin of this honey is America, and you can expect it to be nutritious like other American honey brands.

The company has its farmers to take care of bees and collect honey well. Because of this, the honey can satisfy your mouth along with your health. Apart, the packaging is another sector where this company does well. Workers pack honey bottles well and seal them properly to keep the honey healthy.

This honey has achieved certificates for purity from American research centers. There is no chance of this honey damaging your health.

The taste, flavor, and color are pure and natural. The manufacturer doesn’t use any chemicals or preservatives to make the honey tasty or colorful. This unpasteurized honey will increase nutrition values in your regular diet.

Apart from amazing taste, the honey produces the amino acid that can give your body a boost up after consuming. It can also help you to lose some fats from your body.

Pros & Cons

  • Each jar contains clean and pure honey
  • The honey is chemical-free. No added flavor is present too
  • Unfiltered honey will help you to develop your health
  • It is a perfect substitution of sugar in regular diet
  • The taste allows you to add this honey in any type of food

  • The smell of this honey is stronger than other ones. So, few might feel uncomfortable while consuming

Crockett Honey Company’s Raw Arizona Desert Wildflower Honey
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If you are searching for the best honey to buy, you can try this one. This honey contains all the good facts that natural honey should contain. The natural aroma with pleasant color proves the honey to be raw and healthy.

The most amazing part of this product is its freshness. The company tries to collect the honey and deliver fresh to the customers to please them. Despite not pasteurized, you will get nothing inside the honey and add it with other foods too.

The honey also lasts for a quite long time. This nutritious honey can be beneficial for your health. You can eat this honey with other foods to have a proper diet on a regular basis.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey is not refined to keep up the natural qualities
  • The origin of the honey is one of the finest places for bees to live
  • The structure of the jar can let you collect honey with ease
  • The sweetness of the honey is well-balanced
  • The honey has a creamy texture. It will let you use the honey with various foods and drinks

  • The lid of the jar is very thin and can get damaged shortly

Raw and Unfiltered Honey 5 LB (80 OZ) by TJO Bees
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TJO Bees is one of the best organic raw honey brands in the market. The company produces quality honey that can solve your health issues with ease. The product we are discussing now contains only 100% pure and raw honey that has no extra chemical added.

Each jar from TJO Bees contains only the honey that bees stored in hives. The manufacturer doesn’t bring any difference to it. So, you will find the natural color of the honey.

The honey you will find inside the jar is not overheated. The plastic jar can protect the honey for a long time. Viruses and bacteria are unable to do any harm to the honey from outside the jar. The sealing is another reason behind it. You can use a bottle of honey for a quite long time after opening.

As pasteurization was not applied, you will be satisfied with the thickness of the honey. You can add this honey with other food items to increase food quality and taste.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey is not filtered and manufactured without pasteurization
  • North Dakota is the region where the manufacturer collects the honey
  • The natural sources of the honey are wildflower, sweet clover, and much more
  • The jars containing the honey are perfect to keep up the quality of the honey for a long time

  • The plastic container is not sturdy like other ones

Orange Blossom, Pure Raw Honey by Bee Wild (Organic Mountains)
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The origin of this pure honey is Texas, Florida, and other American states. The manufacturer collects this honey from beehives located on citrus trees. So, a consumer can get the true flavor of honey from this product.

Bee Wild is one of the best natural honey brands in the current market. The packaging and refining process of the manufacturer keeps up the quality and features of the honey. The sweetness of this honey is maintained well to be eligible for all types of consumers.

Despite minimal filtering, you will not find any waxy or unwanted objects inside the honey. The manufacturer only produces thick and raw honey to the consumers.

Pros & Cons

  • The honey has a smooth flavor that doesn’t hurt your mouth
  • The minimal filtration keeps the honey raw and thick
  • The bottles of this honey are stiff and keep the honey fresh
  • The aroma of the honey smells sweet and natural

  • The orange blossom flavor is lighter than it should be

UMF 24 Manuka Honey by Steens (MGO 1122) (8.8 Ounce jar)
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Our best organic raw honey list comes to an end with another 100% raw Manuka honey.With the help of an exceptional extraction method, Steens gives customers quality raw honey. The honey contains enough nutrition elements to develop a person’s health. The perfect taste with acceptable fragrance makes Manuka honey one of the best organic raw honey.

