Best Shoes for Orange Theory ~ Durability Fitness Shoes Reviewed


Orangetheory fitness programs are more effective than other workouts. You can burn enough amount of calories from your body through such an exercise. The support from the best shoes for Orange theory helps your body in this workout. Such shoes cooperate with you to meet the desired goal of fitness by participating in Orange theory.

Today’s discussion will be on the best shoes for orange theory. We will be reviewing ten of the best pairs in the market along with some tips to help you get the right one for you.

Not only Orangetheory but also the most type of workouts needs the right pair of shoes for your body’s fast movement without getting any injuries. Today’s discussion leads you to such a pair of shoes in a short time.

Why You Need the Best Shoes for Orange theory?

Orangetheory programs are based on HIIT workouts. In such programs, your body burns lots of calories in an hour. People find Orangetheory useful as they can achieve their fitness goals faster. But you can’t speed up when your shoes aren’t working well.

Your shoes need to take care of your feet well so that they don’t get hurt while exercising. When you walk, run, or lift weights, your feet get a lot of pressure. Here, a good pair of shoes can help you to stand firm. Besides, you need to move freely to burn calories. You also need to be speedy to meet fitness goals. And for all these, without any doubt, you need a quality pair of shoes.

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Orange theory

We have gone through a bunch of popular shoes from the market. We have also tried to get some valuable opinions from fitness experts. Then, combining the whole research session, ten pairs have been proven to be the best shoes for orangetheory fitness. We are now trying to describe each feature of those products in this section.

WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe by for Women New Balance
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Leather shoes are always durable and useful in many cases. The WX608v4 is perfect for orange theory fitness purposes. The shoes have the perfect dimension that allows even larger feet to fit inside.

Dual-density midsoles are both supportive and flexible. The construction here lets athletes do their movement without hurting their legs. The softer layer features cushioning. And the firmer layer supports some specific parts of your feet.

The construction here can hold your feet tight. You don’t any issues such as ankle-twisting while moving your legs wearing this pair.

The leather uppers protect your feet from injuries. Though they are thicker, they are flexible and don’t obstacle your natural motion.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable leather construction on the top protects your feet and ensures perfect fitting.
  • Dual-density midsoles help in your natural motion.
  • Rubber outsoles feature firm gripping and support.
  • The lace closure system is durable here.

  • The uppers can make friction with your ankles if you have short legs.

Men's Training Shoes by NOBULL
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This is a pair that works fine in any environment. This pair has a very sturdy construction that ensures your natural motion both indoor and outdoor. Along with the construction, you get a fine design that works well with your casual outfits.

The outsoles here have a unique structure that can produce solid gripping in any condition. Outsoles are enough flexible too. They allow your feet to move freely. They also support your heels and toes to let you stand or move firmly.

Seamless upper construction is another vital fact about this pair of sports shoes. The fabric used here lasts longer than usual ones. It features quality airflow to keep you comfortable. The fabric doesn’t create any friction with your feet that can irritate.

The shoes come with two sets of laces. The closure system ensures perfect fitting here. These shoes are true in size and have the right dimension in every part.

Pros & Cons

  • The construction is light but durable.
  • The catchy look makes the shoes perfect with any outfits.
  • Inner construction provides necessary support to your heels, arches, and toes.
  • The guard plates on the mesh base layers work as shields to protect your feet.
  • The outsoles feature traction in any environment.

  • The fabric used here is durable but a little stiffer.

Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes for Women by ASICS
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ASICS is a reliable sports brand. Its gel venture running shoes can give you the best outcome you expect. We recommend this pair for high arch users.

The gel cushioning system is the main attraction of this pair of sports shoes. It decreases the shock on some specific pressure points. The inner part of the shoes is also capable of holding your feet in the right way.

Sockliners here can help for perfect fitting. But you can also remove them if you don’t need them. People having medical issues get some advantage because of this feature.

For better gripping, the manufacturer has integrated well-structured outsoles. These outsoles contain stiff rubber. Outsoles don’t get flat by regular usage. Besides, the high abrasion rubber increases the performance of outsoles. The manufacturer has placed abrasion rubber on a few specific places of outsoles where extra support is necessary.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible synthetic upper construction has a good adapting feature.
  • High abrasion outsoles help to move faster.
  • Light construction fits well on your feet.
  • Removable sockliners are present for perfect fitting and comfort.

  • Not a good choice for low-arch people.

