The 10 Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

If you are finding sitting on any place painful, many might have suggested you use a tailbone pillow. A doctor might have also suggested the same after hearing about your problem. It is because the best pillow for tailbone pain can help you sit on a place in spite of having severe soreness or pain in your lower back area. A tailbone or coccyx cushion can also help you to sit if you are a pregnant woman or a person who got hurt in the lower back area.

Actually, the main reason for using a tailbone pillow is to help the lower back to release pressure while sitting. Tailbone cushion also keeps up the good posture of your back in a sitting position. You will find sitting tough if your lower spinal area has got hurt by too much pressure or suffering from bad alignment. So, today, we will help you to find the best cushion that gives relief when you sit.

Why Do You Need to buy the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain?

You might wonder why do you need quality pillow or memory foam for an issue like tailbone pain. There are some facts medically proven that considers best coccyx cushions to be effective in reducing tailbone pain.

In the modern era, most jobbers and students spend their maximum time sitting on chairs or benches for studying and working. Even when you are driving your own car or riding a bus or train, you need to sit for a while. If you calculate accurately, you will find that you spend several hours of a day sitting on chairs, seats, and other places. This means your coccyx or tailbone gets lots of stress every day.

If your coccyx gets stress and pressure a lot on a regular basis, you will feel pain in your coccyx and lower spine. To ensure your coccyx not getting too much pressure, you can use cushions under your hips while sitting.  A good pillow or cushion cannot prevent your tailbone pain or hemorrhoids issues. It can only reduce the pain and try to keep your spine, hip joints, and muscles away from extra stress.

Apart, you can use coccyx cushions under your buttock if you got any injuries on your spine or lower muscles from an accident. Pillows will keep your muscles and joints relaxed while you are sitting. Memory foams on any seats can let you sit comfortably despite having previous issues of back pain or muscle stretching.

Reviews of the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Best tailbone cushions or pillows can let you sit on most types of surfaces without any issues. Pain in the tailbone area or hip joints can make you suffer a lot. To keep yourself away from such an issue, you can buy quality coccyx seat cushion or memory foam for giving your spine vital support.

Using memory foam or coccyx cushion is a kind of vital treatment for tailbone pain. So, buying a quality pillow is a must if you are facing the tailbone pain problem. We have found out ten of the best cushions for tailbone pain from the market. We will be showing you those products with their detailed feature so that you can buy one for yourself.

Now, here is the list and reviews of our top ten picks that are worth buying to get relief from pain in the lower back area.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow (Color: Dark Gray) by SOFTaCARE
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No memory foam cushion can beat this set of cushions in performance and effectiveness. The set of seat cushion and pillow made by Softacare can produce the entire feature that you might seek to help you sit well. As the package contains two cushions that can cover almost every area of your back to keep pain-free, you can rely on it.

The cushion for lower back area or coccyx has an eligible U shape. Such a shape will allow your lower body parts to release the whole pressure on the memory foam. The tailbone will be able to keep a distance from the stiff and uncomfortable seat. Your thighs will also get relief from fatigue, and you will feel comfortable.

Another cushion will keep your spine in perfect alignment. Your muscles will not suffer from soreness because of getting the perfect bend.

The set has an effective construction. The support pillow contains mesh that takes proper care of the temperature fact so that you stay comfortable. The coccyx cushion has a bottom with quality gripping features.

Pros & Cons

  • The set of two cushions ensures perfect alignment and pain-free sitting
  • Firm and thick memory foam is fully breathable
  • The support pillow has a mesh part that will maintain the temperature of your back
  • A person can carry the duo with ease because of the integrated handle
  • Non-slip bottom of coccyx cushion will keep the cushion steady

  • The coccyx cushion cover can put stains on seats sometimes

Gel Seat Cushion Memory Foam Chair Pillow with Cooling Gel by Plixio
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This is a very simple product that can keep you away from lower back pains and injuries. This seat cushion will help you to sit for consecutive hours and finish your regular tasks with ease.

One of the attractive parts of this cushion is the upper gel layer on the foam. This layer plays a vital role to keep up your comfort. The layer brings balance in the temperature of your lower back and the cushion.

There is no doubt that this memory foam can help you a lot. The softness of this cushion is quite pleasing. Apart, it will not become flat in a short time.

The cover and the bottom layer are also some positive parts of this tailbone pillow. The removable cover is made of durable mesh for extra comfort. The bottom part can grab the seat for the anti-slip feature.

Pros & Cons

  • The whole seat cushion can maintain temperature for better performance
  • The manufacturer has used only mesh to make the zippered cover
  • The integrated handle will help you to carry the cushion anywhere
  • Pure memory foam will provide with proper pressure releasing feature
  • The shape of this cushion is useful for almost everyone

  • The cushion has a little bit of smell that can annoy few people

Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair by 5 Stars United
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When you work in an office where you need to sit for several hours doing work, you need to buy this seat cushion. This seat cushion is specially made for office chairs. People who cannot maintain regularity in their work because of a sore back or painful coccyx can use this cushion on their seats on office times.