Consumers can rely on this honey jar as the product is certified to be pure and healthy. No harmful chemical or ingredient is not added here to increase the taste or quantity. So, any type of consumer can have this honey daily for proper nutrition.

The packaging process of the manufacturing company is quite pleasing. The company tries to keep the honey in hundred percent clean jars. The sealing of the jars also keeps honey fresh and eligible for quite a long time.

As it is said, any people can have this honey. Patients who are suffering from diseases like cough, anemia, allergy, and much more can take this honey for the betterment of health. Besides, the taste of this product is perfect for pleasing the tongue of any person.

Pros & Cons

  • The company has done wax removing procedure well to maintain quality
  • ee bread is present in the honey
  • The honey has the certificate of UMF association for pure and quality
  • The honey is imported from New Zealand
  • Jars given by the company are BPA free to keep the honey fresh

  • The jars are made of average materials. A little damage can break them

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Organic Raw Honey?

There are lots of reasons why we are insisting you buy organic honey brands. Natural or organic honey is way more helpful than commercial or inorganic honey in every sector.

Organic honey doesn’t contain any medicines or chemicals to produce sweetness, good flavor, odor, or amino acid. That is why people of any ages can consume organic honey. It is an ideal substitution of sugar in daily life.

Inorganic honey needs some chemicals and sugar to maintain quality. Because of this, it can cause damage to your health. Some chemicals can slowly affect any of you organ; especially your stomach. People who are suffering from diabetes need to avoid such a type of honey too.

Natural honey doesn’t go through high temperatures for slow crystallization. It might raise the difficulty for consumers to bring honey out of jars. Even workers face problems while filling bottles. Because of not going through the high-temperature process, the honey remains the same from hives to jars.

But inorganic honey goes through high temperature to avoid crystallization. Such a type of honey can hold its texture for a long time. Here, the honey loses its quality. The structure difference a lot. Many nutrition elements burn and the honey become less nutritious.

So, buying a bottle of inorganic honey is only a waste of money. Only natural raw honey can help your body and mind to develop and to be active. You should always avoid buying commercial honey brands for the betterment of yourself.

How to Choose the Best Organic Raw Honey

Well, you might ask why you need to think and judge so much before buying only a bottle of honey. Buying a random jar filled with honey can save time and effort. But a random brand cannot always fill your demands or contain necessary values.

So, we have decided to tell you how you can find the best one from thousands of products with ease. Here are some facts that you need to think and judge before going to any decision.


You need to know whether the jar of honey has got certificates from trusted research centers or not. Nowadays, many medical institutions are approving specific types of honey brands that maintain quality.


A lot of things depend on the fact, purity. Organic raw honey is 100 percent pure and healthy. Sometimes, manufacturers add some extra element to increase the value, taste, or other things of honey. But such an act ruins the pure and natural values. That is why if you are looking for honey that is pure and organic, you will have to buy that bottle of honey which has nothing added.

Nutrition Values

Organic honey always contains a perfect ratio of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Without those nutrition values, honey will become useless.

You need to read the label of bottles carefully. Manufacturers describe the quality and processes that have been performed. Honey loses its nutrition values when it goes through high temperatures. So, you have to buy those brands which do not put honey in high temperatures and keep up the natural ratio of elements within.

Filtration and Pasteurization

In most cases, filtered and pasteurized honey loses the actual taste and texture. Though filtration and pasteurization help the honey in a few ways, you have to buy unfiltered and unpasteurized honey to get the natural flavor with raw texture.

Final Taste

You have to do a lot of thinking to find organic honey with proper qualities. Indeed, it is not easy. But inorganic honey is not so good for you. So, you have to think hard for a while and get a jar filled with raw and organic honey.

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