How long does Glow in the Dark Paint Last?

Glow in the dark paint is not so uncommon these days. Many people buy it for their own purposes. But this paint is a bit costly. That is why many people have questions about the durability matter. They wish to know how long does glow in the dark paint last.

The answer to such a question is critical. From kid’s toys to adult’s Halloween costume, the performance of glow paints will vary a bit. But today, we tried to give a proper answer to the question.

We read some valid and reasonable reviews on glow paints. Then, we also judged the sayings of manufacturers. After the research, we have come to a decision which we are going to present now.

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The Functioning of Glow in the Dark Paints

A glow in the dark paint product has phosphors. Phosphors do the main job all the time.

When you energize the phosphors under UV ray, whole paint will create visible light. The color of the light has variations. Different paints will glow in different manners.

Strontium Aluminate and Zinc Sulfide are two active phosphors. They need charging to become active. Strontium Aluminate is more active than other ones. most of the manufacturers are using this element in their glow paints.

Lifespan of Glow in the Dark Paint

We told you that we would review how long normal glow paint can last. The question of yours is not so difficult. But we are going to give you the answer in a few parts.

The durability of glow in the dark paint varies depending on the situation and usage. Sometimes, the durability varies according to the type of product too. That is why we tried to explain the matter after observing the general behaviors of many paints.

Here, we have divided the discussion into a few parts so that you can understand well. Before answering your question, we also did a survey on the performance of paints. Because of this, we got to know the average lifespan of glow in the dark paint. Now, let’s go to the main discussion part.

Lifespan of Unopened Glow in the Dark Paint

If a packet or container of glow in the dark paint remains sealed, it will last more than three years.

In recent times, the manufacturers have put some extra effort into the packaging. That is why few products even last almost five years unopened. But on average, the ingredients of paint remain well for two and a half years. You can expect the best from a container within three years of manufacturing.

Lifespan after Application

An object with outdoor glow paint coating can glow for more than a decade.

There is no doubt that durability also depends on the surface condition too. If the surface is good, the paint will glow several years. You need to choose the right paint or powder for a surface.

A quality sealer can also help you in this matter. A proper sealer coating can help the outdoor paint to last for almost twelve years.

Some paints contain ingredients that can fade due to regular charging under lights. If you have such a product, try to use artificial lights to recharge the paint.

Lifespan after recharging once

When you put the painted object under sunlight, it will glow for almost four hours.

The duration of glowing depends on how much you have recharged the paint. You can recharge the paint thousands of time for glowing.

We told you earlier that glow in the dark paint lasts almost a decade on outdoor conditions. You can recharge the paint several times when you need within a decade. The performance will remain the same after every recharge.

You will see the paint fading a little (almost 5%) after ten to eleven years. But before this, you will get durable performance after every full recharge.

Some Common FAQ’s

Here are some questions that relate to our discussion. We are answering these questions so that you can have a clear concept on glow in the dark paints. Now, we let’s give detailed answers to those questions.

Can I charge the painted object when it is wet?

No, you can’t. Make the coating of the paint dry. Then, you can put the painted object under natural or artificial light. Glow in the dark paints will not glow a bit way until they are dry.

How long should I keep the painted object under light to get charged?

The matter varies from product to product. There is no exact time limit, to be frank. But, you can have a good performance if you charge the paint for about three to four hours. Any quality product will not take more than this much time to get charged.

Can I use artificial light to charge the paint?

Sometimes, you can. But to be honest, cheap or average paints will not be charged under artificial lights. You have to spend some more bucks to buy a better one. So, if you have a tight budget, you will have to depend on sunlight only.

Will the painted object glow brighter than any LED’s?

In one word, impossible. It is true that modern day glow paints can glow enough to make an object complete visible in the dark. But outdoor glow paint not made to use as a bulb or lighter. You cannot expect them to do better than LED.

Is glow in the dark paints safe for kids?

If you are searching for paints for your child’s costume party or presentation, you will have to check the product ingredients first. There are several types of paints in a store. Few products contain non-toxic ingredients. Try to buy those for your child.

Final Thoughts

So, it is clear that you cannot expect a glow paint to last more than a decade on average. But the lifespan will increase or decrease depending on the usage. It will be advice for you to pick a quality paint which can produce both brightness and durability all the time.

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