Adrenaline GTS 18 for Women by Brooks
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For a better look and stable performance, you can pick this pair to use in the gym. The GTS 18 shoes have perfect cushioning letting your feet relax.

Most of the upper construction contains durable mesh. It lasts longer, even after using roughly. The quality of the mess doesn’t allow the shoes to lock inside sweat and smell. As the mesh is flexible, you can do your exercise with ease. The synthetic mesh is quite supportive that holds the whole construction on your feet.

The molded foam insoles feature cushioning. It maintains the natural posture of the heel, arch, and toe areas.

The sturdy outsoles can grab any surface. They also help even if you have problematic feet. To do workouts without hurting your legs and joints, you can use this pair.

Pros & Cons

  • The durable mesh on the top is adaptive and soft.
  • The rubber outsoles have perfect curves and thickness to support your feet.
  • Tongues and collars are plush.
  • The removable insoles provide both stability and cushioning.
  • Strong laces can lock the shoes tight for many hours.

  • The insoles lose their softness and become stiff after a few months.

Men's Ultraboost Running Shoe by Adidas
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This pair is the best shoes for orange theory. No matter what type of structure your feet have, the shoes can adapt it with ease. The shoes perform without hurting your heels by not creating extra stress.

By doing workouts for several hours, your feet can get some pressure inside the shoes. But the flexible lower construction can eliminate the pressure to let you move pain-free.

Your fee can stretch the fabric part to keep up the natural posture. The upper construction contains mainly fabric. But still, these shoes are breathable. The integration of ventilation features in common sweat zones wicks moisture away.

The energy-returning feature from the midsoles allows you to do exercises for hours without getting tired. The cushioning responses to the pressure you put through your feet.

Though you can stretch the upper part, it is still capable of holding your feet in the right place inside the shoes. Shafts have the perfect length to ensure shoes adjust with your feet well.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect shafts help to fit well.
  • The rubber soles are flexible and capable of taking pressure.
  • You can get firm grim gripping from the shoes even in wet conditions.
  • Responsive midsoles feature energy-returning technology.
  • The adaptive fabric on the top is breathable.

  • Despite being flexible, the outsoles can break if you use roughly for months.

Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoes for Men by Mizuno
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This pair has a unique structure that lasts longer than the usual sports shoes. The shoes let your foot the natural movement you need. Besides, these shoes can adjust with your feet’s shape while your feet are in motion.

Cloudwave technology makes the shoes more comfortable. It responses well to the pressure coming from your heels. The adjustment feature also makes the shoes stay fit with your feet. By this, you can find these shoes lighter.

The manufacturer has used mesh on the top. The mesh makes the shoes breathable and keeps you cool. Apart, the mesh part has no stitching that can irritate.

The upper part can soak the pressure away from your feet. The part can also adjust according to your movement.

The midsoles feature cushioning that helps to protect your heels. You also get proper arch support from these shoes. The sockliner technology helps to do so.

Pros & Cons

  • The soles have solid rubber that features good gripping.
  • The pair features perfect fitting in any condition.
  • Cloudwave technology makes the shoes lighter.
  • Breathable mesh on the top adjusts with your feet’s shape.
  • You can also get some extra arch support to get stability.

  • The size of the laces isn’t perfect.

Triumph Iso 5 Running Shoes for Women by Saucony
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For rough using, we think this pair is perfect. These shoes are capable of taking harshness for years. The Iso 5 running shoes fit well on your feet to help you do any sorts of work.

The rubber sole features quality gripping. You can stand firm on any surface with the help of these shoes. The shape and curves help you to have natural motion.

The mesh on the upper construction is quite breathable. It keeps your feet cool because of consistent airflow. The running shoes also a bit roomy in the front. You can move your toes to stay comfortable. But still, the pair fits fine and isn’t loose at all.

The light pair is a good choice for those who have gone through surgeries on their legs. The footbeds can take good care of your heels and toes for a long time.

The midsole region is fully responsive. The cushioning keeps your heels comfortable despite putting some extra pressure.

Pros & Cons

  • The engineered mesh on the top makes the shoes breathable, comfortable, and durable.
  • The light construction is perfect for any individual.
  • Solid gripping helps you to stay firm.
  • The shoes feature durable cushioning.
  • No extra stitching on the shoes.

  • The shoes are a bit thicker on the front side.

Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 704695-008 for Women by Nike
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It is quite a common pair of shoes for most types of exercises. The pair has durable materials that keep your feet well on any condition.

