Best Shoes for Hairstylist ~ Best Shoes to Wear at the Salon

To continue serving customers in full pace, best shoes for hairstylist becomes a must.In a parlor or salon, a hairstylist needs to stand for many hours to bring a customer’s hair into a good shape.

Standing several hours without taking rest is like a hard nut to crack. Not only this, an employee of a parlor needs to show his fashion sense to attract the clients. That is why a hairstylist needs to wear a proper pair of shoes.

If you belong to the hairstyling profession, you will need to depend on your feet’s stability. You can keep putting pressure on your feet when you are wearing shoes that are comfortable. Apart from this, you must wear such shoes that let you move flexibly. As a client will come to the parlor to look stylish, you need to make him feel that you can do the job. For this, you need to wear catchy outfits first. So, good-looking shoes can put some effects on this matter too.

To help you do your job in a proper way, we will present some of the best pair of shoes from the market. We will discuss every feature of them in detail. Along with this, we will help you by also showing some facts to know before buying a pair of shoes. Let’s go to our main discussion.


Reviews of the Best Shoes for Hairstylist on the Market

There are several types of shoes for several purposes. But as a hairstylist, you must need a pair that looks attractive and gorgeous. So, we tried to pick the ten best pair of shoes that match the hairdressing profession pretty well. Here are those picked pairs that can help you in your workplace.

Professional Tooled Clog by Dansko

If you are a professional hairstylist or saloon manager, these shoes will please you for sure. The stylish shoes will show your personality in a positive way. You can wear these shoes with any type of dress you want.

The leather used here has a good quality. It is enough soft to give you comfort. The leather is also sturdy too. The color on the uppers stays strong on the leather for a long time. The color will not lose its shine in short.You can clean these shoes when they become dirty. You can also use soap and water to make them shiny as before.

The leather can stay strong in every condition. Even acidic conditions are unable to harm these shoes. So, this pair of glamorous shoes is perfect for any type of workplaces.The inner frames of these shoes give stability to help you walk. The outsoles also give flexibility to your feet when you are moving your legs.

Pros & Cons

  • The pair has perfect construction to help you work in your workplace
  • Durable leather uppers can get many cases of abuse without any problem
  • Insoles will decrease torque
  • Leather footbeds will also give your comfort
  • The shoes can keep your feet well in any type of weather

  • You will not find the uppers soft at the beginning of using

Faxon Low Sneaker by Polo Ralph Lauren

If you wish to buy a pair that looks stylish and performs well too, try this one. You will get almost every type of features from these shoes. Polo Ralph Lauren’s low sneakers are one of the trending shoes in the market. Most types of people prefer these sneakers for several purposes.

When the manufacturer gave these shoes a construction, they thought about two facts. Both good design and protective feature are present in these shoes. The toe and heel bumpers help your feet to stay safe while walking.

The upper parts of these sneakers also have softness too. Your feet will not get extra pressure from these shoes. These shoes can also perform well in rainy days. The materials of these sneakers will stay fine in any condition.

The synthetic insoles will keep your feet in proper alignment. You will not get any sorts of pain by wearing these shoes for a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of the quality combination of cotton and leather
  • Synthetic insoles help feet to keep up the proper alignment
  • The eye-catching design suits any dress or events
  • The sneakers have no odor issue at all
  • Lace-up system help to adjust the shoes with your feet

  • Joints or stitching of these sneakers is not durable

Skechers Performance Pursuit Walking Shoe for Women

This pair of shoes is perfect for people who are looking for something to wear for exercise times. These shoes are very flexible and comfortable. The main feature of this pair is people of any ages will enjoy wearing them.

You will notice that the manufacturer has used fabric to make upper parts of the shoes. This fabric is a type of mesh. So, it is obvious that these shoes are enough breathable. Your feet will not sweat at all. These shoes will not smell even after several hours of wearing.

The construction of these shoes is user-friendly. You wear them with ease. You can pull on or pull off these shoes without any effort.

The inner structure of these shoes is also fantastic. These shoes give excellent arch support in every condition for a long time. Footbeds also keep your feet in good condition inside the shoes.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer has used soft mesh fabric to make the shoes comfortable
  • The upper parts are breathable and don’t allow your feet to sweat
  • These shoes weigh less than other walking shoes
  • Quality midsole cushioning will make you feel comfortable
  • The shoes can control odor well

  • The insoles are thinner than usual ones. They can fail within a short period

Jazz Sneaker for Women by Saucony

This pair of sneakers has some specialties that can reach a user’s satisfactory level. Durable materials of these sneakers will give comfort to stand all day in your workplace.

Design matters a lot when you are a hairstylist. These shoes have an attractive look. It can suit people of any ages. The manufacturer has given this pair a structure that reflects the modern trend. You will look good wearing these shoes with any kinds of apparel.

You can wear these sneakers for several purposes. You can even use them for jogging or running in the morning. The outsoles have a rubber construction. You can walk, run, and jump with ease wearing these sneakers for many days. You can perform in sports wearing this pair of sneakers.

