How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking?

Nothing is as pleasant as sleeping on your beautiful wooden bed after a stressful day. But a wooden bed can create noises that will snatch away your sound sleep. If you are living with family members, squeaky sounds can put you in an awkward situation. Other persons near you will feel annoyed about such sounds. That’s why many users want to know how to stop a wooden bed from squeaking.

To get rid of this weird problem, there are some tips and tricks. We will tell you ways that can help you detect the source of noises from the bed. Then, we will discuss some popular solutions that can stop your bed from squeaking. Let’s go to the main discussion without wasting your time.

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Ways to Make a Wooden Bed Silent

The way to fix your wooden bed is pretty simple. Almost every people use the same way. We will also describe the same procedure that you can apply to prevent the squeaking issue.

First of all, we will help you to know the places which create noise. When you detect the place or part, your job will be half done. Then, we will instruct you a few ways to solve the problem. You can repair your wooden bed frame by yourself within an hour or two.

Here are those steps described to make your wooden bed “No squeak bed frame“.

Where and Why

You have to be sure about two things first. You need to detect the spot that makes irritating noises. After that, try to discover the reasons behind such noises.

Usually, most beds are a combination of three objects; bed frame, box spring, and mattress. You have to make them separate to the source of noises. To do so, you have to shift your bed to a large room. Then, separate all the parts and put them next to one another. After that, you have to

Check Your Mattress First

The case is pretty rare when people find out their mattress as the source of noises. But it is not impossible at all. Usually, a mattress of the hybrid category makes noises or squeaking. The reason behind this is the coils inside it. A mattress made of foam doesn’t make squeaky noises ever.

To check your hybrid mattress, you can jump or do any movements on every part of it. Take time before changing your place on the mattress so that you can know where the sound is coming from.

There is no solution if you find you find your mattress faulty in this case. The only things you can do are change and buy a new one.

See Your Box Spring

A box frame can become an issue often. Your box frame will only make squeaky noises when it becomes old. Old rough springs inside a box spring don’t perform in a silent way. Sometimes, the box spring doesn’t match with the bed frame too.

You have to follow the same method that you applied on the mattress to check the squeaking issue. Check each part of the box spring by jumping on it. If you find one, you have to change it with a new one.

In a few cases, the springs don’t match with the wooden slats. So, you have to check for the better one for your wooden bed frame.

Check the Bed Frame

If you find nothing faulty in the mattress and box spring, you will have to repair your bed frame. You have to find the real fault of your wooden bed frame.

Actually, squeaking causes because of unnecessary frictions between two parts of the frame. So, you have to check all the parts and joints. Take time to find out the main reason for squeaking.

When you find out the fault of your bed frame, you must take proper actions. Now, we are going to describe those steps.

Tighten the Screws

To check the joints and screws, remove the mattress first. Take time to check each screw and joint. Shake the bed frame for a few seconds to check the joints. If you find any screw or bolt loose, consider this as the prime reason for squeaking.

You have to tighten all the screws or bolts. You can add some extra bolts if you need. Make sure there are no unnecessary gaps between parts of the frame.

When you have done all these, shake the bed frame once more. When you hear squeaky noise even after all these efforts, you need lubricants. It is another way that can solve your problem.

Lubricate the Wooden Frame

It will not be a bad decision if you think of using lubricants. Applying Lubricants on the parts that squeak can help you a lot. A couple of lubricant coats can stop a portion from making frictions with other parts.

There is one thing you have to make sure. Don’t apply any sorts of oil type products on wood to lubricate. Oils can attract dust and make them permanent on furniture. Oils sometimes spread awkward smells.

Use wax type lubricants instead. They are cheap and harmless. Candles are a very common and productive choice as a lubricant. You can rub the candle on an area to make a coat of wax to stop squeaking.


The noise may come from the friction between your mattress and wooden frame. It happens only when the shape or size of the mattress doesn’t match with the wooden bed frame.

To prevent such a problem, you must need old clothes of yours. The cloths should be soft and a bit thinner. Put them on the slats. Then place the mattress on the frame. This process will reduce the squeaky noises.

Some Final Words

Squeaky noises can come from the newest bed frames too. It can happen when you show carelessness while assembling the parts together. If you take time to assemble and add padding for a perfect combination with mattress, there will be no issue.

You cannot even be sure that the squeaking issue will not return in the future. You have to follow these steps again to prevent this problem. Try to repair your wooden frame by giving enough time so that squeaking issues leaves for good.

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