Best Scope for AR 15 under $100

Who doesn’t want a good scope for the upcoming hunting season? To finish your hunting season well, you must need a well-built scope. A good scope for your AR 15 rifle can let you do perfect aiming and precise shooting.

Nowadays, the price of gadgets and equipment has gone high. It is difficult to make a separate budget for a new riflescope each season. That is why, today, we are going to help you find the best scope for AR 15 under $100. We will describe a few things that may lead you to buy the best scope. We will also introduce a few scopes that are worth buying for your next hunting trip.

Like many other hunters, you will also wish for a sight or scope that can play a vital role in your next hunting trip. Very few scopes of the market can fulfill your demands. That is why, to ease your problem, we are now showing ten best products of the market. We kept the budget issue in our mind while picking up these scopes.  Any of these can be the best scope for AR 15 under $100 for you.

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

We can assume this one as the best scope for AR 15 under $100. The reason is the potential performance. The scope can give you facilities in hunting for a long time. You can use it in most type of situations.

The manufacturer has used quality optics to make the product perform better. You don’t have to worry about the durability fact. The optics used here can produce the best outcomes from your hunting trip.

Many hunters have found this scope as the best AR-15 scope. The reason behind this is the feature of providing with quality pictures in any sorts of situation. The optics of this scope can help you see anything far from you quite well. The multi-coated lenses make this useful even in low light situations. The Dusk and Dawn Brightness or DDB system of these lenses allow you to shoot with ease.

The construction of this scope doesn’t allow water, dust, or anything else to cause harm to the scope. Even the weather condition will be unable to cause any trouble. The scope is weather resistant. It can be the best scope for AR 15 under $100 in any type of hunting trips.

The focusing of this scope is quite easier than other ones. You can focus on your prey and start watching the movement within no time.

Pros & Cons

  • Quality construction doesn’t allow anything to go inside the scope
  • 3x to 9x magnification allows the user to see anything quite well
  • DDB multi-coated lenses help the user to do hunting in low light conditions
  • The user can adjust the focus according to his comfort
  • The scope provides waterproof, fog proof, and dustproof features

  • The mounting system of the scope is not perfect

UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster Scope with Accessories

UTG’s scope is among the best budget AR scopes in the market. You can have all sorts of facilities using this UTG scope. You will find this scope eligible for all types of hunting trips.

You will find the scope sealed from every side. There is no chance of anything to go inside and cause trouble. You can use this scope even in heavy rainfall. The weather will be unable to put any effect on the performance of the scope. The scope is also filled with Nitrogen. Because of the sealed structure, this scope gives a solid performance.

This scope is capable of producing bright images even in darkness. The emerald coating allows the hunter to see everything clear through the scope. The lenses are thick and strong enough. They are capable of taking many harshnesses from the environment. Even after this, the manufacturer gives you lens caps. You will also get detachable rings for the safety of the scope.

The Mil-dot reticle allows you to have perfect shots on targets. This scope has quality Mil-dot reticle to help you with hunting animals. The reticle system gives 21 altogether aiming points. It makes hunters feel easy to aim at targets.

You can lock the aim setting of the scope. The locking system can save time. Even if the rifle falls, the aim setting will not change at all. The setting will remain the same until you change it for comfort.

Pros & Cons

  • Emerald coating feature will make sure bright picture quality.
  • The outer part has solid construction and capable of taking harshness
  • Aim setting locking system will make your hunting easier
  • The Mil-dot reticle will help you in aiming and precise shooting
  • The scope is shock resistant, water-resistant and fog resistant
  • You can have clear images of your prey even when it is too far away from you

  • The eye relief feature is not as satisfying as other features

Simmons 8 Point Riflescope (3-9X50mm) including Truplex Reticle

We are now showing a product for those who want something simple. This scope from Simmons is easier to use. It also has simple functioning. But when you use this in hunting, you will find it effective.

Though the scope looks like a very normal scope, it has awesome features. One of them is the optics. The optics used here can give you better picture quality. You will be able to see everything brighter through this scope. The coated optics will maintain the contrast, brightness and focus quite well.

Easy adjustment is another feature that can fascinate any hunter. You can adjust the setting of the scope in a jiffy.  The setting will stay locked until you change it. The name of this feature is the Elevation adjustment system. It will make sure that you don’t have to change the setting every time you shoot.

The mounting system of this scope is strong and durable. The system will help the scope to stay strong on the rifle. It will also help the scope to stay steady and help you aim at your target.

The construction makes the scope waterproof, fog proof, and recoil proof. The scope has a strong weather resistance feature that allows you to use it in any weather.