The cushion has got appreciations from doctors. Its pure memory foam can distribute the weight and put off pressure from your lower spinal area. The cushion can take more than 200 lbs weight on it without issues.

The whole cover has breathable mesh for added breathability. You will not feel the cushion hotter after sitting on it for a while.

Pros & Cons

  • The cushion can take near 250 lbs weight on it with ease
  • The mesh cover provides extra ventilation feature
  • Your hips and thighs will not sweat by sitting on it for hours
  • The cushion can fit on any type of office chairs
  • The cushion will not hamper your blood circulation

  • The cushion is not soft. Few patients might consider it as hard as a rock

Coccyx Seat Cushion by Ziraki
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You can buy this seat cushion to get relief from the pain and pressure on your lower back. The coccyx cushion has most of the features needed for the betterment of discs and tailbone.

Though the cushion has nothing special, it can perform much better than many other cushions in the market. It can keep your tailbone well on any type of seats. The shape of this coccyx cushion can fit on any chairs and car seats.

The cushion has memory foam to make users comfortable and relaxed. It will make you sit in the correct position to keep your spine fine.

Besides, the cover of this foam can be cleaned easily. It doesn’t take time to get cleaned. The zipper of this cover also works better than other ones.

Pros & Cons

  • The cushion can help you to recover from several types of lower spinal injuries
  • Quality materials ensure the better performance of this cushion
  • A person can use the cushion in office, trips, or home
  • The cushion has the capability of keeping up the temperature

  • The foam inside gets flattened sooner than usual. Heavy people must avoid this cushion

Non-Slip Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion by SnugPad
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This is an imported coccyx cushion that can let you sit without any obstacles or pain. Like other quality cushions, it has a U shaped structure that ensures your tailbone doesn’t get hurt while sitting. The dimension also plays an important role to take care of hips and thighs in a proper way.

The construction of this seat cushion is not so complex. It contains durable and breathable memory foam. The breathability feature also increases the softness of this cushion. Because of this, your lower spine or coccyx will not feel any pressure. This foam will also maintain its natural density for a long time.

This seat cushion is not an obstacle to your normal blood circulation. No matter how heavy you are, you will feel normal sitting on this memory foam.

The cushion makes sure your body has the right posture when you sit. It has got acceptances from many certified physicians and doctors. That is why this cushion is also eligible for pregnant women and hemorrhoids patients.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium quality memory foam doesn’t allow the cushion to hurt hips
  • The shape of the cushion can suit any type of person
  • The manufacturer did not use any extra material except memory foam inside
  • The bottom part keeps the cushion steady on a seat or chair
  • The cushion gives you the weight responsive feature in most cases

  • The corners are a little bit edgy

Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushion by TravelMate
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If you are a jobber or a regular driver of your vehicle, then you can buy this memory foam seat cushion. The gel enhanced layer of this advanced seat cushion will able to give your body a perfect alignment while sitting. You can sit having the back injured with the help of this useful memory foam cushion.

Hybrid seat cushions can perform better than normal seat cushions. This cushion has a special construction that will give full-time support to your hips, joints, spine, and coccyx. The gel above the foam enhances the softness, and the foam inside will ensure your body’s perfect posture.

Along with firm performances, the cushion is easy to carry, and you can wash the cover quite often too. The material used for the cover is quite durable. So, it will not tear soon. You can sit on it for a quite long time.

The shape allows the user to put this cushion on any type of seats. Though the manufacturer has claimed this one to be perfect for cars and office chairs, you can use it elsewhere too.

Pros & Cons

  • The multi-layered cushion helps to keep your muscle away from soreness
  • People who have history severe back pain can use this maintain their regular lifestyle and works
  • The softness of the foam is pleasing
  • The construction allows the cushion to fit on any seat according to your demand
  • People who are larger in size can also use this memory foam cushion for comfort

  • The zipper is shorter than it should be

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Ultimate
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With the latest technologies and features, the gel enhanced seat cushion can help to prevent tailbone pain and stress in the back. The cushion can work well on any types of seats you want. The whole construction of the memory foam cushion ensures your comfortable sitting. It will release maximum pressure from your spine and hips to let you sit without issues.

The first thing you will notice about the memory foam cushion is the upper layer. Inside the cover, the upper layer contains gel mechanism that will give you some extra facilities. Because of this, you can sit despite having sore muscles or injured coccyx.

Easy carrying is another feature that will help you. You can carry this cushion anywhere with you because of the integrated handle. From your office to any road trip, you can carry this cushion to give your back some comfort.

The bottom construction doesn’t allow the cushion to move a bit to disturb you. The anti-slip rubber will keep the cushion steady on your seat and help to fix your posture.

