How to install Hand Held Shower Diverter?

You just need some quality times under your showerhead to find peace and relaxation. Many of you might wish to have a new hand held showerhead to enjoy their shower time. But the total cost of buying a showerhead and hiring a plumber may be beyond your budget. So, we are going to tell you how to install hand held shower diverter by yourself. When you can install the diverter, you will be able to do the rest of the job with ease.

A diverter is the most important part of a hand held showerhead set. The performance and durability depend on a diverter in most cases. So, today, our focus will be on the diverter.

Do It Yourself

Many of us think that a plumber is always needed to install only the diverter or the whole showerhead set. But hiring a plumber will need extra bucks. You may not be able to afford to hire a plumber after purchasing a good showerhead set. Nowadays, there are lots of showerhead sets that will let you do the installation by yourself. All you will need is a few common tools. When you have them at home, you will be able to install a brand new hand held showerhead within minutes.

To help you in this matter, we will produce a complete guide to install a showerhead diverter. We will let you know which steps you should take and which tools you will need.

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Installation of the Hand Held Shower Diverter

We all know that diverter or diverter valve is one of the important parts of a showerhead set. A shower head will only work fine when you have installed the diverter fine. The whole installation of the showerhead set will go well if you attach the diverter as needed. So, the installation depends on the diverter.

We are now going to tell the installation of a normal showerhead set so that you won’t have any kinds of doubts. But we will be focusing on the diverter. We will discuss each step of the installation with details too. Here is the guide that will let you install a showerhead by yourself.

Things You Need

First, you have to gather a few tools and gears before unwrapping the new showerhead kit. In most cases a person needs these things to install a showerhead set:

  • Teflon tape or plumber’s tape
  • A wrench which adjustable
  • A cloth piece
  • A showerhead set
  • A diverter (if the set doesn’t contain any diverter)

Turn Off the Water Connection

You need to turn off the water connection of your bathroom before the installation. If you keep the connection on, there will be a waste of water. If your house has no separate connection key but only one main one, turn that off.

Remove the Old Showerhead carefully

It is obvious that you have to remove your existing showerhead from the shower arm. You might wish to use your old one with the new one or elsewhere. You have to be careful while removing the old showerhead. Make sure that the old one doesn’t get any sorts of damage.

You have to turn the showerhead counterclockwise. It will loosen the showerhead from the shower arm. If you need to use a wrench, you have to cover the showerhead with a piece of heavy cloth first. When the connection becomes loose, you will be able to detach the showerhead with your hands.

Apply Tape on the Shower Arm

Remove old tapes from the threads of the shower arm. Clean the threads by taking time. After this, take your Plumber’s tape and wrap the threads for about five to eight times.

If you cover the threads with plumber’s tape, the new showerhead set will not leak water. Always try to wrap only the threads so that the arm looks fine.

Attach the Diverter with the Shower Arm

You will only use or attach a diverter when you wish to use both your old and new showerheads at the same time. The diverter has three holes or inputs. One for attaching the shower arm and others for attaching showerheads.

Now, we have come to the main point of the discussion. We will discuss the installation of the hand held shower diverter.

When you have removed the old showerhead and prepared the shower arm, you will focus on the diverter. There are a few steps that you must follow to install the diverter. Now, we will explain those steps in easy words.

  • Attach the main input with your shower arm. Tighten the joint so that no leakage can cause trouble. You can only use hands to do this. ┬áBut if you wish to use a wrench, be careful while tightening.
  • Attach both of the showerheads with the diverter. You can use plumber’s tape to tighten the heads. Hand-tightening is better for tightening the heads. But if you find the threads stiff, you will have to use a wrench with lots of care.
  • Turn on the water connection of your bathroom. Now, you have to check if there is any leakage issue. After turning the connection on, you have to use both of the showerheads one by one. You can use the new head as other shower massagers hand held to check both hose and joints.
  • If you are able to find any leakage, then tighten the threads again. You have to put more pressure now. But now, you have to cover the showerhead or shower arm with a cloth before using a wrench. It will protect the gloss or outlook of the product.

In Fine

We will advise you to buy a showerhead set that has a quality diverter that can control the flow of water quite well. You should also check for the threads as well. After installing the diverter or showerhead, use them with care. Only then you will be able to get durability and enjoy your shower time.

If you find the structure of your new showerheads unfamiliar with the pictures on the internet, don’t be sad. You only need to check the performance. If your showerhead doesn’t have any leakage and produces a good flow of water, consider you have done installation quite well.

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