What is Considered Sagging Breasts?

We humans face several changes in our bodies until we die. Some of those changes happen naturally. Some even happen because of our activities. Sometimes, diseases or surroundings forces our bodies to have unexpected changes. One of such changes is sagging breasts in women. This change can occur in the female body anyhow. In common, saggy boobs are unacceptable and depressing to women. But what is considered sagging breasts? And what are the reasons behind it?

Those questions might contain a few words. But answers of them aren’t that simple. In the twenty-first century, people have started to enrich their health consciousness a lot. Every woman wants to look perfect and catchy. And to maintain fitness and beauty, women need to eliminate all sorts of issues that ruin their good posture. That is why women of all ages need to have the proper knowledge about breast sagging and related problems.

What Breast Sagging Actually Is?

The change in breasts’ shape is called ptosis in medical science. The term, ptosis, has a connection with several facts of breasts’ inner shape.

Ptosis is the failure in performing of few parts of breasts like before. Few ligaments and skin on the chest part help breasts to have a shape. Such ligaments are cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments hold your breasts against gravity. The skin on your chest portion keeps breast tissues in perfect shape and cooperates with ligaments. When all ligaments fail to hold your breasts and skin loses its elasticity, your breasts start to sag. So, you can consider the inactivity of ligaments and skin to keep up your breasts’ actual shape as sagging or ptosis.

Some Common Reasons for Breast Sagging

We have gone through several medical research papers and doctors’ opinions. After that, we have categorized the reasons behind ptosis into two sections; natural and other impacts.

Natural Reasons

The impacts you get naturally on your body that make your breasts saggy are never avoidable. No matter how many preventions you take to avoid the problem, your breast can sag.


A majority of women suffering from breast sagging has crossed the youth stage. You can consider the breast sagging as a change that happens because of aging. It is a natural change in your body that happens as tissues, ligaments, and skin on breasts stop working when you get older.

In your older stage, your skin loses elasticity. Your hormone glands also stay inactive for good. Thus, your breasts don’t get any sorts of cooperation to keep up the usual shape.

Many want to know from which age breasts might start to lose the perkiness. There is no exact age limit that lets you know which time you might get older. But on average, women, after forty-five to fifty, start to have symptoms of getting older.


You can genetically get saggy boobs. If you carry genes of a female family member or relative who has ptosis, then you might not get perky breasts.

We, humans, get genes mainly from our parents. Our posture and behavior also match with them in most cases because of carrying genes from them. The capability of your hormones, muscles, and tissues also depends on them. So, there is a possibility of you to get saggy breasts if your mother or grandmother has the same issue.

Lack of Hormones

Hormones control a lot of things in our bodies. They also take care of our reproductive organs and postures. A woman has a hormone named estrogen in her body. It helps to develop and control the womanly nature and body parts.

Lack of such a necessary hormone can ruin the catchy shape of your breasts. The strength of coopers’ ligaments, tissues, and skin comes from estrogen. That is why doctors pointed out the lack of hormones as one of the main reasons for saggy boobs.


Many matches menopause with aging. But in some cases, a woman can have menopause before getting older like most other women. Early menopause might be rare, but it is not impossible.

Menopause stops organs and hormones from performing several activities. It makes mainly deactivates reproductive body parts. So, you cannot expect your breasts to have a perfect shape. Your breasts might go downwards due to menopause.

Other Facts

Beside the facts above, there are some other reasons why you can have saggy boobs. Here are those below described in easy words.


People suffer from stress and depression nowadays. Because of this, they mainly smoke. There is no clear report that shows how much a cigarette can kill stress, but it can cause your health a lot of trouble in a short time.

Smoking accelerates the aging in your body. It reduces a necessary protein from your skin, which is called elastin. In the absence of elastin, skin loses elasticity and fails to stay well on muscles and tissues. Thus, you might get saggy breasts.

Apart, ligaments and tissues lose their firmness because of nicotine. So, a chain smoker can suffer from bad posture. You might ruin your breasts’ shape by regular smoking.


It may sound weird, but dehydration can ruin your breasts’ shape.  Lack of water in your body always puts a negative impact on your skin that anyhow results in breast sagging.