The synthetic construction on the top makes these shoes breathable. Your feet can stay smell-free and dry in these shoes. Besides, you can wear these shoes for any purpose you prefer.

The shoes feature stability to perform your movement. Rubber pods in the soles can grab any surface.

The inner area is comfortable for any type of feet. The midsole part is a bit soft and responsive to your heels. Molded foam does the job of keeping your heel safe.

Unlike cheap shoes, this pair has durable laces. The presence of Flywire cables makes the laces more effective. They can hold the whole construction well. They also help the shoes to fit with your feet.

The construction doesn’t obstacle your natural movement. The flex grooves increase the responsiveness.

Pros & Cons

  • The mesh construction on the top supports the upper part of your feet.
  • The laces can help to fit well on your feet.
  • The soles can provide support in any condition.
  • The shoes also help to move naturally.
  • Takes extra care of your heels.

  • The pair is not good for heavy persons.

Gel-Noosa Tri 11 T626N Sneakers Shoes for Men by ASICS
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The latest features and elegant design of these shoes can attract you with ease. The ASICS shoes help you to move freely because of the friendly nature. The pair shoes can adapt your feet’ structure and help moving faster.

The main feature of this pair is it lets you give the normal movement of your feet. The solid construction of the sole part stays responsive to your heels and toes.

The seamless construction doesn’t give you irritation. The inner part of the shoes doesn’t make any friction with your feet that can disturb you while doing exercises. There is no chance of getting hurt by wearing these shoes for a long time.

You can wear these shoes in the absence of your socks. These shoes can hold your feet well without socks. The upper construction wicks moisture from your feet with the help of the sock liner technology. The soft mesh on the top also gives the breathability feature to keep you comfortable.

Pros & Cons

  • The laces of these shoes feature durable elasticity to save your time.
  • The mesh technology eliminates the need for socks.
  • The design has glow in the dark paint.
  • The solyte midsole technology makes the pair lighter.
  • The sole part features good cushioning.

  • Some senior people can find the design odd for their age.

Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe for Men by Brooks
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We consider this as the best shoes for orange theory at any level. The construction is friendly to support your legs while you are doing exercises. The materials also help your feet to stay well for consecutive hours.

The size and construction allow a user to exercise for a long time. The lower construction keeps your heels in the right place in the shoes.

Any runner can use this pair to do run properly. The arch support system can cooperate with any type of feet without hurting the user. This also helps to do any kind of exercise well.

A proper range of cushioning makes a user comfortable for hours. The structure can take any type of pressure and responses well to the movement of a user. Despite, this pair doesn’t lose the actual shape and stays durable.

The size is correct, and the shape fits well too. These shoes can hold your feel tight. You can’t feel something heavy is holding your feet.

We recommend this pair for every type of person for the workout purpose. Even older persons can exercise without hurting their knees and other joints.

Pros & Cons

  • The combination of synthetic and mesh makes the pair breathable.
  • The perfect fitting can hold your feet well.
  • The proper arch support lets you exercise without getting hurt.
  • The cushioned feel keeps your feet comfortable.
  • The weight of these shoes is not heavy.

  • Few might find the shoes too curvy on the front.

How to Buy the Best Shoes for Orange Theory

Very few shoes in the market are considered as the best shoe for interval training. In our buying guide, we are not going to talk about common points that help to buy a quality pair of shoes. We are only showing some specific facts that you need to consider for buying HIIT exercise shoes.


To do regular workouts, you need to put a lot of pressure on your legs. Your shoes need to be durable to endure regular harshness. So, a pair containing leather, synthetic, and rubber is considered as good sports shoes.


The good gripping features stability. So, to be safe from injuries during your exercises, you have to buy a pair that has solid and thick outsoles.


You need to buy shoes that feature cushioning and firmness together. During workouts, legs get lots of pressure. Only a supportive pair of shoes can help a person to complete his daily exercises with ease. Such a pair can take good care of ankles, heels, and arches.


Shoes containing mesh uppers are good for workouts. Your body sweats a lot when it burns calories. So, you have to buy shoes that feature good airflow for HIIT exercises.

Final Wrap Up

HIIT exercises are better options for faster results. You can join Orangetheory if you wish to spend the rest of your life being fit strong. But you need to make sure you have the right accessories such as sports trousers, shoes, etc. Shoes put some serious impacts on the result of your workouts. That is why we insist to spend money on buying a pair of shoes that can cooperate with your feet when you exercise.

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