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Trees are wonderful additions to a yard, especially a big one. Aside from providing shade, it adds aesthetic value and allows us to breathe cleaner air. However, maintaining them, such as cutting down overgrown branches, is a different story. Taking care of trees surely requires a lot of work, especially during fall and spring. To make the job easier and faster, you must have the right gardening equipment.

There are many pieces of gardening equipment out there. However, one that makes a lot of difference when it comes to trees is a wood chipper. Instead of disposing your waste or burning them, you can turn big branches and limbs into wood chips. These chips have several uses, such as turning it into mulch and fuel.

If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, here are some things you need to know about this machine:

Types of Wood Chipper

Determining the type of wood chipper you need will usually depend on the size of your yard. Other factors that you must also consider are – how much dirt you usually clean up annually and what type of debris you typically find in your lawn. For instance, twigs, leaves, branches, and grass clippings.

Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

If you are dealing with huge branches and limbs, then it’s recommended that you use a gas-powered wood chipper. This type of wood chipper is bigger and stronger compared to an electric one. It can chip wood with diameters ranging from 1 ½ inches to 7 inches.

A gas wood chipper is available in three types:

  • A gas chipper shredder vacuum
  • A gas chipper shredder
  • A gas chipper with no shredder

A gas-powered chipper shredder is common for residential use as it is cost-efficient and is capable of shredding huge branches and leaves. In general, a gas-powered chipper is both employed in residential and professional use.

Electric Wood Chipper

An electric wood chipper is generally small, light, and doesn’t appear like a common outdoor equipment. The size of an electric chipper makes it easy to operate and store, making it ideal for home use.

As its name implies, an electric wood chipper is run through an extension connected to a home outlet. All you need to do is plug your wood chipper to your outlet and you can directly begin chipping wood. Since there are no exhaust fumes, you can use your electric chipper inside your garage. Moreover, since it is electric, it does not need that much maintenance, such as replacement of spark plugs and changing oil.

Commercial-Grade Wood Chipper

Although you won’t definitely get this one, let’s just include it here as it’s also a type of wood chipper. A commercial-grade wood chipper is mainly designed for professional applications. There are various types of this chipper. Determining the right one relies on what type of vehicle it will be mounted to. Other factors that need to be considered include the weight capacity of towing and power source requirements.

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Features to Consider When Buying a Wood Chipper:

Let’s face it, although it’s a useful outdoor equipment, a wood chipper is quite costly. Therefore, it’s utterly important that you pick the right one for your needs. To help you, here are the factors you need to look into so you’ll be confident when purchasing a wood chipper.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the wood chipper will heavily depend on the type you’re going to get. Remember, gas-powered chippers may be stronger but they are also heavier.

If your yard is small and it doesn’t have that much debris, then you can go with an electric or portable wood chipper. It’s not as strong as a gas-powered type, but it can still effectively chip smaller branches and leaves. It is also cost-effective and simple to operate.

However, if you have a huge yard with several trees that will most likely end with lots of debris, then a gas-powered type is a better option.


The capacity of the wood chipper must also be considered. If your yard only generates a few small twigs daily, then a model with smaller capacity will do just fine. This is also recommended if you prefer to work with a smaller equipment. Meanwhile, if you need to frequently chip larger branches, then it’s better to get a model with a higher capacity even if it’s a bit more expensive.


Mobility is an important factor if you prefer to move your chipper from one place to another. If so, then you might want to get a smaller model for easy transport.

Also, since you’re transferring the chipper frequently, it would be easier to get a gas-powered one since it’s not connected to an outlet. Using an electric one means your space of using it is limited to where there are electric sockets.

Number of Blades

The more blades a wood chipper has, the better. If it has more blades, it can chip wood into smaller chunks. With lesser blades, a wood chipper will most likely chip wood into bigger chunks.


Since a wood chipper is quite expensive, it’s only reasonable that it comes with a warranty. This is to make sure that the wood chipper is safe and will function optimally. Moreover, if the machine comes with a warranty, it usually means that it was made by a trusted wood chipper supplier.

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