Another exceptional feature of this scope is the eyepiece. The manufacturer has used QTA eyepiece to make shooting and aiming easier. The eyepiece will help you to get acquisition of the target in a short time.

Pros & Cons

  • The elevation adjustment system will allow you to use the scope with ease
  • The manufacturer has integrated a 50 mm objective lens
  • You will find 3X to 9X magnification feature in this scope
  • High quality coated optics will give you quality views through the scope
  • The matte black finish makes the scope looks attractive

  • Most of the materials of the scope are average in quality

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Riflescope

The scope now we are showing has a compact size. This one is good for hunters wishing for acquisition target very fast. If you find quick target acquisition too useful, it is the best scope for AR 15.

The amber bright optics can help you to find your target from other objects sooner than other ones. You will be able to detect your prey even in low light by using this scope. The lenses are multi-coated. Such lenses make sure the durability fact. The optics will remain strong even after several cases of abuse.

The inner part or housing has a very good infrastructure. The pleasant construction will protect the optics and inner parts of the scope. The housing is filled with Nitrogen. The housing helps the lenses to stay dry and dust free. The weather resistance ability can help you when you intend to use the scope in bad weather.

A unique feature makes the scope more popular. You can use the scope with your both eyes open. This feature will help you to stay aware of your surroundings. You can stay alert while using the scope. You don’t even have to do hard work acquiring target using the scope. You can perform several shots in a short time with the help of this scope.

The scope also gives red dot reticle feature. You can control the setting with the help of a knob integrated on the scope. You only have to adjust the illumination knob well to see or aim at your target at any light conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer has integrated red dot reticle for quick aiming
  • Unlimited field of view helps to see clearly objects from any distance
  • The scope also gives unlimited eye relief feature
  • The scope contains durable parts which last longer than other scope parts
  • The compact size allows carrying the scope in the backpack or with a rifle
  • The manufacturer has given Matte black finishing to the scope

  • The setting adjustment feature will fail to work after taking a few cases of abuse.

Magpul Industries MBUS GEN 2 - 247-248

These pair of sights has almost every feature to call itself one of the best hunting sights of the market. Features like durability, accuracy, and well-angling make this pair of sights popular.

As you are going hunting, it is obvious that your rifle has to take abuses. That is why the manufacturer has given these sights an impact resistant construction. It will help sights to last longer. Sights will be able to keep up their performance as well as new ones. Not only are these but the total weight of these sights also acceptable. The weight will not become an extra burden on you.

Easy mounting is another useful feature of these sights. After tightening the bolts, the sights will become fixed on their places. The sight bodies can hold your rifle very tight. They don’t do any movement to distract you. These sights will stay steady to let you aim well on your target. You can even push them down with a little effort. All you need is a wrench to mount the sights on your rifle.

The front sight has an adjustment tool. This tool will help you to adjust the height of the front tool. The windage adjustments are also easier than you think.

The flip-up feature of these sights is a unique feature. You only have to press the top of the sights to make them stand. You can lay them down when you intend to use optics or lasers for shooting.

Pros & Cons

  • The polymer construction of the sights can resist the impact of abuses
  • The light polymer construction doesn’t make these sights a burden on you
  • The flip-up system makes the sights laid down when you are not using them
  • Both sights have accurate height and angle

  • The height of the sights might be a problem even when they are laid down when you are using optics

Pinty 2.5-10x40 AOEG Illuminated

It is a decent scope under $100. Many experienced hunters will prefer you this scope. The scope can be vital for close or mid-range shootings.

Not like other scopes, the manufacturer integrated green objective lens. Such lenses can help you more than blues lenses. You will find the scope to produce consecutive sharp images every time you use it. The multi-coated lens transmits light more than usual. You can have a bright and crisp view of objects. This lens is also durable. It will not get scratches for simple issues.

There are five brightness levels in this scope. You have to adjust the level according to the environment. The adjustment is pretty easy and fast. You have to turn the knob and find whether you are able to see through the scope or not. The functioning allows you to use the product in any part of the daytime.

The housing secures the inner side of the scope. The scope is O ring sealed. The Nitrogen filled chamber doesn’t allow the optics to get any harm. You can use the scope on rainy days because of the waterproof feature. The fog will not make your view blur. So, you can pick this scope for any season’s hunting trip.