Without being hydrated, your skin cannot keep up the performance you need to stay well. Proper hydration is a must to let the skin produce elasticity. Women who go out and work in hot summer days need more water to keep the body hydrated. Most of the time, those women don’t drink the amount of water they need to. Because of this, their skin becomes a bit harsh and loses elasticity to hold breasts against gravity.

Improper diet

Improper diet always means a lack of proper nutrition. An unbalanced diet may lead to extra calories or fats. It not only puts an impact on breasts but also ruins your whole posture.

An unhealthy diet always hampers the balance in your body. Breasts contain fats along with tissues and milk ducts. That is why eating too much junk food is not preferable at all.

Moreover, breasts lose their firmness because of the lack of proper nutrition. Ligaments need protein and carbohydrates to stay strong and perform better. A woman having a bad eating habit can put her breasts’ shape in trouble.


Obesity is a curse to any person. Chubbiness can ruin both your personality and body shape. We don’t need to explain to you the disadvantages of obesity as all of us know the matter quite well.

As we have told earlier, extra fat in your body does ruin your posture. Extra fat in your breasts’ changes the shape and forces to go downwards.

Ligaments fail to lift heavy breasts upwards. Sometimes, skin also gets loosen, and breasts lose their firmness. Even a bit chubby woman also can have ptosis.

Suddenly losing or gaining weight

A sudden change in your body also causes breast sagging. No matter what type of change it is, the impact of the change on breasts is deeper and clear.

If you work hard or exercise, you can lose weight. But when you cross the limit of losing calories in a week, it affects negatively. Most of the breasts contain fats and tissues. So, loss of calories means the elimination of fats and tissues from breasts too. If you suddenly lose too much weight, your skin becomes unable to adopt the new shape and hold breasts well.

Even the opposite of the situation mentioned above can make your boobs saggy too. Sudden weight gain puts pressure on your coopers’ ligaments. Skin cannot adapt to the new shape well.

Several pregnancies

If you get pregnant for more than once or twice, your breasts might become saggy. Many of us have the wrong ideas about this matter.

No doctor or physician has ever accused breastfeeding as the reason of breast sagging. Breastfeeding is good for both mother and newborn baby.

We are only pointing several pregnancies as a reason for breast sagging. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two different matters. Breastfeeding has no relation with breasts being saggy or anything. Getting pregnant for more than once can bring several changes in your body. One of them is saggy boobs that can happen to any woman during pregnancy.

Lack of supports to breasts

If you do hard works every day or perform heavy exercises, your breasts need to have some extra support. A good bra can keep your boobs in a good shape. If you move a lot, your boobs also move too. Extra movement can put some extra pressure on coopers’ ligaments.

To keep both ligaments and breasts’ shape well, a good and firm bra can be useful. It gives your breasts support from the bottom, and pushes them upwards to keep up the shape.

Ways to Lift Saggy Breasts

You cannot fix your breasts’ bad shape if they get sagged for any natural change in your body. But if sagging is unexpected, and the reason is not natural at all, you can fix the problem. There are many ways to make your breasts perky. Here are some effective ways.

  • The most common and effective way to lift your breasts is to have a healthy diet every day. It provides all the necessary nutrients to help tissues and ligaments grow firmer.
  • If you wish to gain or lose weight, you should do it slowly. If you do the job within a short time, your skin cannot adapt to the new posture of yours.
  • Bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol are anyhow injurious. You need to avoid them for every type of betterment in your life.
  • There are lots of bra for sagging breasts in the market. You can buy one to wear regularly so that your breasts get extra support, and you can try other things after this to make your breasts perky again.
  • You can find some moisturizing cream products in the market to apply on breasts. Applying such a cream can bring back the elasticity you need to hold your breasts against gravity.
  • In the post-pregnancy period, you need with a doctor about gaining the lost fitness. By regular consulting, you can have the idea of what you can do to get a good posture.
  • The best way is to have plastic surgery if you can afford. But you should take advice from doctors first before thinking of having plastic surgery.

Final Wrap Up

Breast sagging is an issue that a woman faces anyhow. A woman can solve the matter if it happens at an early age. In general, a situation or an effect from surroundings can force your boobs to lose the shape because of your unconsciousness. But even after this, few firm steps can bring back the catchy posture you desire. So, we advise being more careful if you want to avoid ptosis and take all the necessary steps to lift your breasts if they have already sagged.

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