The combination of nylon and leather makes this pair more durable than other ones. You can rely on these sneakers as they have no odor issues. Your feet will never sweat inside. You will be comfortable wearing them even in hot summer days.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of soft and sturdy Nylon and Leather combination
  • Stiff rubber makes the outsoles durable
  • Eye-catching outlook makes these shoes perfect for fashion loving people
  • Durable stitches can keep the sneakers strong even in the harshest situations
  • The manufacturer has given accurate shape to the pair of sneakers

  • The sneakers catch stains easily

Caiti Boot for Women by Alegria

Leather is always a top choice as a material when you are going to buy a pair of shoes. Alegria’s caiti boots’ pair is a perfect example of leather shoes. The quality construction and stitching also help the user to wear this pair of boots with ease.

The upper of these shoes contain sturdy leather. It can resist any type of stain or spot. You can wear these anytime because of this feature. With the help of a wiper or wet cloth, you can clean these boots within no time.

The leather used here is fully breathable. Because of this feature, your feet will not sweat inside. The inner construction will wick the moisture away. So, there will be no bad odor or wet feelings inside these boots. You can wear them for several continuous hours.

The construction of the outsoles gives non-slip feature. You will not slip even when you are walking on a wet surface. The boots will help you to maintain stability.

Pros & Cons

  • The boots have quality leather with an attractive design on it
  • The manufacturer has integrated synthetic soles for both comfort and durability
  • You can remove the memory foam anytime you want
  • The PU outsoles feature non-slip facility
  • The interior of the boots wicks moisture to avoid bad odor
  • The manufacturer has also integrated buckles for proper adjustment

  • Though outsoles give several facilities, they are not durable at all. Because the material is cheap

Born’s Julianne for Women

This pair of shoes is not that much unique from common pairs. The only difference is the construction. The construction of this pair of rubber shoes can give you both comfort and durability at the same time.

The durable construction makes these shoes one of the best shoes for hairstylist. Quality leather makes the shoes do better than others. As these shoes have leather construction, you can wear them in any weather. Water will be unable to cause harm to these shoes.

The insoles are synthetic. Your feet will not feel squeezed inside these shoes. These insoles are soft enough to let stand a whole day. They produce comfort and flexibility.

The outsoles have rubber construction. They can also keep your feet’s alignment perfect. Because these soles have fine finishing. Apart from this, these outsoles will give fine gripping for a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Full grain leather of the shoes is soft and durable
  • The rubber outsoles are sturdy and flexible
  • Synthetic insoles will keep your feet comfortable inside
  • The manufacturer also integrated tucker back shanks
  • Fine stitching will stay strong for many days
  • Half inches heels will help you to maintain your feet’s alignment

  • The shoes will not fit if you have wider feet
  • You might feel uncomfortable wearing these shoes if you are not using socks

Faisal2 Sneaker by Easy Spirit for Women

For many of us, durability matters. That is why we are now showing a durable pair of shoes that can last longer. Faisal2 sneakers are one of the best sneaker for standing all day. You can expect long-lasting features along with style from these shoes.

These sneakers are one of the best shoes for hairstylists for its several features. One of them is the material. The combination of textile and synthetic allows the sneakers to do better. The material is soft and gives no pain to feet. Unlike other shoes, these will put no pressure and keep your feet flexible.

Both insoles and outsoles have quality construction. They can do in all kinds of situation. The cushioning of the insoles is fabulous. These soles are not thick like common ones. They are thinner but effective enough.

The outsoles are capable of letting you run on any surfaces. The rubber material will last longer than many other ones in the market. They can grab a surface quite well. Because of this feature, you can put on these sneakers for many purposes.

As a stylist, you have to stand all day long. That is why this pair of sneakers is giving you fine arch support. You can stand for several hours without getting any pain. The construction also helps a bit to keep up the alignment of your feet.

These sneakers have a good color combination. You will look stylish in any place or situation by wearing these shoes. The color will also not fade when these shoes get wet.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of durable and breathable material to keep you comfortable
  • Rubber outsoles give firm gripping feature
  • Insoles have cushioning construction. It will keep your feet comfortable
  • The sneakers have a perfect width
  • The pair of sneakers is perfect to wear for several purposes. It is even one of the best shoes for hairstylist

  • The ankle support feature is not durable

Women’s Becca by Vionic

As we have made a list of stylish shoes, we are now presenting a good-looking pair that will suit all types of ladies. Vionic has designed this pair especially for ladies working in saloons, parlors, or fashion house.

The bright color of these shoes can suit any type of dress you wear. The durable color will not fade sooner. The color will stay fine even in wet weathers too.

When the matter durability comes, this pair of shoes is one of the best. The leather used in these shoes is thick. The material can give your service for a long time. Despite being so thick, the leather is breathable. Not only this, but the leather is also soft enough. The softness allows you to wear these shoes for continuous hours.