You cannot doubt the construction quality of this product. Sturdy Aluminum alloy construction makes the scope usable for several years. The sealing is impressive too. Even the functioning will stay as good as new after a few years. The mounting system of this scope is secure. It will attach with your rifle keep the scope steady.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer has integrated Mil-dot illuminated reticles
  • The multi-coated green lens produces quality light transmission
  • The scope gives around 2.5X to 10X magnification feature
  • You will get the scope in a storage box
  • Quick attachment feature will cost no time

  • The scope doesn’t work well in long range shootings

CVLIFE’s 2.5-10x40e Illuminated (Red & Green) Scope including 20mm Mount

This rifle scope has a simple construction and simple functioning. It is a perfect choice if you are looking something durable. From the mount to the setting, every feature is durable. You can enjoy your hunting trip using this scope.

You will find a green lens in this scope. The lens is multi-coated. Because of this feature, the scope gives enough light transmission facility.  The expert hunters tell that this scope can produce more than 90% light transmission. You will have a clearer and sharper view with the help of this scope. The quality light transmission helps the scope to produce quality images.

To make sure you shoot well, the scope also gives you the Laser feature. The class IIIA laser can help you in the acquisition of the target. It is powerful and effective. The wavelength of this laser is 650 nanometers. The combination of scope and laser will make your hunting easier than ever.

A hunter can adjust the reticle system without difficulties. If you are able to adjust settings in a short time, you can also shoot your targets faster. So, the scope can also save time.

The scope has a perfect eye relief. The size perfect for Low Recoil guns such as AR 15. The size and functioning of this eye relief match AR15 or Tactical22.

Previous users have said that this scope is more durable than other ones below $100. Stiff Aluminum makes the product durable. The long-lasting scope comes with other useful accessories such as lens cover, Allen keys, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • The “Aircraft” grade Aluminum helps the scope to stay strong in bad conditions
  • The manufacturer integrated a powerful laser for precise shooting
  • The multi-coated green lens gives bright and colorful pictures
  • 2.5X to 10X magnification will help the hunter have a closer look at the target
  • The scope has a Mil-dot reticle
  • The product comes with scope mounts

  • The scope is not suitable for use with high recoil rifles

Ade Advanced Optics’ Front/Rear BUIS Backup Iron Sight (45-Degree)

As many of you seek for best sight for AR 15, we are now showing one. It has the capability to please the hunters. The structure and functioning of these sights will help you in precise aiming.

The solid mounting makes the sights steady on the top of the rifle. These sites will not give you any trouble while mounting. They mount on your rifles Picatinny rail. You also don’t need any extra tools or accessories to mount these sights.

These sights have the right shape and angle. They have unique offset positions. Because of this, you can aim at your target with ease. Any part of these sights will not become an obstacle or block your viewing.

The sights have lightweight than many other ones in the market. The total weight of this pair of sight is less than 150 grams. The weight can put a positive impact on the result of your hunting trip. You can aim, shoot, or carry the rifle without any problem.

The main thing why we chose these sights is the materials. Stiff and light Aluminum is the main material. The main bodies weight light but stay strong. You can expect these sights to last longer.

Pros & Cons

  • Each sight will have the same height and angle after mounting
  • The 7075 Aluminum is the main material of these sights
  • Sights are hard-anodized for better durability
  • The total weight of the sights is 4.5 ounces
  • The sights will not block the illuminators or optics of your rifle
  • Sights give quick transition between closer and longer target acquisition
  • “Easy Mounting” feature will let you mount sights with ease

  • Screws which help to mount don’t have good construction

Buying Guide: Things to know before buying a AR 15 Rifle Scope

Finding a quality scope for AR 15 rifle is a hard nut to crack when the budget is low. But you can find the best scope for AR 15 under $100 if you have few facts in your mind. These terms will help you to know the structure or behavior of an ideal scope. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at those points that we should consider before choosing a scope.


Lenses determine the quality of a rifle scope. If lenses are not good enough, you will not have clear images and brighter views. Nowadays, multi-coated lenses are very popular. Such lenses can produce crisp and sharp pictures of your preys. So, buy a scope that contains multi-coated optics.


Magnification is an important fact to concern. You cannot aim or shoot at your target until the scope gives good magnification facility. In recent times, Experts are suggesting scopes having the variable zoom feature. You can find a scope with this feature in a tight budget too.


The mounting is another essential thing to concern. If the mounting doesn’t keep the showerhead steady, then you will not find yourself comfortable under the shower.


The housing keeps the inner construction and lenses safe. A quality scope always has strong housing. You have to make sure that the scope you bought has stiff housing. The sealing should also be strong enough. We should suggest you buy a scope which has a housing made of Aluminum.


So, these were eight chosen scopes that can perform well with your AR 15 rifle. We also described a few important points so that you can choose one from the list for your AR 15 rifle. But you have to be sincere. You have to buy only that scope which reaches your satisfactory level. You should avoid buying scopes by watching outer looks or design. Otherwise, your money will go in vain.

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