How to Sleep with Middle Back Pain ~ Sleeping Positions That Relieve Back Pain


If you are suffering from middle back pain, you are not alone. Many around you cannot sleep because of this problem. They are looking for a solution to this problem. Like them, you can also ask how to sleep with middle back pain.

You cannot ignore the back pain when you are about to sleep. You have to find a way that can allow you to sleep even when back pain is stopping you from doing many activities.

So, we had discussions with experts and doctors to find a solution. And they have shown a few ways that can help you having sound sleep despite having middle back pain. Here are some sleeping positions and facts described so that you can help yourself to sleep at night.

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Tips to help you Sleep with Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain is always an obstacle to sound sleep. Such pain is capable of making you suffer even while you are asleep. So, today, we will be telling you some tips. These tips can put away the middle back pain issue. Some of the tips depend on your sleeping position. Some also depends on your habits and pillows. We have done research on several facts and then decided to help you out. Here are those suggestions that can turn handy for you.

Using Ice Bag before going to sleep

Many health experts of therapists will suggest you use an ice bag before going to sleep. If you put an ice bag for half an hour on the spot which is paining, the pain will start decreasing. You don’t have to take ice which is too much chilled. Put normal ice in the bag. Hold the bag on your muscles. Then, your muscles will feel less pain. When you feel you back is paining less, you can go to bed and sleep the whole night without disturbance.

A Good Sleeping Position

Not all people sleep in the same position. There are varieties. But when you are suffering from middle back pain, you have to focus on your sleeping position.

Choosing the right sleeping position is a way how you can get rid of middle back pain. Uncomfortable positions will not give you any sorts of ease to your back. If you are not sleeping in the right way, your neck, hip-joint, and spine will get pressure. Such pressure for continuous nights can cause you major middle back pain.

Here are some sleeping positions for you that can let you sleep despite having middle back pain. The specialty of these positions is that they give muscles and spines comfort.

Sleep on a Side with a Pillow between Knees

It is one of the most known sleeping positions that can help a person to sleep well. If you sleep on your side, put the pillow between your knees and draw them up slightly toward your chest.You can sleep in this position to feel comfortable and sleep in a short time.

Many of us find sleeping on the back uncomfortable because of the sensitive spine. That is why doctors suggest sleeping on a side with the support of a few pillows.

To get benefit from this position, you have to:

  • Put yourself on the bed by allowing one of your shoulders to make contact with the mattress
  • Use a pillow to have support for your neck and head part
  • Put another pillow between your two knees
  • If you still find some gap between your waist part and the mattress, use a pillow to fill it

You will get a major benefit from this sleeping position. When you sleep on a side by putting a pillow under your knees, your hip and spine will be in precise alignment.

Sleeping by hugging a Large Pillow

The benefit of this position is almost as same as the previous position. You have to sleep on a side to avoid giving stress to the spine.

You have to take a pillow almost as big as you. Then, you have to hug the pillow against your belly and chest. By this, your back will stay aligned while you are sleeping.

Sleeping on the Back including a Knee Support

Many people prefer this position most. For adapting this position, you have to:

  • Lie on the back flat. You should be facing the ceiling
  • Use a pillow for the support of the neck and head
  • Put another pillow under your knees
  • You can place another small pillow under the lower back if you need

When you use this position for sleeping, your spine will get less stress. Your weight will distribute among the body. Your body will also get a perfect alignment.

Sleeping on the Back in the Reclined position

This position is preferable for people who have isthmic spondylolisthesis.

Many middle back pain sufferers do prefer this position. For such people, adjustable beds or adjustable low back camping chairs are perfect. They can find eligible positioning from such products to get proper relief.

Sleeping on the Stomach

Many of us consider this the worst position for sleeping. But sometimes this position can come handy too.

When you find yourself resting on the stomach, you don’t need to change your position. All you have to do is:

  • Choose a pillow which is enough slim.
  • Put that pillow under your hip and abdomen section to rise that part.
  • You can sleep without having a pillow under your head. But if you want, there will be no issue at all.

If degenerative disc disease is troubling you, this sleeping position will help you. Your spinal alignment may improve by sleeping in such a way.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Having a Good Mattress

The type of mattress also puts an effect on your back. You have to choose the right mattress for you. But the structure and size of the mattress depends on your body posture.

The firmness of the mattress should be in the medium range. Too much firmness can make you suffer.

Softer mattresses are good for people having wide hip positions. But people having slim hips will have to buy harder ones.

Always remember to buy mattresses that don’t sink too much. You also have to make sure not to use any mattress for more than ten years.

Having a Good Pillow for the Head

A pillow for the head and neck can put lots of impact on your body. There are different types of pillows according to people’s demand.

In most cases, a pillow should be enough soft. You have to buy a pillow that is adaptable.

For the sake of your neck and head, you can change your pillow in every 1.5 years.

Some Final Thoughts

Simple back pain can ruin your night. It will not let sleep well at all. But some good steps can allow you to have your sleep without any issue.

Sound sleep is important to make your body prepared for the next day’s tasks. You cannot cure middle back pain within a few moments. But you can stop it from snatching away your sleep.

You should think diplomatic. You have to avoid hard works before going to sleep. Make a good diet for yourself.  Then, you have to find the best sleeping position for sound sleep. And don’t forget to buy a good mattress and pillow.

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