How to Shoot an AR 15 ~ Shooting the Right Way With AR-15

Safety is important when shooting with firearm AR-15, so you need to learn how to shoot an AR-15 properly.To know HOW TO SHOOT AN AR 15 the right way, you don’t have to work hard for this. You only have to be cautious and sincere while following our advice. By this, you will find perfection in your shooting.Today, you will get to know facts that will help you to bring improvement in shooting.

AR 15 firearms are common to many shooters and hunters. So, it has become mandatory to know how to shoot an AR 15. Most of the shooters know how to shoot an AR 15. But it is also true that very few of them find perfection.


Things you need to know for how to shoot an AR 15

As our discussion is about bringing perfection in the shooting skill, we will put some necessary facts in front of you. We will not say anything about basic knowledge.

Here, we will inform you about the safety issues and suggest some tips. You can be a perfect shooter by following our words.

User Safety

AR 15 is an effective firearm that can strike your target with ease. Sometimes, the rifle can cause harm to the wrong object or being. You have to be very careful and while you are using this rifle.

There are some basic gun safety facts that you have to follow no matter what rifle you are holding. We have taken opinions from expert shooters. They have told us a few common tips to keep yourself safe which we will discuss now.

  • Try to hold the firearm stronger. Sometimes, rifles may fire by itself when they fall. When you are holding your firearm, keep it in such position that it stays secure.
  • You should not touch the trigger until you have prepared to shoot. Put your finger on the trigger when you acquire the target. There are many shooters who think that putting the finger on the trigger can save time. Such thought can lead you to unnecessary firing. You have to keep your trigger finger on the trigger guard when you are not firing.
  • If you are using any scope sight with your AR 15 rifle, you have to be cautious about the positioning of your head. Place your head by maintaining the least distance from the scope. By this, when the firearm will fire, it will push itself back and you will not get any sorts of harm.
  • You must keep any sorts of rifle unloaded when you are not using it. Keeping your rifle loaded can cause fatal accidents. When you are going to store or carry a firearm in a place, make sure it is not loaded. You should also handover an unloaded gun to a person. Load the gun only when you are going to fire within moments.
  • You may use your AR 15 for target practicing purpose. If you do so, you have to make sure there is nothing behind the target. If you are using a ply-wood target, the bullet will cross it and hit anything behind the target. So, make sure nobody is behind the target when you are shooting. It will be better if you do target practicing in a lonely place.

So, there were some safety facts that you must follow. Steps mentioned above can save you and anybody around you from accidents.

A Quick Brief on AR 15

To know the proper way of shooting a rifle or handgun, you need to know every basic detail about it. So, before discussing tips to use AR 15, we are going to say a few words about this popular handgun.

  • The construction of the AR 15 allows you to use it for several purposes.
  • A user can customize his AR 15 according to his comfort. Parts such as best scope for ar 15 under 100, sight, etc can make the rifle easier to use.
  • AR 15 rifles need magazines to hold bullets.
  • The rifle is lighter than several handguns in the market.
  • Non-military persons such as shooters or hunters can use this rifle with ease.

Tips to shoot an AR 15 Perfectly

The AR 15 rifle is always different from other typical handguns in the market. You have to follow some rules to get proper utility from this rifle. Here is some tips are given by our expert shooters. Hope you will be able to do best by following these points.

Having a Good Stance

If you have a perfect shooting position, you will be able to perform precise shooting. There are few rules that you have to follow when you take a stance for shooting. We will be discussing the rules now.

  • Put your whole weight on the front foot. By this, you can balance yourself when the rifle will try to push you back.
  • Point your front toes toward your target. It will help you to bring accuracy.
  • You have to make your knees enough flexible. Bend them a bit. It will let you shoot even when you are moving.

Proper Holding

You must have a good grip on your AR 15 rifle. The V grip is necessary to control the AR 15 rifle.

You should also remember that too much strong holding can cause you trouble. Be a bit flexible when you hold your rifle. It will not shake your body when the rifle fires. You will be able to find accuracy then.

Using the Same Rifle

This is not bad having more than one rifle. But you should make the habit of using one most of the times.

When you develop the habit of using the exact gun in most cases, you will find ease to control it. So, try to find the best gun and use it as many as you can.

Follow through

Practicing the follow through is very important. It will help to develop your performance.

Follow through doesn’t mean to shoot and move. It means you have to pull the trigger and wait for the bullet to strike the target. You cannot move a bit. You have to stay steady.

Focusing on your target will increase accuracy. When you are able to take a perfect break between two shots, you will find yourself shooting in a precise manner.

Some Final Words about How to shoot an AR 15

Practicing matters a lot when you intend to shoot with a rifle or gun. No tips or tricks can help you unless you give some effort.

You have to customize your rifle so that you can shoot well. You also need to take care of your rifle. Only then the tips can be helpful for you.

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