Pros & Cons

  • The high density of the foam allows the spine and lower back to release the pressure on the cushion
  • The cover is soft and washable without issues
  • Eligible for people who have injured back, broken spine, etc
  • The built-in handle lets you carry the cushion anywhere
  • The cushion will not flatten for a long time

  • The edges might get flattened if the user is heavier than usual

Memory Foam Seat Cushion by Everlasting Comfort
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A person can buy this memory foam seat cushion for many purposes. It can help you sit well in spite of having major issues in your back part. Many considered this as the best seat cushion for hemorrhoids. The cushion works very well with vehicle seats and office chairs.

The cushion is medically certified to be useful and vital in solving coccyx pain and other issues. The manufacturer has given this cushion a perfect U shape that can help your hips and spine not to feel any sorts of pressure by sitting. Unlike cheap cushions, it will let your muscles stay active, and you will be able to feel your legs well.

Apart from these features, the cushion will be able to fix your inappropriate posture in sitting. Your body will have the right alignment while driving the car or sitting in the office. The heat-responsive technology will let your lower joints feel good too.

The outer construction of this cushion is acceptable like other features. The cover and its non-slip technology will keep the cushion the place where you will like it to stay.

Pros & Cons

  • The memory foam has the perfect density to let you stay pain-free while working or driving a car
  • It can help you to fix bad postures so that your spine stays well
  • Your joints and coccyx will be able to release pressures because of the perfect padding
  • The unique heat-responsive feature will help you sit for continuous hours
  • The bottom of the cushion contains the rubber that will not allow the cushion to slip

  • The size is smaller than the usual ones. Not so perfect for taller persons

100% Premium Non slip Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion by Cushina
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Most average cushions fail to perform after a few months of using. But this memory foam from Cushina can help you in many ways for a long period of time. The orthopedic cushion can help you seat without any back pain issues.

The memory foam used inside this cushion is quite thick and helps the human body to maintain a correct posture while sitting. The thickness doesn’t allow the foam to flatten sooner. Despite the cushion is firm enough and give comfort to the user, the memory foam also lets the human body to circulate the blood in a natural manner. Your muscle will not become sore by sitting on it for a long time.

The shape of this cushion can keep your coccyx away from any sorts of pressure. The shape ensures a perfect weight distribution feature that can let you use the foam anywhere you want. Your thighs will not feel any sorts of soreness. The edges make sure your hips are in the correct position in any type of seats.

Pros & Cons

  • The memory foam of this cushion can let your muscles and coccyx feel comfortable while sitting for a long time
  • The cover of this orthopedic cushion is removable and quickly washable
  • The shape of the cushion also allows the user to get relief from the pain of hemorrhoids
  • The foam will not get flattened because of overweight
  • The cushion will not slip from the seats because of the special cover

  • The zipper of the cover doesn’t work well.

FOMI Care’s Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion (Color: Black)
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You can consider this as one of the best memory foam seat cushion out in the market. It has durable features that keep distance between your coccyx and the surface while you are sitting. Apart from tailbone issues, this memory foam can help you sit despite having many other issues.

The fabric used in the cover part of the foam is quite thick. Because of this, the inner part can take extra pressure and produce comfort in many ways. People who are over-weighted can also use this foam. The high density of the foam will never allow it to be flattened.

Along with these features, the eligible shape will give maximum comfort to your lower spine area. Your coccyx can put out the pressure on the cushion and find a better spine position while sitting. The cushion will allow your body to keep up a good alignment in the sitting position for consecutive hours.

Pros & Cons

  • The construction lets the body to keep up natural blood circulation in the lower parts of the body.
  • The memory foam cushion is fully breathable
  • A person can use the foam in any places to get relief from the lower back pain
  • The thick cover has a zipper that lets you open the foam with ease
  • The cushion can help you in other problems, and pains apart from coccyx pain

  • The size of this memory foam is larger than the normal ones. You cannot use it on smaller seats

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone pillows are not fancy objects. They can be considered as a type of medical equipment. A tailbone pillow or coccyx cushion is not an ordinary cushion for relaxation. It helps a person to get relief from major issues like coccyx pain, bad spine alignment, and much more. So, you need to judge a lot of things before buying a coccyx cushion.

We will let you know some of the important facts that you need to consider finding the best one from the market. Here are those facts with details.


You need to judge the material first before buying anything. Nowadays, you will find two primary types of coccyx cushions. One of them is made of pure cotton, and another is memory foam. Though cotton cushions might seem good and cheap, we suggest you buy memory foam. Because memory foam can give durable features with proper relief from lower back pain.


The choice of shape depends on your comfort. But it will be better if you choose between V shape and U shape. Only these two shapes can play a vital role in letting you sit without feeling any pain


Without proper thickness level, a coccyx cushion will be unable to put off pressure from the lower back. So, try to buy thick pillows from the market. But remember, you should avoid over-thick cushions as they will hurt you a lot.

Final Words

A good pillow will always let you do your regular stuff sitting behind a desk or table. You will never be able to pause your daily routine for lower back pain. Because such pains will arise whenever your spine gets some extra stress. That is why it will be great if you use a coccyx cushion on your seat in the future to stop back pain causing any trouble.

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