The manufacturer also assures you that you can wear this pair a full day. The footbeds inserted in the shoes is very effective. These can keep your feet comfortable inside. The footbeds will give you full support every time you use these shoes. You can even remove these footbeds when you find them unusable.

The outsoles can help you walk or run with ease. You will not slip or fall on the ground by running. The outsoles will make you stable on any surface.

Pros & Cons

  • The shoes have the weather resistant feature so that you can use them anytime
  • EVA footbeds will make your feet always comfortable
  • Suede uppers are soft and durable
  • 2 inches heels make the shoes look gorgeous
  • Rubber outsoles give extreme gripping feature

  • The size given on the product box doesn’t match 100% with the product given inside

Florida Sandal for Women by Birkenstock

This pair of shoes is one of the best shoes for hairstylist in the market. Each part of the pair is durable. These shoes are eligible for several purposes.

The stitching quality is the best part of these shoes. The firm stitching makes every part of these shoes steady and strong. The stitches will not tear a bit within a year.

The structure will allow the pair of shoes to fill well on your feet. The shape is quite correct. You will find the exact size described in the package.

Even if the size doesn’t if, you will be able to adjust these shoes with the help of buckles and straps. There are three straps on each sandal. Each strap is made of quality material to produce comfort and durability. You can tighten or loosen the straps according to the comfort of your feet.

The footbeds play a vital role here. This feature makes the sandals produce more comfort and flexibility. Hairdressers or barbers have to stand for a long time of day. The footbeds will make your feet feel they are on a softer surface.

Heel cups of these sandals produces perfect alignment of your feet. Each heel cup is deep. Each foot of yours will be staying in the correct place in the sandal.

The pair of sandals is capable of keeping your feet away from pain or muscle stretching. The construction and weight of these sandals will not put any extra pressure on your feet. The outsoles will also grab surfaces nicely to help to stand well.

Pros & Cons

  • The full Synthetic sandals will produce comfort and durability for a long time
  • The outsoles of these sandals produce a good gripping feature
  • The stitches will last more than a year
  • Half inches heels will help you to walk in a proper way
  • Each sandal has three straps with buckle closure

  • Straps may lose softness after a few months

Women's Austin Mule by Klogs USA

Whenever you try to find the best shoes for hairstylist, you have to check the main material of shoes first. We are now showing Klogs’ Leather shoes that can help stand in your saloon all day long.

You will be able to wear these shoes to stand and give a haircut for continuous hours. The synthetic soles will help you to stand strong in a place. The outsoles have the perfect structure to do in any sorts of situation. Such soles will never slip. You can walk, jump, or run on any surface. Most of the parlors have slippery tile’s floors. You will be able to walk on them without making any noises too.

The pair of stylish shoes has a perfect size and shape. You will find the exact size given on the package. You can put your feet inside with ease after wearing a pair of socks.

The whole construction of these shoes gives several features. The outer body can resist many types of abuses. Oil, shampoo, or any liquid can spill on the shoes. The shoes will not get harm even from this.

Apart from these features, the shoes also have a catchy look. The outlook will fit with anybody. The durable color will never fade because of any normal problem.

The structure inside will not squeeze your feet. You can perform your movement with ease. As the shoes will not squeeze, it will not create any bad smells too.

Pros & Cons

  • The manufacturer has used quality leather to make most parts of the shoes
  • Synthetic soles will stop the shoes from creating any bad odor
  • The cushioning feature will keep your feet comfortable inside
  • The arch support system will maintain stability
  • The shape and size of this pair are correct

  • The pair stretches quite easily after six months

Buying Guide: Things to Concern Before Buying a Best Shoes for Hairstylist

Now, we will discuss some points that will help you to buy a pair of shoes which will be suitable for your workplace.


It doesn’t matter what your workplace is. If you are finding a pair to wear when you work, lightweight should be the primary condition. Your feet can suffer from fatigue because of heavy shoes. Light shoes will keep your feet flexible. You will able to stand for several hours without pain. So, try to find such shoes to wear while working.


Durability and performance depend on the material most of the times. You need to look for shoes with quality materials. Nowadays, both leather and fabric are the most popular materials. They can give comfort for a long time. Such materials can be breathable too. That is why aim for buying shoes made of leather or fabric.


As a hairdresser, you need to stand for several hours without a single break. If your shoes don’t give enough support, you will not be able to work. Your feet will start to feel pain. You will also lose your stability sooner. That is why wearing shoes which have proper heels, soft insoles, and sturdy outsoles are a must.


Design of shoes does matter when a person’s profession relates to fashion or trends. As a hairstylist, you must look well dressed and enchanting to your clients. If your shoes are able to make a good combination with your outfit, you will put a nice impression on your clients. They will be able to rely on you.

You should pick a pair that has some features to highlight your fashion sense in front of others. Your shoes should have a good color combination. The outsoles should have a reasonable structure too. You can also try shoes with gorgeous buckles.

In fine

we would like to advise you to take some time while you are buying a pair of shoes to work in your parlor. If you put some extra effort, you will be able to find comfortable shoes with a good look. Never buy shoes without quality and look.

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