How to Thin Oil Based Paint for Spray Gun?

Knowing the proper way of mixing your oiled based paint with the thinner is a must before spraying. Without knowing the rules, you cannot expect better performance from the paint at all. Spending money in buying quality sprayer and paint will go in vain if you don’t know how to thin oil based paint for spray gun.

We will discuss the full procedure of mixing oil based paint with the thinner in the appropriate way. Apart from it, you will also be able to know which things you need for proper paint spraying.

Things You will Need

If you are thinking of mixing oiled based paint and using a spray gun, you have to collect all the essential items first. We have made a list of equipment that you must need to use for thinning or mixing your oil based paint. Here is the list that we have made.

At the very beginning, you need to pick a quality thinner based on the type of your paint. There are separate thinners available for both latex and oil based paints. You need to pick a quality thinner so that you can make the paint good, durable, and colorful.

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When you want to spray paint, you need to mix a little amount of water with the paint. So, collect clean water for mixing your paint.

Paint Strainer

To spray paints well, you need to use a strainer before putting paints in the gun. Don’t buy a cheap strainer. It can affect the quality of the paint. A well-constructed strainer can help you have paint without any unnecessary and harmful things.


It is obvious that you need to buy a paint that works well with the spray gun. It will be great if you Buy paint which has non-toxic materials. But makes sure your paint has durable color and odor-free ingredients. Or else, the paint will not be able to please you wherever you apply it.

Spray Gun

A spray gun without better construction cannot spray paints according to your wish. You can never rely on cheap spray guns as they will not be under your control well. You can check our automotive paint gun reviews if you intend to buy a new one.

Sprayer Tips

Many of us don’t want to spend money on buying this element. But Without it, you cannot do your job. So, you must buy sprayer tips as well.

Random Unnecessary Objects

Many use plain boards or other unimportant objects to test the paint first. You need to test your paint mixture first. Apply on the object first to know whether the paint is usable or not. Then, you can apply it on the surface you wanted.


You can wear gloves on your hands so that they don’t get dirty. Sometimes, paints can cause rashes or allergy to your skin. That is why you need to cover up your hands while you are painting a surface with a paint gun or brush.

Face Mask

Face skin is very sensitive. Even a little toxic thing can cause trouble. So, it will be safe if the painter wears a face mask on the face. The face mask will even help your nose from the irritation caused by the smell of the paint.


When a drop of paint goes inside of your eye, you will face lots of problems. Your eyesight might be at risk too. That is why safety goggles are important. It will prevent paint from causing unexpected problems to your eyes.

The Way You Have to Mix Paints

We will now show you step by step process of mixing oil based paints for spraying. Follow these steps, and you will also be able to have a precise paint mixture for your next paint job.

Step 1: Gather All the Equipments

To start your work, you need to gather all your essentials in a place. You have to check each of them. After having a close look at them, you will know if you can use them or not. When all things are okay, you can start working or else you have to buy some new ones.

Step 2: Ensure Your Safety during Work

As we know you are going to use oil based paints, we will suggest you take your safety issue quite seriously. You have to spend some money on protective gears.

Before going to work, wear your gloves, mask, and goggle. Make sure all your protections are fine and capable of covering your sensitive parts.

Sometimes, only the mask and gloves are not so enough. If you work indoors, you will have to take more protections and keep yourself safe from toxicity.

Never work with bare hands. Oil based paints can give you skin infections. Don’t let paints contact your skin at any cost.

Step 3: Collect the Pure Paint

Now, when you are ready to work, should start from straining the paint. Collect the paint into another pot through a strainer. By this, you will be able to get the paint without any hard or junk pieces.

Step 4: Check If You Need the Thinner or not

Most oil based paints do need thinner to work better with the spray gun. But few companies make perfect paint products. SO, you need to check before doing anything.

Take a small amount of paint in the gun. Spray the paint on the test board or other objects. If you find the paint applied well and looks bright, there will be no need for any sorts of thinner.

After testing, you will be able to know how much thinner you need to mix. So, testing is a must before application.

Step 5: Prepare Your Paint for Spraying

Now, the most important part comes. You have to mix the thinner with the paint.

All the oil based paint thinners are petroleum products. They work pretty soon. So, you need to start mixing paints by adding small amounts of thinner from the beginning.

Take the bucket of paint and put a little amount of thinner inside it. You don’t need to add too much amount of thinner. Extra thin paints don’t work fine. The paint should be a bit thick to do better.

Step 6: Test Again and Spray

After finding the proper mixture of paint and thinner, you will have to test it again on the test board. Because if you apply paint that is not mixed well, your wall or surface will look bad.

So, test the paint again in a proper way before putting into the spray gun. Finally, use the spray gun to apply the paint on your preferred object.

Final Words

It will be great if you want to do the paint job all by yourself. But you have to keep few things in your mind. Your measurement should be accurate while mixing paint and thinner. Apart from it, you also have to keep yourself safe from the toxicity of oil based paints. And don’t forget to clean up everything after you have finished painting.

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