How to Fold Men’s Underwear?

You agree or not, underwear is very important in our daily life. To get proper benefit from your underwear, you need to maintain it quite well. When you fold your underwear aright, it will fit in your closet or bag without taking too much space. The underwear will also be able to stay in good shape because of proper folding. That is why we will tell you how to fold mens underwear.

You might ask why we are discussing the classification of underwear here. The reason is to let know all about underwear so that you can pick the right one. The main purpose of describing how you can fold your underwear is to keep it well. But it is also important to pick the comfortable one for your own self. That is why we have decided to describe this fact.

It is not obvious that you use only one type of underwear in the whole life. You can have variations for several purposes. Like, you choose something cozy for summer, heavy for winter, and stiff for sports activities. So, we will describe each type with their both good and bad sides to let you decide. Here are some common types of underwear which men prefer most.


It is one of the classical types of underwear you will find now. Almost every man has such underwear. The reason is the structure. The Y shape of this underwear gives you enough comfort inside the pant. You will get enough flexibility wearing this underwear.

A man can wear a brief inside on many occasions. The shape of this underwear allows you to be comfortable in any situation. The brief doesn’t cover upper thighs so that you can move with ease. They fit well on your hips and produce enough support every day. Breathable construction makes brief perfect for hot weather too.


It is another popular and acceptable type. During summer days, people often search for boxers to wear. Boxers will give you enough breathability to stay cool. Unlike other underwear types, you will not sweat much wearing a boxer.

Loose fitting lets you have few facilities from a boxer. A boxer can give proper ventilation feature. You can wear the boxer with any type of garments on any occasion.

There are a few problems regarding boxers. The riding up the issue will irritate a lot when you have slim thighs. You will find the positioning not so satisfying too. A boxer is unable to give proper support like a brief.

Boxer Briefs

It is the perfect hot weather underwear for men. You will find the facilities of both boxers and briefs in boxer briefs. A major number of men nowadays prefer such underwear for several reasons.

This type of underwear will give support like briefs and comfort like boxers. You will be pleased with the construction. People with heavy physique can be comfortable wearing boxer briefs.

It is true that some boxer briefs have riding up issues that can irritate you a lot. If you have thin thighs and a slim waist, you will be comfortable with briefs. Boxer briefs are for those heavy people who look for full support like briefs in boxers’ construction.


It is actually a type of boxer briefs which has a square shape. The structure prefers athletics most. Apart from it, you can also wear it with formal getups too.

Trunks have smaller leg part than boxer briefs. People who have slim thighs and waist can wear these. Trunks will fit on your hips well. The construction gives proper stability too. You can wear slim trousers in a trunk. Trunks contain thinner fabric for proper ventilation.

Sometimes, you can wear nothing on a trunk when you are in a sports event. For example, you can wear a trunk for swimming or surfing.

Trunks are way more stylish than other underwear in the market. The new generation always prefers this type most. But a trunk has some disadvantages too. You can ignore those petty issues if you are comfortable with trunks a lot.

The Way You Should Fold Your Underwear

We have talked a lot about types of underwear. You can now decide which one you should buy. Now, when you have known which type you should buy, it is time to know how to fold it.

Many people will show many ways to fold an undergarment. But you need to know an easy and proper way. So, we will show you how you can fold your underwear in a few steps within a minute. Now, we will be describing steps to fold underwear with ease.

Step 1

If you have washed your underwear, wait till they become dry. Because when you fold wet underwear, it will stink and will be uncomfortable to wear.

Step 2

Now, you need to find a flat surface. You should also clean up the surface so that your underwear doesn’t get dirty. If you can place a clean cloth on the surface, you will be able to do the job well.

Step 3

Lay your underwear on the surface. Make sure the waistband is at the top. You should also keep in mind that the front part of the underwear should be in front of you.

Step 4

Pick any one side of the underwear. Then, fold it to the center of the underwear. After that, fold the other side of the underwear to the center over the previous side.

Step 5

When you have done all the previous steps, you need to fold the underwear for the last time. Pick the bottom of the underwear. Then, place the bottom part over the waistband. Make sure the edges of the bottom and waistband are in the same line. Finally, you have folded your underwear in a proper manner.

Some Final Thoughts

It was the easiest and simplest method to fold underwear. You don’t have to work hard to follow this method. We preferred this method because the underwear will stay flat when you fold in this way. When underwear stays flat after folding, it will not take enough space inside your drawer or luggage. Underwear will also stay well in this way too.

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